viernes, 10 de octubre de 2014

David Murray Octet - Dark Star (1996)

Front (Custom)

01.Shakedown Street
02.Samson and Delilah
03.Estimated Prophet
04.Dark Star
05.China Doll
06.One More Saturday Night
07.Shoulda Had Been Me (w/Bob Weir on accoustic guitar) 

David Murray - tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Hugh Ragin - trumpet
James Zoller or Omar Kabir - trumpet
Craig Harris - trombone
James Spaulding - alto saxophone, flute
Robert Irving III - piano, hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer
Fred Hopkins - bass
Renzell Meritt - drums
Bob Weir - guitar (Track 7)

Leave it to David Murray, one of contemporary music's more willfully mercurial souls, to take on the Grateful Dead--and get away with it. 

Deadheads, however, should be forewarned: Dark Star: The Music of the Grateful Dead (Astor Place Recordings) doesn't doodle, diddle or 

dawdle about as did the Grateful Dead in those inevitable "experimental" patches during live shows. As reconstituted by the David Murray 

Octet, the tenor saxophonist's brilliant ensemble, the San Francisco band's much-ballyhooed predilection for improvisation straightens up and 

flies right to the meat of the matter--which is to really groove. 

Dead standbys like "Shakedown Street," "One More Saturday Night" and "Dark Star" assume new life, and much of the credit must go to 

Murray's little big band, which includes such stellar talents as alto saxophonist/flute player James Spaulding; trombonist Craig Harris; trumpeter 

James Zoller; and bassist Fred Harris (ex-Dead guitarist Bobby Weir sits in on "Shoulda Had Been Me.) Murray, who is responsible for the 

session's robust arrangements, doesn't "go out" just for the hell of it. Indeed, though things get wild and wool-headed occasionally on top (hear 

Zoller's zany solo on "Shakedown"), the rhythm section hews to the basics, aside from the episodic bout of tricky meters. 

Murray's own tenor playing is, of course, brimming with invention, ferreting about in his instrument's middle register, then sprinting vertically to 

Albert Ayler territory--the dog whistle gone avant-garde. As Murray has shown throughout his tenure in his divergent permutations, he's no fat-

head; he does his wild thing and then gets out of the way to allow whoever's next in line to blow. Intriguingly, the introduction to "One More 

Saturday Night" comes off like a cross between the Band, circa Rock of Ages, and the World Saxophone Quartet (another Murray project) doing 

Dixieland. The melody is easily recognizable and danceable, and Hopkins and drummer Renzell Merritt handle the fundamentals more like R&B 

vets than new-music mavericks, with Merritt pounding out a mammoth-sized beat. 

In the view of many critics, Murray is the most exceptional multi-reed player to emerge since the death of John Coltrane some 30 years ago. 

That was as true when he arrived on the New Black Music scene in the middle of the 1970s as it is right now. It's no less true as we approach 

the next millennium. 


Mina Agossi - Fresh (2014)

Et voici la nouvelle « saison » repartie, les nouveautés affluent dans la boîte à lettres, signe réjouissant de la vitalité de la production discographique « Jazz ».

La chanteuse Mina Agossi nous offre son dernier opus, « fresh » , son onzième album qui sortira le 28 août prochain chez « Plus Loin Music » (distribution « Abeille Musique »)

Dans cet album Mina Agossi, qui a accompli aujourd’hui plus de deux décennies de carrière,  revisite d’anciennes compositions et nous en offre de nouvelles.

Sa caractéristique principale est de se produire avec un trio sans instrument harmonique, une couleur particulière et un pari risqué réussi.

La voix chaude et souple de Mina offre un contrechant habile à une base rythmique solide et subtile, signature des excellents musiciens qui accompagnent ce projet.

On trouve donc sur ce disque Eric Jacot qui est à la guitare basse, Simon Bernier à la batterie, Stéphane Guery et Phil Reptil aux guitares.

Et comme sur chacun de ses albums il y a des « invités », toujours de marque, ici Philippe Combelle à la batterie et aux percussions et Alexel Aigui au violon … une sorte de « dream team » donc!

Dès le premier morceau, « fridge » on est mis au parfum, rythmes qui balancent et nous emportent, nous partons pour un voyage musical chaleureux, à l’image de la voix de Mina Agossi, qui chaloupe, slalome entre les temps et contretemps, les guitares et le violon assurant une sorte de contrechant mélodique, un peu décalé et très efficace .

Une très jolie valse, au milieu du CD (plage 6), fait chalouper cette fort agréable écoute, suggestive et génératrice de rêverie.

« Fresh » est un disque qui demande la disponibilité d’esprit pour se laisser emporter par les propositions musicales qu’il nous donne à entendre.

Un onzième opus fort bien réussi, une des belles surprises de la rentrée.

Mina Agossi: vocals
and others

01. Fridge
02. Fresh
03. La vallée
04. Accident
05. Rewind
06. Mina Waltz
07. Funny
08. Need love
09. La lucha
10. Alkemi


The Grip - Celebrate (2014)

Slowfoot Records is proud to introduce The Grip and their debut album 'Celebrate'.

This playful, freewheeling and energetic trio is comprised of three of Europe's most in demand and respected jazz musicians. Joining Finn Peters on flutes and sax, we have the highly individual playing of Oren Marshall (Sons of Kemet) on tuba and Tom Skinner (Melt Yourself Down, Owiny Sigoma Band) on drums. Both musicians have previously released records on Slowfoot, Skinner most recently under his Hello Skinny moniker, and both have collaborated extensively with Finn over the years, most notably on his critically acclaimed 'Music Of The Mind' project.

In some respects The Grip is a reaction to the Music of the Mind project, that heavily featured live sampling, electronics and '...;covered the stage with wires'. Wanting to bring the music down to earth again, this completely acoustic trio was born. Inspired by stories fictional and true, their telepathic compositions encompass music from hard blues to free bop and deep funk.

The name "The Grip" is taken from the classic free jazz album by "Black" Arthur Blythe. Finn worked with the legendary drummer from the album, Steve Reid, shortly before he died in 2009. Oren has also collaborated with Bob Stewart, the tuba player from that record. Blythe is a big influence on the musicians, but more importantly, the idea of making events (artistic, musical, social) happen within communities is crucial to The Grip's vision.

After a string of successful dates the group convened in label boss Frank Byng's South London studio and, true to their philosophy, recorded the album in a day. The resulting recording is fresh and spontaneous and their dynamic interplay clearly the result of years of mutual collaboration. The album is being released as a limited edition vinyl.

"A welcome new excursion in the art of the piano-less trio with tuba holding down a sonorous bottom end. The Grip make jazz from its bare bones with a sound that is both primal and playful. Sometimes the music feels like it's mining an ancient seam, sometimes it explores more modern abstractions, though it's always intriguing and engaging." [Patrick Forge]

Finn Peters: flutes and alto sax
Oren Marshall: tuba
Tom Skinner: drums

1. Acorn
2. The 199 Blues
3. On The Tube
4. Nails
5. Compost Fly
6. Saladin
7. The Grip
8. Kailash
9. Celebrate