lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Alonzo Wright - Menage à Trey (2015)

These 9 original compositions take a different approach to the trio lineup and use of rhythms and melodies. Not having a harmonic instrument, to frame harmonies is both freeing and adventurous, and is what makes this project a real departure. Bassist Kenny Davis, (Herbie Hancock, Kevin Eubanks, Tonight Show Band, Cassandra Wilson), plays both acoustic and electric basses and compliments both songs and vision of the project. Drummer Russell "Groovemaster" Worrell, (son of the legendary Bernard "Pretty" Purdie), handles the twist and turns of the songs rhythms and arrangements with great skill and aplomb. Leader & composer Alonzo Wright, handles the saxophone and flute duties, even layering them on some tunes to add some punch and coloring.

My Favorite CD of 2015

In "Menage a Trey" Alonzo Wright with Kenny Davis and Russell Worrell have woven together a seamless flowing stream of songs that form a aural and mental picture like no other jazz/fusion CD I've bought in 2015. Wright's tone is reminiscent of Trane but in a much more subdued manner (and I say that as high praise) and with a funky early Grover Washington Jr. flavor on top. Use of both acoustic and electric bass on alternating songs and the drum stylings of Bernard "Pretty" Purdie's son Russell Worrell shows that he learned well from his pops and found his own sound while doing so.

I cannot recommend this disc highly enough. Finding an entire CD that flows like the telling of a story is rare. This is the one. Greg Randolph

Alonzo Wright saxophones and flute
Kenny Davis on bass
Russell "Groovemaster" Worrell on drums

1. Interlude: Intro
02. Janko
03. Left of Center
04. Anthem (For a Righteous Man)
05. Local Bebop
06. One Mo' Again
07. Boom for Real
08. Random Thoughts
09. China Rain (For Lynda)
10. Interlude: Outro

Pierre Dørge & New Jungle Orchestra --The Olufsen Years 1988-1994

Dørge is one of the most prolific and wide-ranging figures on the Danish scene today. He has been interested in modern jazz almost from the beginning of his career in 1960. But through the years he has also shown curiosity about other cultures and genres.
Thus elements from European, Asian, African and Afro-American music traditions have been assembled by Dørge into an original synthesis. He has been working in bands with John Tchicai, Yusef Lateef, Yu Jun, Sainkho Namtchilak, Niels Henning Ørsted Petersen, Svend Asmussen, Johnny Dyani, Don Cherry, Billy Hart, Jim Pepper, David Murray, Peter Brötzmann, Harry Beckett, Marilyn Mazur, Ray Anderson, Han Bennink and Hugh Masakela among others.

New Jungle Orchestra was formed in 1980 and named after the legendary growling jungle sound of the early Duke Ellington Orchestra, some of whose compositions they have appropriately covered. Other major jazz influences to be heard are Charles Mingus´ experiments with combining improvisation and large-scale forms with the mobility of a group sized somewhere between a traditional combo and a big band, the Gill Evans flux between forceful anarchy and carefully layered, complex structures, and the ironic cabaret touch of Carla Bley.

Today, however, these are not only jazz greats that - along with a huge number of non-Western musics - have contributed to the world of the New Jungle Orchestra; names like these also indicate the level of innovation and artistry, on which the NJO during its 20-year existence has placed itself, as one of the most original, intense and enjoyable groups to be heard on todays global music scene.World music in the true sense of the world.