viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Zach Brock - Serendipity (2015)

Violin virtuoso Zach Brock's third session is, like its predecessors, Almost Never Was (Criss 1349) and Purple Sounds (Criss 1366), a tour de force of modern swing expression.

Joined by New York A-listers Aaron Goldberg (piano), Matt Penman (bass) and Obed Calvaire (drums), Brock addresses a stylistically varied program, showcasing his command of a broad timeline of violin styles that he refracts into his own individualistic argot.

The repertoire includes Jean-Luc Ponty (Sunday Walk), Charlie Parker (Segment), the American Songbook (the Leonard Bernstein ballad Some Other Time), and several substantial originals.

"The music world surely does not lack for jazz fiddlers who mistake schmaltz for expression, melodic ornamentation for real improvisation and ostentatious display for commanding technique. But Brock, a former Chicagoan who lives in New York, represents the polar opposite of all this, and always has" -- Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, 2013

Zach Brock (Vi / Baritone Vi)
Aaron Goldberg (P)
Matt Penman (B)
Obed Calvaire (D)

1. City Of Spring (Zbigniew Seifert)
2. Serendipity (Zach Brock)
3. Swansea (Joanna Newsom)
4. Sunday Walk (Daniel Humair)
5. Some Other Time (Leonard Bernstein)
6. Segment (Charlie Parker)
7. Sally's Song (Danny Elfman)
8. Summer Dance (Zach Brock)

Total Time: 54:15

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Adam Rogers & David Binney - R & B (2015)

From his many Criss Cross dates as a leader to his extraordinary sideman work with Chris Potter, the late Michael Brecker and many more, Adam Rogers continues to blaze a path as one of jazz's most compelling guitarists. His longtime associate David Binney, alto saxophone great and an influential composer and producer, has also distinguished himself with numerous innovative sessions for Criss Cross and others.

On R & B, Rogers and Binney unite to co-lead a lean and hard-swinging quartet with bassist Reuben Rogers (no relation) and drummer Gerald Cleaver. 

In a departure from their usual focus on original material, Rogers and Binney aim straight for bebop, ballads and classics by Thelonious Monk, Freddie Hubbard and Wayne Shorter, among others. The feel is rock-solid, the improvisations bracing. It's a fresh, unexpected take on the jazz tradition, viewed through a modern prism.

Adam Rogers (G)
David Binney (As)
Reuben Rogers (B)
Gerald Cleaver (D)

1. Ah-Leu-Cha (Charlie Parker)
2. Introspection (Thelonious Monk)
3. In Love In Vain (Jerome Kern)
4. Africaine (Wayne Shorter)
5. Don't Misunderstand (Gordon Parks)
6. Sippin' At Bell's (Miles Davis)
7. Skydive (Freddie Hubbard)
8. My Ship (Kurt Weill / Ira Gershwin)
9. I Feel A Song Coming On (Jimmy McHugh)

Total Time: 67:24

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


The Rodriguez Brothers - Impromptu (2015)

A working unit since 2002, The Rodriguez Brothers -- trumpeter Michael Rodriguez (Reverence - Criss 1356) and pianist Robert Rodriguez -- present their kinetic, masterfully rendered concept of "Jazz Latin," incorporating traditional and modern Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, bolero and hardcore jazz flavors.

The brothers, each in their mid-thirties, are virtuoso storytellers on their respective instruments, as are their generational peer group bandmates Carlos Henriquez (the bassist with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra since the early '00s after several years with Gonzalo Rubalcaba), Cuban traps drummer Ludwig Afonso, and the eminent Columbian-born percussionist Samuel Torres.

Michael Rodriguez (Tp / Flh / Pandeiro [5] / Perc [8])
Robert Rodriguez (P / Perc [8])
Carlos Henriquez (B)
Ludwig Afonso (D)
Samuel Torres (Congas / Perc)
Roberto Rodriguez (D) [8]

1. Impromptu (Michael Rodriguez)
2. La Guaracha (Robert Rodriguez)
3. Fragment (Robert Rodriguez)
4. Descargation (Michael Rodriguez)
5. Love Samba (Robert Rodriguez)
6. Latin Jacks (Michael Rodriguez)
7. Tu Mi Delirio (César Portillo de la Luz)
8. Minor Things (Robert Rodriguez)

Total Time: 59:31

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins