martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

Frank Deruytter - Frank Deruytter Quartet (2013)

Source & Label: Red Cat

The latest self-titled album by saxophonist Frank Deruytter combines top musicians among which the legendary drummer Peter Erskine.

Together with bassist Bart De Nolf and pianist Eric Legnini, the duo went in the studio to record an album that transcends the Belgian borders.
Frank Deruytter is known as one of Belgium’s leading saxophone players (see Ozark Henry, Vaya Con Dios, David Linx, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Jack Van poll, Toots Thielemans and many others), while Peter Erskine achieved notoriety as the drummer of no less than Weather Report (with Jaco Pastorius), but also Diana Krall and Joni Mitchell.

The album grew very organically and the result was a lot more spontaneous that I could have hoped for” says Frank.

With Bart De Nolf and Eric Legnini they formed the perfect team for a groovy album with a subtle sense of humour.

1. Bollerroll 05:52
2. Wolfken 04:40  
3. D.O.P.E. 09:09
4. Proud Harry 08:35
5. The Gospel Collector 10:20
6. She Hates Me 05:59
7. Shwung Foo 05:56
8. Noenkele 13:04

Frank Deruytter - tenor sax
Peter Erskine - drums
Eric Legnini - piano
Bart De Nolf - bass 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 



Source & Label: Cam Jazz

Three trios. Three triptychs. A concept album. “Three Times Three” is the new project by drummer Antonio Sanchez, who summoned a group of brilliant musicians for this recording. Three extremely different musical ideas, developed and entrusted to six sensitive, outstanding companions. The first CD, featuring Brad Mehldau on piano and Matt Brewer on acoustic bass, consists of two original tunes by Sanchez plus a revived standard, that is, Miles Davis' “Nardis”, renamed “Nar-this” here. Mehldau, obviously much in evidence, stands out against Sanchez and Brewer’s flowing rhythms while sailing through Miles Davis' tune as well as “Constellations” and “Big Dream”, both by Sanchez. The same pattern applies to the other two groups: the second CD reveals another trio - this time with Sanchez supported by John Scofield on guitar and Christian McBride on both acoustic and electric bass – and a new triptych, opening with a gorgeous remake of Wayne Shorter’s “Fall”. The ambience is different, the mood is different: “Three Times Three” shows its second personality, portrayed by Sanchez through two original pieces, “Nooks And Crannies” and “Rooney And Vinsky”. The last change of scenery stars Joe Lovano on tenor sax, supported by John Patitucci on bass and, once again, the band leader on drums. Flowing out to us are “Leviathan” and “Firenze”, two original tunes, whereas the grand finale is entirely given up to the great Thelonious Monk’s “I Mean You”. “Three Times Three” excellently unfolds from an amusing, original idea that makes this record uniform and multiform, smooth and amazing to listen to, all at the same time. It’s the sophisticated toy of a great musician, who has treated himself with an all-star band and released a record making his association with CAM JAZZ increasingly rich and diverse.

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


JP Soars - Full Moon Night In Memphis (2014)

Since starting his recording career as a blues artist with the critically-acclaimed 2008 CD Back of My Mind, guitarist and vocalist JP Soars has channeled uncommon influences into a signature sound. Anyone could simply list revered blues artists like Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim, jazz guitar giants like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, and uncompromising rock acts like Black Sabbath and Slayer, but Soars has lived the diversity-cutting his teeth touring and recording with South Florida metal bands, and learning the complex style of Reinhardt to continue to perform in "Gypsy Jazz" solo and duo settings. All of these artists, and more, color and shade Soars' blues vocals and playing, whether on his hollow bodied Epiphone six-string or home-made, two-string cigar box slide guitar.

In 2009, Soars' unique approach paid off as he and his trio The Red Hots defeated bands from around the world to win the annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. Soars also won the Albert King Award for most promising guitarist. The group then channeled the excitement of that victory into its sophomore CD, the 2011 release More Bees With Honey. Like Back of My Mind, it received substantial airplay on XM Radio, even earning accolades from Little Steven on his "Underground Garage" program.

The CD also garnered Soars a Blues Music Award nomination for "Best Contemporary Male Blues Artist of the Year," and was named both "Best Blues CD" and "Album of the Year" by the Palm Beach Post. In 2011, Soars teamed up with Tampa singer/guitarist Damon Fowler and Memphis singer/keyboardist Victor Wainwright in the all-star blues act Southern Hospitality. Now Blind Pig recording artists, the group released a 2013 CD (Easy Livin') that earned a Blues Blast Music Award for "Best New Artist Debut Release." The collective tours in-between the schedules of its three bandleaders' solo careers.

Soars also released a 2013 live CD with The Red Hots to document their first European tour (Live From the Netherlands) after recording as a special guest with former Nighthawks guitarist and current blues star Jimmy Thackery on his 2012 release As Live As It Gets. "When I first heard JP Soars," Thackery says, "I knew he was separate from the rest of the pack."

A third studio CD, Full Moon Night in Memphis, is due out by Soars and the Red Hots in the spring of 2014, and promises to best illustrate the singing guitarist's broad range of styles and tastes. The bandleader has also democratically added a second guitarist, Steve Laudicina, for the group's live shows. Factor in a promising new bassist, Pat Ward, and longtime rock-solid drummer Chris Peet (who also works with Southern Hospitality), and the future is indeed looking red hot for Soars.

JP Soars: guitars, vocals
Chris Peet: drums, percussion
Todd Edmunds: basses
Terry Hanck: tenor saxophone (14)
Scot Ankron: baritone saxophone (7), clarinet (11)
Chaim Rubinov: Trumpet (7, 11)
Brandon Santini: harmonica (1, 12)
Mark Leach: Hammond B3 (2, 9, 10)
Steve Laudicine: guitar (6)
Raul Hernandez: percussion (4, 13)
Teresa James, Pat Ward, Allie Balducci, Joseph Bloom: backing vocals

01. Full Moon Night in Memphis
02. Back to Broke
03. Makes no Sense
04. Something Ain’t Right
05. Mean Old World
06. Savin’ All My Lovin’
07. Reefer Man
08. Way Back Home
09. The Back Room
10. Thorn in my Side
11. Viper
12. The Road Has Got Me Down
13. Lil’ Mamacita
14. Missin’ Your Kissin’

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins