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Cícero Lee - Those Who Stay (2015)

Source: allaboutjazz

Cícero Lee is a restless researcher of his instrument, the electric bass, whose personal goal is to achieve a degree of expressiveness and dexterity that may indeed be noteworthy. It's a winding route of great dedication, which he cannot abdicate. He is also a double bassist, composer, teacher, photographer, and a strong presence in the portuguese music scene in genres ranging from Jazz to Pop-Rock, World Music and Traditional portuguese Music. His second album as a leader, called “Those Who Stay” was released in November 2015 with the support of RTP Antena 2, a national radio station. His first album, “Ventos” (Sintoma Records, 2013) led him, between 2013 and 2014, to act in dozens of clubs and jazz festivals in Portugal and other European countries. He collaborates actively with historic musician Luis Represas since 2009, with whom he has had the opportunity to get to know Portugal in a deeper way.

This musical relationship has created him the chance to collaborate with fundamental artists in the history of portuguese related music. Here, names such as Ricardo Ribeiro, João Gil, Martinho da Vila, Stewart Sukuma, Jorge Palma stand out joining others from other collaborations, such as Chico Cesar, Cristina Branco, Rao Kyao, Paulo de Carvalho, Elisa Rodrigues, Janita Salomé, and many more who have served to enrich Cícero as an artist musician.

This career led him to set foot on prominent stages, such as the Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon Coliseum, Rock In Rio, among many others. As a student, he had, in 2008, the opportunity to study at the Bass Collective in New York, and also privately with Jeff Andrews, Matthew Garrison, Lincoln Goines and Doug Weiss. As a teacher, he is entirely dedicated since 2005 to an educational project – Interartes School of Music in Cascais, where he is also coordinator. From time to time he also teaches workshops and masterclasses. In the near future, Cicero Lee plans to devote himself increasingly to the study of music in general, deepen the relation with his chosen instrument - the electric bass - and to create independent works within music and photography.

1. Vigílias (in memoriam: Al Berto) 5:48
2. Ten Miles From the Sky 4:22
3. Heartbeats 7:10
4. Those Who Stay 5:38
5. Brooklyn 5:47
6. A Reminder 1:09
7. Memórias de Louredo 7:42
8. We Shall Prevail 6:23
9. Dorme Meu Menino (para Matias e Caetano) 6:10

Cícero Lee - double bass
Carlos Garcia - piano
José Salgueiro - drums

Special Guests

Desidério Lázaro - saxophone (tracks 2,5,7 and 8)
João Frade - accordion (tracks 2,3,6 and 8)
Tiago Oliveira - guitar (tracks 2,4 and 5)

All compositions by Cícero Lee except for "a reminder" (Cícero Lee/João Frade)
and "dorme meu menino" (portuguese traditional adapted by Carlos Garcia)

Recorded at Canoa Studios, March 2015

Arnan Raz - Second To The Left (2015)

Influenced by the legacy of giants like Lester Young, Stan Getz and Warne Marsh, as well as the innovations of Mark Turner, Arnan Raz and his quintet create a refreshing fusion of the traditional and modern jazz. While clearly introducing/implementing elements of American and Israeli folk music, this band, in it's classic instrumentation of tenor sax, alto sax, piano, bass and drums, definitely has a 'New York' sound.                            

With solos that successfully match the compositions in their extremely melodic and intuitive nature, the quintet delivers an energetic yet elegant performance, projecting both unity and harmony.

Arnan Raz was born in Kibbutz Merchavia, a small village in the north of Israel to a musical family- his grandfather was a music teacher and a painter, his uncle a famous conductor and his mom and his brother both are professional guitar players. However, until the age of 13 Arnan’s passion was soccer. Suddenly, out of nowhere and without much reason, Arnan decided that he want to play the saxophone.

Right from the beginning, he would go to practice every day with his grandfather: “I knew that I played well when after I finished, I would see tears in his eyes. This image is still a constant reminder for me to what music is about”.

Pretty fast Arnan became noticeable as a serious and dedicated saxophone player at the area where he grew up and started to perform with local bands. His teacher at the time was Albert Beger- a known free jazz artist in Israel and Europe.

At the age of 18, Arnan got accepted to the prestigious IDF orchestra. At the army-training base he met all of his current band mates- Eyal Hai, Daniel Meron, Dani Danor and Nadav Lachish.  During the army service Arnan started 6 to build his name in the Tel-Aviv scene and perform constantly as a bandleader as well as a sideman.

While his friends from the IDF orchestra decided to go and Study at Berklee college of music in Boston, Arnan Decided to Stay in Israel and go study at the Jerusalem Academy Of Music and Dance. While Studying with Boris  Gammer, Arnan really made a name for himself as a promising Young Saxophonist in the Israeli Jazz scene. He performed at all the main venues and festivals with local and international bands and musicians.

After graduating, Arnan felt that it’s the right time to move to New York in the pursuing of a jazz career: “I felt ready emotionally to move to new york after working so hard on my craft”.

In New York he reunited with his old musicians friends from the IDF orchestra that at the same time also moved to NY after graduating from school. He decided to form his quintet and since then, the quintet was and still playing constantly mostly in NY. Beside his Quintet, Arnan is a member in more projects such as The Side Project- a Saxophone Quartet, Bellatonic and more. Arnan is constantly performing with different musicians and bands in NYC.                             
“I want to focus on sound. I believe that the saxophone sound has a lot of power in reaching people’s heart. Now Days, in our materialistic world, it’s so hard to communicate that  I feel even more obligated to play music and to try to communicate with audience on a “real level”

 I hope to reach as much audience as I can and to try and do good through music.

Love, Arnan 

Second To The Left is officially released on 01/01/2016 On Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records.

Arnan Raz - Tenor Sax
Eyal Hai - Alto Sax
Daniel Meron - Piano
Nadav Laquis - Bass
Dani Danor - Drums

01. The Main Lawn (Part 3)
02. I Can See For Miles
03. Zahira
04. This Kid Is Me
05. The Main Lawn (Part2)
06. Mykonos
07. It's Easy To Remember (and So Hard To Forget)
08. What Has Been Will Be Again
09. The White City
10. Solo Le Pido A Dios
11. The Main Lawn (Part 1)

Summer's End Trio - Day After Day (2014)

Summer's End Trio was formed in the summer of 2012, in Siracusa, Italy, after a meeting between the pianist Fabio Puglisi, drummer Francesco Branciamore, and double bass player Giuseppe Guarrella. 

The three offer some brand new compositions from Puglisi, who is already well known in the international music scene for his side project Soul Basement.

His jazz is constantly looking at the past, with its strong roots in the gospel tradition, while moving in today's world at the same time, filled with groovy hip hop moods, and a fresh urban flavor. 

Branciamore and Guarrella, leading exponents of Italian jazz, support the colourful piano drawings with a perfect rhythmic constructions enhancing their deepness.

The debut album from Summer's End Trio "Day After Day" is out now on Alessa Records.

Fabio Puglisi: piano
Giuseppe Guarrella: acoustic bass
Francesco Branciamore: drums

1. The Path
2. Afternoon View from the Epic
3. Hyoshi
4. Ocean Love
5. Women Hold Up Half the Sky
6. Spring Street
7. April and Silence