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Gary Bartz - Coltrane Rules Tao Of A Music Warrior Volume II (2014)

Source: Gary Bartz
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Gary Bartz has been known to many as a trail blazer in the music business from the moment he started playing with Art Blakey at his father’s jazz club in his hometown of Baltimore, MD to his own music throughout the 57 years as a professional musician. As if his Grammy Award© with McCoy Tyner in 2005 (‘Illuminations’) wasn’t enough to carve out a place for Bartz in the jazz genre, he has broken the mold with more than 40 solo albums and over 200 as a guest artist.Gary Bartz first came to New York In 1958 to attend the Julliard Conservatory of Music. Just 17 years old, Gary couldn't wait to come to the city to play and learn. "It was a very good time for the music in New York, at the end of what had been the be-bop era," says Bartz. "Charlie Parker had passed away three years previously but Miles' group was in its heyday, Monk was down at the Five Spot, and Ornette Coleman was just coming to town. Things were fresh." Back then, Gary could regularly be found drinking Cokes in the all ages "peanut gallery" of Birdland, enjoying a marathon bill of performers. "If I didn't have money to get in. I'd help somebody carry a drum and sneak in," laughs Bartz. "I learned that early on."  Read more...

1. After The Rain III 01:08
2. Toa 07:58
3. Like Sonny 08:30   
4. Brand New World 05:43
5. Blues Minor/ Transition 08:15
6. You Say You Care 08:47
7. Satellite 07:01
8. Soultrane 07:47
9. Big Nick 05:38
10.Cousin Mary 06:15
11.After The Rain IV 01:07

Barney McAll - Piano
James King - Bass
Greg Bandy - Drums
Gary Bartz - Sax

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington -