miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2015

Ron Thomas Trio - Impatience (2014)

There is something elemental about the jazz piano trio. It is classically called the "Rhythm Section," that practical subset of a larger ensemble that produces the pulse that propels the band and compositions the band plays. It is also the most enduring of jazz performance formats that has included the giants of jazz. Whether it is the cathedral of Oscar Peterson, the interior world of Bill Evans or the durable consistency of Red Garland and Gene Harris, the jazz piano trio remains the bottomless loam of musical creativity.

It is fortunate when a pianist emerges with a collective of the above influences that manifest in a singular voice. Pianist Ron Thomas is just such a musician. Thomas has released several previous recordings, including, The House of Counted Days (Vectordisk, 2003), Music in Three Parts (Art of Life Records, 2006), and Doloroso (Art of Life Records, 2006) and these are just a start.

On Impatience, Thomas, in the company of bassist Steve Meashey and drummer Chris Loser, spins out eight geometrical musical studies: five originals and three standards. "The Red Carpet" is a carefully crafted original that shows the curves and edges of Thomas' musical thought. "You Must Believe in Spring" is played as a fragrant pastoral with all of the ballad stops employed. Thomas' "rhythm section" of bass and drums provides an ample and responsive foundation.

"Things You Were" is Thomas' reworking of "All the Things You Are" that features a clever coda. The quiet centerpiece is a sensitive reading of the Back-Gounod "Ave Maria," which is played with a creative reverence that honors the original intent and improvised outcome of the performance. Chris Loser's "Makers of Fine" is an urbane jazz-funk piece that is almost too delicate to be called that. Bill Evan's "Time Remembered" and Thomas' title piece sum up the accomplished pianism of the entire disc.

Ron Thomas has been gaining more and more recognition with every release. He is a pianist and composer with much to say. The liner notes were provided by All About Jazz colleague Dan McClenaghan, whose deep interest in Thomas and his music is informative and inspiring.

Ron Thomas - Piano
Steve Meashey - Bass
Chris Loser - Drums

1. The Red Carpet
2. You Must Believe in Spring
3. Things You Are
4. Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)
5. Makers of Fine
6. Time Remembered
7. Impatience
8. Week 42

Lucas Pino - No Net Nonet (2015)

"That feeling of navigating the unexpected is probably the most exciting part of watching a group like the No Net Nonet perform...with all of its members sonically bouncing around, building and expanding upon each other’s ideas until a greater sum bursts forth..." - The Villager

With his monthly residency at New York's Smalls Jazz Club, saxophonist Lucas Pino has developed his No Net Nonet into an exciting and deeply musical improvising ensemble. Performing all original compositions, the group forges new ground while maintaining a rich, organic, swinging center.

Originally from Phoenix, Pino attended the Brubeck Institute, The New School and Julliard, where he received his Masters in 2011.

01 The Fox 06:00
02 On the Road 04:46
03 Orange 07:59
04 Strange Breakfast 06:07
05 Intro to Banksenstein 01:31
06 Bankenstein 06:45
07 Sunday Play 06:35
08 Where You Need to Be 06:35
09 Homage A'Mitch 08:44
10 A Morning Walk 06:39
11 Three Old Men from the Land of Aran 07:17

Lucas Pino: leader, tenor sax
Mat Jodrell: trumpet, flugelhorn
Alex LoRe: alto sax
Andrew Gutauskas: baritone sax
Nick Finzer: trombone
Rafal Sarnecki: guitar
Glenn Zaleski: piano
Desmond White: bass
Colin Stranahan: drums

Lucas Pino's No Net Nonet at Smalls Jazz Club, NYC from Joe Rubenstein on Vimeo.