miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2015

The NYC Improv Project - Melting Point (2015)

MFA Records presents, a New York-based improvised Jazz album, featuring 17 amazing Jazz musicians in New York. All tracks created by a complete improvised session, with all tracks played in different styles, including Swing Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Blues, Free-style Hip Hop, R&B, Funk, African & Afro-Cuban.

This album represents the variety of music we see now in the New York Jazz scene, and will present you a thrilling experience, with the tracks performed by one of the best musicians in New York.

01. West 4 City Blues
02. Trumpet Intro
03. Free Style No.3
04. On Christopher St.
05. Melting Point
06. Oiseau de Proie ~Bird of Prey~
07. Asked For a Groove
08. Don’t Mind
09. Through Brooklyn Bridge
10. 2:31 AM

Jazzmeia Horn(vo)(M1,6)
Maurice Brown(tp)(M3,5)
Mark Guiliana(dr) (M3,5)
Nir Felder(gt) (M3,5)
Daisuke Abe(gt) (M3,5)
Jaleel Shaw(alto.sax)(M4,7)
Ben Paterson(p/org) (M4,7)
Jamison Ross(dr) (M4,7)
Keita Ogawa(perc)(M6,7
Chaance Barnes(vo)(M8)
Victor Gould(rhodes) (M8)
Jonathan Greenstein(tenor.sax) (M8)
Darrian Douglas(dr) (M8)
Tak Iwasaki(voice)(M9)
Sullivan Fortner(p/rhodes) (M9,10)
Joe Dyson(dr) (M9,10)
Nori Naraoka(b)(M1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10)


Aaron Goldberg - The Now (2014)

Aaron Goldberg / piano
Reuben Rogers / bass
Eric Harland / drums

with special guests:

Kurt Rosenwinkel / guitar

01. Trocando em Miudos
Buarque / Hime

02. YoYo
Haitian Traditional

03. The Wind In The Night 
Aaron Goldberg

04. E-Land 
Aaron Goldberg

05. Perhaps 
Charlie Parker

06. Triste Baía da Guanabara
Cascaso / Novelli

07. Background Music
Warne Marsh

08. Francisca
Toninho Horta

09. One's A Crowd
Aaron Goldberg

10. One Life
Aaron Goldberg

For what amounts to a straight-ahead modern piano trio recording, The Now doesn’t exactly come packaged in a neat bundle.  But considering that the inspiration for the newest from pianist Aaron Goldberg is a respect and appreciation for the transitory nature of improvisational creativity and the need to exist in the present moment to best express it, this relative lack of cohesion may not only be intentional, but also necessary.  With his longtime trio of bassist Reuben Rogersand drummer Eric Harland at his side, Goldberg carves out a set of tunes that share some common bonds, but stand alone, each to themselves.

Album-opener “Trocando em Miudos” is absolutely resonant.  It expresses itself patiently and peacefully and emanates a powerful warmth from within.  It’s one of three Brazilian compositions on the album, and Goldberg gives each its own voice.

The simmering “Triste Bahia da Guanabara” and the introspective “Wind in the Night” show that the sublime can take many forms.  “E-Land” gets back to the resonance of the opener, but kicks up the tempo a bit.  This, along with slow boil of Toninho Horta’s “Francisca,” are emblematic of they way Goldberg keeps switching things up to make what might have been common stand completely apart.

The upbeat “Yoyo” is all about the sunny attitude.  Goldberg’s renditions of Charlie Parker’s “Perhaps” and Konitz/Marsh’s “Background Music” honor the originals with chipper tempos and a melodic playfulness, while also drawing emphasis to the individual motions of each that speak to the heart of the matter.  The exciting “One’s a Crowd” keeps the pulse rate up and finds a way to express both structural composure and improvisational effusiveness.

The album ends with the somber “One Life.”  Guest Kurt Rosenwinkel brings that same potent mix of melancholy and combustion that lent so much personality to his involvement with the Brian Blade Fellowship.  It’s an evocative way to end an album that doesn’t limit the ways it chooses to express itself.