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Bjørn Solli - Aglow (2014)

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Norwegian Guitarist Bjørn Solli Releases New Album, Aglow: The Lyngør Project Vol.1 (Lyngør Records). Composed on a small island in Southern Norway, Recorded with an All-Star Band in New York.
It all started in 2007 when Bjørn Solli went to visit a friend on an island in the south of Norway. The group of islands is known as Lyngør and the place had a profound effect on the Norwegian guitarist/composer.  Initially it was the sheer beauty of the place that struck him, but he was soon equally enamored with the people.  Solli quickly made many friends on the archipelago and started having annual concerts there, bringing with him musicians from New York, Shanghai and Rome to play on the pier every August.  Out of this grew the Lyngør Jazz Club and in 2012 they commisioned Solli to compose music inspired by Lyngør and to record an album. Over the next 15 months, Solli spent frequent retreats on the island and was given an opportunity to assemble a band of amazing musicians.
He had been touring and recording with several of the band members for years and was very familiar with each musician’s sound. Knowing each band member’s unique approach and strengths, allowed Solli to compose specifically for each musician.  By giving the band freedom to interpret the music as they wished everyone brought a fresh perspective to the material and made wonderful contributions to the shaping of the tunes.  This album is a perfect representation of Bjørn Solli – the musician and the composer – and is his most personal effort to date. It has great variety and offers plenty of swing, contemplative ballads, singable waltzes, South American rhythms, gritty blues and more; all held together by Solli’s acute sense of melody, evocative harmony and passion for groove.

1. Windjammer
2. Aglow In The Dark
3. To The Lighthouse
4. Calenture
5. Sweet Lingering
6. Rabalder
7. August At Last
8. Battle Of Lynger
9. A Dog Named Fanny  

Bjørn Solli – guitar
Seamus Blake – tenor & soprano saxophones
Ingrid Jensen – trumpet (3, 4, 8 & 9)
Aaron Parks – piano
Matt Clohesy – bass
Bill Stewart – drums 

"Master your instrument, master the music 

& then forget all that & just play."


 - Charlie Parker -

Sigurdur Flosason & Kjeld Lauritsen - Daybreak (2015)

Icelandic saxophone player Sigurdur Flosasan and Danish Hammond B3 player Kjeld Lauritsen are releasing their new album “Daybreak” on Storyville Records. The album features beautiful and intimate jazz ballads with a Scandinavian sound, inspired by the special musical feeling that emerges when night turns to day.
The album is a follow-up to their previous success “Nightfall” - also on Storyville Records. On both albums musicians embrace the ballad repertoire in collaboration with internationally renowned guitarist Jacob Fischer and swing drummer Kristian Leth.  The tunes are inspired by what musicians play together in the wee small hours after a late night gig, when most of the audience has gone home. As Sigurdur Flosason explains, this music has a special feeling: "The morning’s music has nothing to prove. It simply is, neither old nor new, complex nor simple. In a way it is the core and the essence of all music."

On this album the musicians has taken the idea even further, explicitly choosing songs such as “Morning Glory” and “The Night We Called it a Day” - songs that all relate to daybreak. A collection of songs where Kjeld Lauritsen recommends: "Enjoy this music with a Sunday morning cup of coffee, a late night whisky or, who knows, at Daybreak."

1. The Night We Called It a Day (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
2. Blue Moon (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
3. Dreamsville (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
4. You Stepped Out of a Dream (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
5. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
6. I Like the Sunrise (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
7. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
8. Morning Glory (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)
9. Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' (feat. Jacob Fischer & Kristian Leth)

Sigurdur Flosason (alto sax)
Kjeld Lauritsen (organ Hammond B3)
Jacob Fischer (guitar)
Kristian Leth (drums)