jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Roberto Gatto Quartet - Sixth Sense (2015)

Sixth Sense is the first CD of this new, amazing pianoless group. The quartet assembled by Roberto Gatto is one of the most peculiar and interesting on the scene. The melody is performed by two brass players, the trumpet of the young and acclaimed Avishai Cohen (Rising Star 2012 according to the Downbeat Critics Pool and already appreciated worldwide) and the tenor sax and clarinet of Francesco Bearzatti, a great representative of Italian music in the world (named best European musician in 2011 by the Académie du Jazz). To support the drummer leader and accompany him in the rhythm section, Doug Weiss, one the most representative double bass players from the New York scene. Four personalities who have put their cultural background in the service of music with great participation and energy, but above all with originality.

Appreciated on the national jazz scene since the mid-70s, Roberto Gatto - born in 1958, with a career that has known no setbacks for about forty years - has never run out of thirst for research and experimentation. His extraordinary skill led the drummer to write part of the history of Italian jazz. Removed the clothes of prestigious sideman alongside national players (Enrico Rava, Enrico Pieranunzi) and international artists (Johnny Griffin, John Abercrombie, Chet Baker, Steve Lacy, Pat Metheny, Bob Berg, Curtis Fuller, George Coleman, Joe Zawinul etc.), Roberto Gatto has undertaken with greater force the activity of leader, giving life to his groups and original projects, always surprising his audience. In this regard we can mention the acclaimed PerfecTrio completed by Alfonso Santimone on piano and electronics and Pierpaolo Ranieri on electric bass, the recent New York Quartet, consequence of his frequent stays in the Big Apple, featuring the young Chilean saxophonist Melissa Aldana, Nir Felder on guitar and Joe Lepore on double bass, and the latest Play Zappa with the pop group Quintorigo, dedicated to one of his best-loved artists Frank Zappa.

01. One for Avi (5:06)
02. Sixth Sense (7:25)
03. Hat on the Bobcat (4:43)
04. Togo (5:41)
05. Bonanza (7:50)
06. Dee's Dilemma (4:54)
07. Unknown Shape (5:05)
08. Black and Tan Fantasy (7:01)
09. Remember Rockefeller at Attica (5:36)
10. Peace (7:49)

Roberto Gatto - drums
Avishai Cohen - trumpet
Francesco Bearzatti - tenor sax and clarinet
Doug Weiss double - bass

Akira Tana - Otonowa (2015)

Label: Cannatuna Records
Source: Cdbaby
Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

The genesis of this group, Otonowa (Sound Circle) comes from the title a recording of the same name translated into English that was released a number of years ago in Japan on King Records and in the US on Evidence Music. The group, then, was called the “Asian American Jazz Trio.”

Two years ago this ensemble was reformed with the name “Otonowa,” having been a asked to perform for a benefit concert by Lake Hanyu of the Elsewhere Gallery in Fairfax, Ca. for the victims of the Earthquake/Tsunami in Northern Japan. Subsequently this group performed at the first anniversary last year and after performing again this year for the 2nd time, will travel to Japan in late March to perform in Northern Japan in aiding the relief efforts there that continue to this day.

The concept behind this group is very much in the tradition of Jazz, truly an American art form. This group is comprised of Japanese (now US citizens) who live in the US and also Japanese Americans who were born in the US. Thus, this group is made up of Japanese and Japanese Americans musicians raised in this country, learning the jazz vocabulary in the US and retooling and reinventing songs from their native land in the jazz idiom. The group has completed a CD dedicated to and in commemoration of the tragic events in Northern Japan. All of the material on the recording are jazz interpretations of traditional Japanese folk melodies that date back as long as a century ago. The incorporation of these Japanese folk elements is part of the long tradition of American jazz artists interpreting songs of American popular and folk songs ie, Miles Davis recording, “Bye Bye Blackbird,” to John Coltrane interpreting the well know song from the Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things.” In Otonowa’s interpretations, traditional Japanese instruments are also employed, like the Shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese flute and the fan drum, an instrument that is popular in festivals throughout Japan, along with the piano, acoustic bass, and drum set. The educational component of this presentation expands the concept of American Jazz. It exemplifies the cultural diversity of a country like the US and also reaches internationally utilizing songs and melodies from foreign shores, in this case Japan. These methods are not new or revolutionary. What makes this group unique is that the members have learned their craft here in the US and seek to interpret songs of their Japanese ancestry in a uniquely American way.

The songs on this recording are songs that date back to over a century ago, "Furusato," and also well know pop melodies such as "Ue O Muite Arukou," more commercially known outside of Japan as "Sukiyaki," whose original release dates back to the 1960's. Other songs include traditional titles, "Sakura Sakura," and "Akatombo," well known outside of Japan but songs that are very much ingrained in the Japanese culture like, "Karatachi No Hana," "Momiji," "Yoimachigusa," and Gion Kouta." "Nada Sou Sou" is a pop song from the 1990's. "Koi No Vacance" is a pop song popularized by the singing group "Peanuts" in the 1960's. Spanning decades and even centuries, all of these songs have one thing in common---beautiful melodies.  

1. Yashi No Mi 03:43
2. Nada Sou Sou 04:23
3. Otonoha 1 01:32
4. Karatachi No Hana 03:02
5. Akatombo 04:35
6. Koi No Vacance 07:04
7. Otonoha 3 01:40
8. Yoimachigusa 05:25
9. Ue O Muite Arukou 06:34
10.Momiji 04:11
11.Sakura Sakura 05:20
12.Otonoha 2 02:30
13.Kojo No Tsuki 05:20
14.Gion Kouta 03:39
15.Furusato 07:17

Art HIRAHARA, piano
Masaru KOGA, saxophones, flute, shakuhachi, percussion
Noriyuki OKADA, bass
Akira TANA, drums

"Master your instrument, master the music 
& then forget all that & just play."
 - Charlie Parker -