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Sam Sadigursky - Follow The Stick (2015)

Source & Label:  Brooklyn Jazz Underground

Follow The Stick is a sophisticated collection of original music from one of the most respected musicians on the New York scene. It is also Sam's "coming out party" as a clarinetist, which he has put front and center as of late. He explains, "It was a natural evolution in many ways, both practically and creatively. I started on saxophone, but began studying clarinet pretty early as well ­ my father is a classically trained clarinetist and accordionist from the Soviet Union, who now plays mostly Klezmer and Eastern European folk music. I remember interviewing him for a 5th grade project and asking him what some of his dreams in life were, and he told me about wanting to learn to play jazz clarinet, something he’s always loved. About four or five years ago something really clicked for me with the instrument and I’ve put most of my energies into it, and people have been calling me more and more for my clarinet playing since then. Unlike the endless sea of jazz saxophone players, there aren't that many improvisers today playing clarinet at a high level, so it's allowed me to really create a little niche for myself, and creatively, I feel there's so much more room to explore with it. I really feel that it's my voice as an instrumentalist."
The music on Follow The Stick is comprised of new, and some not so new, original compositions, plus a modern take on the Glenn Miller hit, "String Of Pearls". Originally, Sadigursky planned on writing all new music for this group; things with a more overt sort of swing associated with this instrumentation (clarinet, trumpet, vibraphone, piano & drums), such as "Do The Dance", but, "when I started to fish through old notebooks for ideas I found so many nearly-completed old tunes of mine that never had life breathed into them. Having focused on those vocal albums for nearly ten years, there is still a huge backlog of instrumental material that I'm sifting through. However, I did write some new tunes for the group, things like 'Deadly Sins' and 'Math Music', and these might better reflect my thinking today - lots of meter changes and metric modulations - where many of the older tunes are more lead-sheet oriented and open," explained Sadigursky. 
"In addition to all the different folk traditions that the clarinet is part of, there's such a great tradition of jazz clarinet that I'm still in the midst of discovering. I'm amazed at how much of it goes unnoticed these days - these clarinet greats were so prodigious. However, having come up as a saxophonist listening to Coltrane, Rollins, Henderson, Lovano, etc., I have all these other sounds in my head as well - you play any of that stuff on the saxophone and most people have heard it a thousand times, but play those influences on the clarinet and it actually sounds pretty fresh. To me, at least."

1. Fast Money 05:22
2. String of Pearls 04:42
3. 3+2 07:13
4. Mule 06:27
5. Do the Dance 05:19
6. Austerity Measures 04:50
7. Looks Can Be Deceiving 04:15
8. Reach 04:26
9. Life's Flowering 05:39
10.Deadly Sins 07:03
11.Touché 07:25
12.Heart 08:35
13.Math Music 04:05
Sam Sadigursky (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Bobby Avey (piano)
Chris Dingman (vibes, marimba)
Jordan Perlson (drums, percussion)
Jason Palmer (trumpet) - tracks 2,5,9,13
Ljova (viola) - track 7  

Mimi Verderame Quartet - Flying Zone (2015)

Source: L'An Vert
Label: Jazz Addiction

Mimi Verderame, l’un des batteurs les plus actifs sur la scène jazz en Belgique, présente son nouveau projet. Avec le prestigieux pianiste Nicola Andrioli, ils signent six compositions qu’ils interprètent en duo.
De larges espaces sont toutefois réservés aux solistes tels que David Doruzka, guitariste au grand sens mélodique et ayant une parfaite maîtrise de l’instrument, le bassiste Dario Deidda, d’une précision rythmique remarquable et doté d’un sens harmonique aiguisé.
Quant à Nicola Andrioli et Mimi Verderame, leurs solos respectifs conjuguent sens rythmique et mélodique avec délicatesse et créativité.
1. Flying Zone
2. Martha
3. Calypso Party
4. Every Sunday
5. Two Five for R.G.
6. Surprise Me
7. Brilliant Corners



Source: Cdbaby

Young Swedish jazz guitarist Joel Svensson has for the last few years made lasting impressions on co-musicians as well as audiences by his forceful musical presence. With "Introducing" he debuts on Do Music Records with a selection of hard-swinging original works as well as jazz standards that showcase his unique sound, skill and imagination. Svensson has carefully hand-picked his team players for a powerhouse sound: Danish jazz piano virtuoso Carl Winther, rooted in the energetic expressiveness of Chick Corea and McCoy Tyner; Finnish bass player Johnny Åman, powerful, sturdy and driving, and finally Bengt Stark, well-featured drummer on the Swedish jazz scene. Svensson's thorough musical schooling at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm had him research pentatonic and fourth-interval harmonics, as well as jazz composition, which is in full evidence on these outstanding recordings. Ten outstanding tracks that burst out with adventure, energy and imagination, all showing that Joel Svensson is bound to have a long career ahead of him.

