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Mike Moreno - Lotus (2015)

Label: World Culture Music
Source: Cdbaby

Kendrick Scott's World Culture Music is poised to release Lotus, the much-anticipated fifth album (& third self-produced project) from guitarist/composer Mike Moreno. Moreno is a musician who has established himself on the global jazz scene in a profound way, garnering high praise from critics, fans, colleagues, and from none other than Pat Metheny and Mike Stern. As a leader, Lotus brings Moreno's creative output to five recordings, and one could argue that they should be considered must-have recordings for any serious collection.

Lotus, featuring musicians that Moreno has a long and happy history with, pianist Aaron Parks, bassist Doug Weiss and drummer Eric Harland, is a documentation of Moreno's most honest music to date. "This is Aaron’s fourth record with me," Moreno explains, "and it sort of continues what we started on Aaron’s Blue Note Records debut Invisible Cinema, which featured both myself and Eric Harland. That was a defining record for both Aaron and I, and everywhere I go, that’s the most talked–about record of my career to date. So in a way, this is part two of Invisible Cinema. . It certainly has the same appeal, a great band with a set of melodic songs and the always strong rhythmic concept from Eric Harland." "Eric, from Houston, like myself, both attended the High School for Performing and Visual Arts, and we began playing on his visits back to Houston after he moved to NYC. He was the first great drummer I played with. I still remember feeling that force coming from the drums for the first time. It was incredible. Lotus marks the first time Eric has recorded with me on one of my own projects. It was long overdue." "Doug Weiss has been a part of my band almost from the beginning, starting when he was one of my teachers at the New School. I loved his playing and asked him to do some gigs with me when I started to work with my own band. He ended up playing on my first two records, and is just one of most solid bassists out there, always playing beautiful supportive notes and exactly what is needed."

Lotus is comprised of all original Mike Moreno compositions. Some were composed during an artist residence that Moreno took part in at the Rockefeller Estate, Kykuit Gardens, in Pocantico Hills, NY ("The Hills Of Kykuit" and "Empress".) The guitarist/composer explained, "The more I compose the simpler my music gets and the more it sounds like me, rather than a mix of my influences." "Can We Stay Forever?" is a ballad that didn't make the cut for Moreno's previous release, Another Way, but fit very nicely in the set for this record. The rest of the recording was written in the years since Another Way was released in 2012. The most recent composition is "Outro", which was finished just a week before the record date, and composed by Moreno specifically for this band.

Moreno wants Lotus to be a recording that people from all walks of life can listen to and enjoy over and over again. "This is meant to be a record you can listen to like any other genre of music, whether your a jazz fan or musician, a lawyer, a garbage man, whatever. It is an album of which I’m extremely proud, and I hope that when the listener walks away from their computer, stereo, car, iPod, etc., that these melodies stick with them, even after the first listen." 

1. Intro
2. The Hills of Kykuit
3. Lotus
4. Hypnotic
5. The Empress
6. The Last Stand
7. Can We Stay Forever?
8. Blind Imagination
9. Epilogue: The Rise

Mike Moreno - guitar
Aaron Parks - piano
Doug Weiss - bass
Eric Harland - drums




Yair Loewenson Trio (featuring Mark Turner) - Old Bottles New Wine (Live) 2015

Yair Loewenson was born in Haifa, Israel, and has been playing, composing, and teaching music professionally since his late teens. Jazz has always been his main genre, along with late classical and contemporary compositions. His extensive track record on stage includes various ensembles: duets, trios, big-bands, and everything in between. He performs in concerts and festivals in Israel and Europe and plays double bass, electric bass, and guitar. Most recently, he launched his debut trio album Room 13, which he has solely composed and produced.

Mark Turner - Tenor Sax
Yair Loewenson - Guitar
Gal Shaya - Bass
Noam Israeli - Drums

01. Davka (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
02. Life of Pedushkit (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
03. No Bop (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
04. Tension and Release (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
05. Pasta (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
06. G Blues (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
07. Four or Six (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
08. Cul De Sac (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
09. Parkeritis (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
10. Stolen Picks (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
11. Catch Him (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]
12. Strings (Live) [feat. Mark Turner]


Adam Niewood - Homage (2015)

Source & Label: Vectordisc

Liner Notes by Adam Niewood: While touring Spain with Bill Goodwin, in the summer of 2009, I received an inspiring email message from back home: a treasure-trove of original compositions had been found (79 in total). Hand-written charts, mostly pencil on manuscript paper ... complete with crossed-out sections ... the road-map to music my ­father had left behind. This is what Dad had been doing after dinner, when he disappeared upstairs to his attic practice space. Excited about the idea of getting to read and play-through all this music my dad wrote, that I didn’t know existed ... I went down to dinner ... and mentioned this cool find to Bill Goodwin.
Bill got extremely excited and inspired right along with me — and said, almost like he was predicting the future, “Adam, this is your ­father’s legacy. You have to record this music for him so that the world can hear his message.” In the months that passed after my ­return from that tour, I played through all the various charts, and tried to pick out five of Dad’s compositions that complemented one ­another as a unified body of work. As the producer, Bill, requested I wrote two compositions to be played along with my father’s. The following is my description, or a little personal back-story, about each of the compositions on this recording you are listening to.
“If There Were Words” is as indicative of my father’s whole overall vibe as any song I could find in his body of work. The melody, under­stated and yet complex in its inherent simplicity, almost as if there were lyrics, but there are none written (...yet). The chord progression, in complement to the melody, is ­familiar sounding to me. Its twists and turns, spanning the minor moods, with a structure sounding very much like a favorite standard, a surprise twist going to major at the conclusion of the improvisations. Jack ­DeJohnette called me on the phone a couple days after we recorded, and after a bit of small talk about the weather, he made a point of telling me that this song in particular, out of everything we recorded, should in his opinion, “be the first track on the record.” How could I ­ignore the opinion of Jack DeJohnette?
“Vertigo” (dated on the original chart as being composed July 9, 1998) reminds me of a Miles Davis era Wayne Shorter composition. It has a short-form 16-bar framework using specifically Maj 7th #11 and #5 Dominant 7th #9 chords, moving in close relation to one ­another. The title, if I had to venture a guess, is a tongue in cheek nod to my father’s fear of heights, and an experience he described ­having sometimes with high stages in combination with his stage-spacing to the edge while ­performing. Read more...

1. If There Were Words 7:07
2. Vertigo 9:09
3. Final Departure 10:09
4. I Know Sadness Now 5:40
5. Pensive Moments 7:11
6. What You Meant To Me 2:30
7. Homage 13:48

Adam Niewood - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Akai EWI, and sampling
John Scofield - Guitar and effects
John Patitucci - Acoustic Bass
Jack DeJohnette - Drums and Cymbals