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Chico Hamilton Quintet with Charles Lloyd - Drumfusion + Passin' Thru (1962) 2013

This edition presents the complete original Chico Hamilton LP Drumfusion (Columbia CS8607), appearing here on CD for the first time ever. Also included is the only known alternate take from the session, which was only previously issued on a long out of print compilation LP. To complete this CD, Hamilton’s following album, Passin’ Thru (Impulse AS-29) had been added . It had never been released before in its entirety on a single CD and includes a second version of “Transfusion”. Both LPs feature nearly the same personnel, with Garnett Brown and George Bohanon alternating on trombone.

01. One For Joan*
02. Freedom Traveler (Parts I "Prayer" & II "Journey")*
03. Tales*
04. Homeward *
05. A Rose For Booker*
06. Transfusion*
07. One For Joan [alternate take]*
08. Passin' Thru
09. The Second Time Around
10. El Toro
11. Transfusion [Version #2]
12. Lady Gabor
13. Lonesome Child

CHARLES LLOYD, tenor sax, flute
GARNETT BROWN, trombone, on 1-7 only
GEORGE BOHANON, trombone on 8-13)

[1-7]: New York, February 19, 1962.
(1-6) issued as Drumfusion (Columbia CS8607).
(7) issued on The Giants of Jazz (CS 8770).
Original session produced by Irving Townsend and Teo Macero.

[8-13]: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, September 18 (tracks 8-11)
& September 20 (tracks 12-13), 1962.
Bohanon also plays percussion on 10. Issued as Passin’ Thru (Impulse AS-29).
Original sessions produced by Bob Thiele.

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Euan Burton - Too Much Love (2014)

Source & Label: Whirlwind Records

Too Much Love is the eagerly awaited follow up release from the award winning Scottish double bassist, composer & producer Euan Burton, whose first WWR album Occurrences (May, 2012) was met with high international acclaim. On his new release Burton continues to grow as a musician and composer, blending composition and improvisation in his signature way while creating melodic and harmonic motives that develop thematically throughout the course of the album.After the release of Occurrences, Burton looked to form a new group with musicians from his native Glasgow scene to develop a rapport and cohesion with his new material. After tours around the UK and Poland they returned to Scotland’s premier recording facility to record this new suite of music which makes up Too Much Love. Burton explains, “The title comes from the notion that so many of the things that go wrong, or the mistakes people make, come from a place of either people having misplaced love or having so much love that they don’t know how to deal with it and channel it properly. I guess it’s a rose-tinted way to look at certain darker and more upsetting aspects of life and this struck me as a good starting point for writing a new album, this idea of ‘Too Much Love‘.”
As always, his collaborators play a huge part in the music and although this may be a new quartet it features three of his long-time associates. On piano Tom Gibbs is Burton’s longest collaborator, their co-led group released 2010’s Forgotten Things featuring Ari Hoenig. Burton also produced and played on Gibbs’ 2012 WWR release Fear of Flying. Gibbs’ unique skills as a pianist and improviser feature heavily on Too Much LoveRead more...

1. Prelude
2. This World
3. Rhapsody
4. All That Is Left
5. Krakow
6. Fading Memories
7. Too Much Love

Euan Burton - double bass
Adam Jackson - alto saxophone
Tom Gibbs - piano
Alyn Cosker - drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


Chico Freeman - Focus (1994)

Front (Custom)

01. Bemsha Swing 
02. Blackfoot 
04. Ah, George, We Hardly Knew Ya 
04. To Hear a Tear, Drop in the Rain 
05. Playpen 
06. Peacemaker 
07. Rhythm-A-Ning

Arthur Blythe Sax (Alto)
George Cables Piano
Phil Carroll Art Direction
Santi Debriano Bass
Chico Freeman Sax (Tenor)
Yoron Israel Drums

Review By Greg Taylor (Portland, Oregon United States)

Arthur Blythe is one of the reasons I love the jazz tradition. He is always worth a listen. And every few years, he puts out something that it worth many a listening.
Part of what makes him interesting is his sense of orchestration. He seems to hear the tuba, the cello, the guitar as being his sound mates as much as the piano, the trumpet or the drums. This alone give his music a freshness to the ears. I remember one of his records (that needs to be reissued) where Blythe alternated between two groups- one a traditional quartet, one with his more adventurous instrumentation. And really what makes Blythe adventurous is more his occassional composition and this sense of orchestration. He is not avant garde in terms of the way he structures his soli. He fits in rather well into the postbop continuum. If you like Wayne Shorter, Jackie Mclean, etc. you should like Arthur Blythe.
Another part of what make Blythe so wonderful on the ears is the strength of his sound. I am sure others have remarked on it, I did in a review of Blythe's great early work collected on the CD In Concert. To me, his tone has a brassiness that is all his own.
This CD finds Blythe in the company of Bob Stewart on the tuba, Gust William Tsilis on the concert grand marimba and Cecil Brooks III on the drums. This is a wonderful combination of sounds and Blythe makes full use of it. He gives us duos (alto and marimba, alto and tuba) as well as soli and the group as a whole.
The only reason I did not give this a higher rating is in light of the standard set by his own great body of work. Of the albums available on Amazon.com, I would recommend Illusions the highest for someone curious about Blythe. If you tend toward the avant-garde side of things, you can go from there to the In Concert CD. If you like more mainstream (and I use that term without disparagement) jazz then give this CD a try. Also consider going to the site of Cadence magazine to pick up Today's Blues, a beautifully recorded series of duets between Blythe and cellist David Eyges.


Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic - Open Me (2014)

Un saxophone. L’envie d’explorer un nouveau son. Guillaume Perret est un découvreur de sons. Il joue des pédales et des effets électrifiés pour amener ses notes vers un univers surprenant et inclassable, qui nous invite au rêve, distordant les sonorités pour les rendre étrangement musicales.

Sa musique ne s’inscrit pas dans un genre, elle fait appel à nos sens.
Il s’agit d’une innovante mixture de jazz contemporain, de grooves funky, de métal hurlant… une musique hybride, troublante, envoûtante, évocatrice d’images et de sensations.

Jim Grandcamp / guitar
Philippe Bussonnet / bass
Yoann Serra / drums, sampler
Guillaume Perret / electric sax

Sir Alice / voice (3)
Monica Vannier / voice (8)

1. Opening (5:17)
2. Shoebox (9:52)
3. Brutalum Voluptuous (5:58)
4. Irma's Room (7:15)
5. Mamuth (6:24)
6. Doors (4:42)
7. Ponk (6:32)
8. Coma (1:54)