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Fabrizio Mocata - Letter from Manhattan (Special Guest George Garzone) 2014

Fabrizio Mocata is another in the long line of well kept harmonic secrets coming out of Italy.

Brent Black / www.criticaljazz.com

Listed as a tango and jazz pianist, Fabrizio Mocata's artistry defies standard categorization as the lyrical flow of Letter from Manhattan is artfully manipulated where a melodic conversation takes shape within the quartet. Special guest and tenor titan George Garzone adds a nuanced presentation of texture and a deceptively subtle execution of lyrical intensity while pianist Mocata works from a bold color palate of sound.

For some artists that are working the European theatre of improvisational music have a far more cultural orientation than do their American contemporaries. Letter from Manhattan is the perfect storm whether the percussive pop of "Tango 22" or perhaps the more Chick Corea like "Conversation" we find an ebb and flow where each musical co-conspirator has room to push their own artistic temperament to the next level. One of the hidden gems would be the ironically titled "Depression" which is an old school smoker that reminds one of the early days of both Blue Note and Impulse. A unification of improvisational sound and theory.

There seems to be a cultural embargo with improvisational music. Italy is a variable gold mine of talent yet sadly most artists never make it past New York. Separate but equal never worked in American society and it could be devastating for the future of improvisational music. The term virtuoso is over played at almost every turn yet it is a perfect description for the music of Fabrizio Mocata.

Fabrizio Mocata: piano
Ferenc Nemeth: drums
Marco Panascia: double bass

Special Guest
George Garzone: sax

01. Just That
02. Est Side Story
03. Man Waltz
04. Depression
05. Iceberg
06. Tango 22
07. Spring
08. Trisofobia
09. Catablus
10. Conversation

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Adderley Legacy Band - Live at Cory Weeds' Cellar Jazz Club (2014)

Label: Cellar Live
Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆     

For more than forty years, drummer Louis Hayes has been a catalyst for energetic, unrelenting swing in his self led bands, as well as in those whose respective leaders reads like an encyclopedia of straight ahead post-bop modern jazz. Hayes himself an authentic architect of post-bop swing, began his professional activities at the tender age of 18. He started with tenor saxophonist, flautist and oboist Yusef Lateef who like Hayes is a Detroit native (other jazz luminaries hailing from the "motor city" include the Jones brothers, Elvin, Hank and Thad, guitarist Kenny Burrell, pianist Tommy Flanagan and many others). After the stint with Lateef, Hayes went on to rhythmically propel groups led by pianist Horace Silver, legendary saxophonist Cannonball Adderley and pianist Oscar Peterson. These positions were augmented by countless recordings on the Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside and other labels with the likes of John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, J.J. Johnson, Jackie McLean, Wes Montgomery, Cedar Walton, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, George Benson, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner and the list goes on.

For the last twenty-plus years, Louis has led or co-led some of the most uncompromisingly swinging groups in all of jazz. Each unit has displayed tight-knit harmonic cohesion and hard-driving consistency as part of its signature.

With so much activity in his past, Louis could easily rest comfortably on his laurels. But being a forward thinker and doer, Hayes operates "in the present!" His recent groups boasts some of the cream of jazz' recent crop. Drummer Louis Hayes posses an embarrassment of riches. His story, still being told, contains a glorious past, a vibrant present and an ever promising future.

Grammy Award winning saxophonist Vincent Herring has developed into a virtuoso with a voice that is uniquely intense and vigourous with energy and direction. He is considered one of the premier saxophonists of his generation. Vincent first toured Europe and the United States with Lionel Hampton's big band. As he developed his musicianship he began to work with Nat Adderley a liason that continued for nine years. In addition to the legends and peers he has worked with Vincent is inspired by a collage of diverse musical influences, which is reflected in his original band called Earth Jazz Agents. Vincent is also involved in Jazz education. He is currently on staff at William Patterson University in New Jersey.   Read more...

1. Exodus 9:42
2. Chant 7:30
3. Arriving Soon 9:53
4. Dat Dere 8:15
5. Lisa 6:22
6. Naturally 9:55
7. Easy To Love 6:47
8. Sack of Woe 8:42      

CORY WEEDS tenor sax (Easy To Love)

"Master your instrument, master the music 
& then forget all that & just play."
 - Charlie Parker -


AARON GOLDBERG - The Now (2015)

Source: Axs
Label: Sunnyside Records
Gab's Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆      

Pianist Aaron Goldberg, hailed by Downbeat magazine for “quick witted harmonic reflexes, fluid command of line and cut-to-the-chase sense of narrative logic,” is releasing The Now on Sunnyside Records Nov. 20 in Europe and Jan. 20 in North America as announced Nov. 10.

The young musician made a name for himself as one of jazz’s most compelling performers both as a bandleader and frequent collaborator with Joshua Redman, Wynton Marsalis, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Guillermo Klein and many more, and it’s a befitting title. Goldberg’s command of the instrument is mirrored by his passion for music and the soul that he puts into what he does, reinforcing the understanding that why we do something is just as important as how we do it.

The Now reunites Goldberg with bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland, the virtuoso rhythm team going all the way back to his 1998 debut Turning Point. The release revists a central truth that has always remained omnipresent in the creation of jazz; that new two performances will ever be the same because the music, as Goldberg put it, is created “in the dynamic plane of the present.”

“A jazz record is literally one moment in time,” Goldberg explains. “Each song captures those five minutes, and not more. This is especially counterintuitive when you think about iconic jazz recordings like Kind of Blue, where we can all sing every solo. That record would sound totally different, we’d all be singing different solos, if it’d been recorded five minutes later or even five seconds later. That aspect of jazz is what makes it magical for me. I think every time you make an album you contribute to this illusion that jazz operates like other forms of music, where you figure out the song, you practice it, you play it a million times, then you record the definitive version. Jazz doesn’t work like that, and I felt it was time to explicitly wrestle with this in some thematic way.”

Goldberg became engrossed in the jazz scene in Boston back during his high school days. After spending a year in New York at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, he enrolled at Harvard and graduated magna cum laude in 1996 with a concentration in Mind, Brain and Behavior; quite a heavy load for a musician. His education has certainly played a quintessential role in the understanding of how music moves the soul as evidenced by his extensive record with the zen creation of great jazz compositions.

Jazz certainly has a way of summoning that kind of spirit in musicians and invoking the movement of the soul that only a master can truly understand and command. Goldberg has achieved a high understanding of this mastery, and in The Now, he’s sure to present that level of command and expression.

1. Trocando Em Miudos
2. Yoyo
3. The Wind In The Night
4. E-Land
5. Perhaps
6. Triste Baía Da Guanabara
7. Background Music
8. Francisca
9. One\'s A Crowd
10. One Life

Aaron Goldberg - piano
Reuben Rogers - bass
Eric Harland - drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar (track 10)

"Master your instrument, master the music 
& then forget all that & just play."
 - Charlie Parker -