1. The Captain of the Open Seas
2. Darth
3. Devices
4. I Don't Understand Myself
5. The Falcon
6. My One and Only Love
7. The Boss of Malmö
8. The End of a Love Affair
9. Trident Suite
10. Idle Moments

Joel Svensson - guitar
Carl Winter - piano
Johnny Åman - bass
Bengt Stark - drums  


Gideon King - Gideon King & City Blog (2015)

New York based guitarist/composer Gideon King's unique musical upbringing has allowed him to blend emotional, compelling songwriting that incorporates sophisticated harmonies and the always engaging element of improvisation. King says of himself, " My brother, a well-known jazz pianist... cleverly referenced McCoy Tyner, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, and many others. My sisters, on the other hand, were... celebrating the lyrics and melodies of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and... My parents... insisted that classical music was the only heightened form of musical expression. I was engaged by all of these different sounds..." 

If King's newest release with Gideon King & City Blog reminds you of Steely Dan, it should come as no surprise. The band was a huge influence on King and he similarly enlists a who's who of contemporary musical giants to help bring his music to life. King's past recordings have enlisted musicians such as John Scofield and Donny McCaslin (who returns on this project), and City Blog is no different in this regard. 

Enlisting heavy hitting musicians like bassists James Genus and Matt Penman, pianist Kevin Hays and saxophonist McCaslin ensures that every song on the album has a solid groove as a foundation while the rest of the rich instrumentation, including several vocalists and King himself on guitar, layer beautiful textures around his powerful melodies.

The title track and opener, "City Blog" is probably the most direct homage to Steely Dan and features a stunning solo by Kevin Hays while Genus' driving electric bass groove keeps everything moving forward. The second track, "See in Double," is beautiful and contemplative and works very well as a contrast to the danceable opener. Donny McCaslin's solo here brings the track to an unexpected peak before it relaxes back into its initial mood. Other highlights include "Glide" which features Matt Penman on upright bass, and the moody yet comforting "Dirty Bastard."

Fans of Steely Dan will undoubtedly get a lot from City Blog, but so will fans of contemporary songwriters such as Norah Jones, and even listeners of introspective composers like Pat Metheny will find similarities between King's harmonically conscious, melody driven songs and Metheny's melodic sensibilities.

01. City Blog
02. See In Double
03. Down
04. New York Is
05. Friendship Cliché
06. What Say You
07. Glide
08. Dirty Bastard
09. Just Play
10. Broken Noise

Gideon King: Lead Electric, acoustic, and synth guitars, vocals, background vocals various noises
James Genus: Electric and upright bass
Matt Penman: Upright Bass
Kevin Hays: Piano
Willard Dyson: Drums
Donald Edwards: Drums
Donny Mccaslin: Saxophone and Flute
Andy Gravish: Trumpet
Grace Weber: Vocals, Background Vocals
Marc Broussard: Vocals
Elliott Skinner: Vocals, Background Vocals
Saul Kurtz: Vocals
Carolyn Leonhart: Vocals, Background Vocals
Matt Powell: Background Vocals




Michael Kocour - Spiffy (2015)

Keyboardist Michael Kocour revisits his Hammond B3 organ roots in this collection of hard-swinging tunes presented in the tradition of jazz organ legends such as Jack McDuff, Jimmy Smith, and Don Patterson. McDuff in particular is a stylistic mentor: Kocour met him during his college years while attending the renowned jazz program at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. The band really comes out swinging on the opener, Kocour's "Dropped Third Strike." Chicagoan Eric Schneider blows tenor with old-school bar-walking verve. He drops a brief quote from the old ragtime tune "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" into "Chunky," and makes his compositional contribution with "Da Good Stuff." 

Things don't slow down until the fourth track, the ballad "Tenderly," which guitarist Bruce Forman introduces with Wes Montgomery-style octaves. The California-based guitarist lives up to his stalwart hard-bop reputation on the entire session, and contributes two tunes. "Collapso" is the most memorable. As the title implies it is a calypso, although taken at a moderate tempo unlikely to induce a collapse in these formidable players. The other cover in the set is Neal Hefti and Bobby Troup's catchy "Girl Talk." Originally written for a movie soundtrack, it has been played quite often by jazz players. Organ versions have included Shirley Scott, Jimmy McGriff, and Richard "Groove" Holmes; guitarist Kenny Burrell has recorded it as well. 

This is Kocour's third 2015 release; the others—both on OA2 Records—featured him on piano (solo on Wherever You Go, There You Are, and as a member of the Unhinged Sextet on their debut disc Clarity). He explains that his teaching duties at Arizona State University often require him to complete projects in waves. It's almost too much of a good thing. But too much of a good thing is a good problem to have.

01. Dropped Third Strike
02. Chunky
03. Da Good Stuff
04. Tenderly
05. Huffininpuffin
06. Collapso
07. Girl Talk
08. Spiffy
09. Monk’s Hayride

Michael Kocour: Hammond B3 organ
Eric Schneider: alto and tenor saxophone
Bruce Forman: guitar
Dom Moio: drums