jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Joshua Breakstone - 2nd Avenue (2015)

Label: Capri Records
Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

 A touch of nostalgia as I glanced at the sleeve - "Joshua Breakstone uses Ernie Ball strings exclusively". If I'd had a lousy dime for every set of Ernie Ball Super Slinky's I'd sold during my 30 year incarceration in Newcastle's Central Arcade I'd be worth a bob or two (well maybe one bob).
I don't suppose Joshua Breakstone ever bought any Super Slinkys from me, him being 3000 miles away, which is a pity because, if he had done, I'd have been able to claim to have had some involvement in one of the most listenable guitar albums I've heard since Charlie Christian showed the way.
This is guitar playing as cool as Stan on tenor or Chet on trumpet, music that makes you want to lay back and luxuriate in the sounds with maybe a G & T to hand.
We've also got a cello in the mix which is great. I've long advocated the cello - not as a double bass substitute - but as a frontline horn which is what we get here.
Bass players such as Harry Babasin, Oscar Pettiford and Sam Jones have dabbled with cello so it is far from being a first. Nevertheless, it's a worthy successor to these earlier efforts although I'd have preferred more arco and less pizzicato (I find I made a similar comment in my review of their previous album - With the Wind and the Rain) - still, I doubt if the boppy heads would have been as clean if the instrument had been bowed so what do I know!
The five tracks with cello are Thingin' (Konitz); Home (Cannonball); I'm an Old Cowhand (Mercer); Evergreenish (Dexter) and Hit It by bassist Atkinson..
The trio numbers are I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren/Mack Gordon); The Lamp is Low (Ravel and others); My Conception (Sonny Clark) and a Breakstone original 2nd Ave: Blues For Imahori.
Breakstone describes the quartet as A Chamber Jazz Foursome and I see no reason to quibble although I would have referred to it as The Chamber Jazz Foursome!

1 Thingin'
2 Home
3 I'm an Old Cowhand
4 I Wish I Knew
5 Evergreenish
6 The Lamp Is Low
7 Hit It
8 My Conception
9 2nd Ave: Blues for Imahori

Joshua Breakstone (gtr)
Lisle Atkinson (bs)
Andy Watson (dms)
Mike Richmond (cello)

"Master your instrument, master the music 
& then forget all that & just play."
 - Charlie Parker -

Felice Clemente Trio - 6:35 AM (2015)

Biological or artistic, every birth is an Event

Each event has a precise beginning, a moment, even an hour where everything turns on, takes shape and becomes irreversibly real. Sometimes this epiphany turns your life around. Nothing will ever be the same as before and the future seems to offer new exciting chances. Something unheard of runs over your being and you have no choice but letting yourself go with its vital flow. This happens in music as it happens in life.

My daughter’s birth, to whom I dedicate my latest work, has been an Event for me. Her birth made my soul waving thanks to extraordinary feelings and internal changes that have restored my self totally. Since that moment, 6:35 a.m., July 22nd, nothing has been taken for granted anymore, “improvisation” has become undeniable, exactly as it happens in jazz music. I have badly wanted to transfer this event into music.

Therefore, my 10th CD represents my will to try and keep going further, without accepting what has been already done or experimented. I wanted to “risk”, taking nothing for granted, both in compositions, structure and roles. I wanted to keep my mission and my desire to touch the sensitive part of my listeners intact, through the catchy melody, supported by the variety of rhythm and timbre.

With the addition of marimba and vibraphone tracks, our trio allows to play several textures which are more flexible and free. All this has been possible thanks to the choice of extremely sensitive, capable, and kind musicians, who have truly believed in this vision of music and life and with whom we were able to create a great feeling.
The final product is an authentic, honest, and dynamic kind of music, that goes from wild improvisation to extremely soft moments. It’s a music of emotion and wonder, similar to the feelings that you experience when someone or something comes to life, and even in its fragility, it changes everything. Every birth, biological or artistic, is an Event.

01. Enjoy It (8:29)
02. Canguri Urbani (4:20)
03. To Sara (7:55)
04. The Wave (6:01)
05. Mal D'africa (9:11)
06. Secret Love (8:34)
07. Minoranze (5:49)
08. Triade (8:20)
09. The River (5:31)

Felice Clemente | tenor and soprano sax
Paolino Dalla Porta | double bass
Massimo Manzi | drums

Special guest Daniele Di Gregorio | vibes and marimba


Massimo Colombo, Peter Erskine, Darek Oleszkiewicz - Trio Grande (2015)

The new Massimo Colombo album Trio Grande (Crocevia di Suoni CDS 011, IRD distribution) will be released on april, 30 2015.

Recorded in Los Angeles (USA) with Darek Oleszkiewicz (double bass) and Peter Erskine (drum).

All compositions are original.

Happy day in the recording studio with pianist Massimo Colombo and bassist Darek Oleszkiewicz, wonderful trio music…Life is good. Peter Erskine

…I entered the Studio directly from LA airport: Erskine and Oleszkiewicz were already waiting for me, everything sounded good. Erskine asked me which tune I’d like to start playing with and I answered: “ Anna Magdalena”, he sad “Ok!” looking at the engineer sound, than he added: “Let’s do it! This is the way all the session was going on.

Anna Magdalena
Valzer all'indietro
Trio Grande
La mia spalla sinistra
Bah and Boh
Una ragione in piu

Massimo Colombo | tenor and soprano sax
Peter Erskine | drums
Darek Oleszkiewicz | double bass

Crocevia di Suoni Records CDS011

April, 2015

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Filip Augustson - Viva Black (2015)

Filip Augustson - double bass
Eva Lindal - violin
Christopher Cantillo - drums

01: Desperadon!
02: Glissando para Juanes
03: Flying Flyers
04: Ituri
05: The Butterfly Left the Flower
06: Stuff by stuff
07: Repetitivo Acrimasa
08: Viva el Ritmo
09: Tensta Tango
10: Triss i Trä

All music by Filip Augustsson, except track 2, 5, 8 and 10 by Augustsson, Lindal and Cantillo

Release date: April 1, 2015

Recorded and Mixed by Johan Berke at Glömsta Studio, Huddinge
Mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering

Produced by Filip Augustson
Executive producer: Joakim Simonsson

Photos by Miki Anagrius and Viktor Wallström
Art direction by Patric Thorman