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Daniel Hunter - The Twentieth (2013)

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GUITARIST Daniel Hunter graduated with honours in jazz performance at Australian National University in 2006, left in 2007 to teach and perform in Geneva for four years, before settling in Paris where this quartet’s debut was recorded. 
These compositions reflect Hunter’s travels including recollections of Canberra, the icy Swiss winter and his home in Paris. While the music incorporates a European aesthetic, Hunter claims flavours specific to Australian jazz and mentions influences such as James Muller and Miroslav Bukovsky.
The tracks often contain bright melodies, well suited to Hunter’s bright-sounding guitar, displayed well in the opening to Trains. In that evocative piece there are travelling-style solos from Warren Walker’s imaginative tenor sax and the leader’s guitar skilfully blending melody and chords. Born in the Eighties uses a guitar riff under a bouncy exuberant theme, which the tenor explores with mounting excitement. A more sombre mood initiates Another Winter as an introspective guitar sketches a snow-capped vista and Damien Varaillon’s bass double times a solo over shivering cymbals.
The title track is a strong sax and guitar unison theme of vaguely bluesy origins with cheerful guitar fills before a brief gap and a break into a broken rhythm worked vigorously by Nicolas Charlier’s drums for swinging solos from guitar and then a tension-building tenor. A slow, steady beat starts the oddly titled Aaaaah in its soul-infused melody, an ideal vehicle for Walker’s flowing tenor.
These are highly interesting compositions interpreted impressively. - John McBeath -

1 Aaaaah
2 Another Winter
3 The Twentieth
4 Foshazzle    
5 The Alchemist
6 Quiet    
7 Trains    

Daniel Hunter, guitar
Warren Walker, saxophone
Damien Varaillon, bass
Nicolas Charlier, drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington -