jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014

Alex Grenier Trio - Slalom (2014)

Source: Sceno
Label: AAS

On ne compte plus les albums ou EP d’Alex Grenier. L’Angevin les enchaîne à une vitesse grand V, comme pour marquer toutes ses progressions stylistiques. Avec l’album Slalom, Alex Grenier s’est laissé prendre dans le sillage purement jazz qu’il a amorcé sur son EP Power Trio !
Toujours escorté par le bassiste Hervé Moquet et le batteur Franck Durand, le guitariste reste agile, sautant avec aisance de rythmes sixties (Recto Verso), en digressions enlevées (quel tempo ce Shuffle !), se posant sur une mélodie blues (Hang on) et même sur une ballade sombre (Réglisse).
Morceaux techniques ou espaces de liberté, ces dix titres ont chacun leur couleur, mais le terrain d’entente de ce 4e album demeure le jazz en force tranquille. Un Slalom réussi qui fournit énergie et apaisement. On comprend sans mal pourquoi le calendrier du trio est aussi chargé en grands festivals.

1. Recto Verso 02:31
2. Copy Paste 04:15
3. Shuffle 03:24
4. Brownies 04:54
5. Hang On 03:21
6. Running 03:31
7. Chips 04:09
8. Slalom 02:04
9. Tokyo 02:33
10.Réglisse 04:08

-Alex Grenier:Guitare
-Franck Durand:Batterie
-Herve Moquet:Basse

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones (2001)


It's nice and cozy and pretty here in Bill Frisell's guitarland. The presence of bassist Dave Holland and drummer Elvin Jones may lead you to anticipate some aggression, some conflicts, but they don't happen. Frisell's playing is like rich, fancy desserts. His eclectic improvised lines are simple melodies with a lot of frosting, for he decorates them in pretty chords and accompanies them with more overdubbed chords. His phrases tend to come from blues and folk music, rather than from jazz; his tunes are simple-sometimes there's just one chord and no changes. They're mostly originals on this CD, apart from the waltz "Moon River" and Stephen Foster's "Hard Times," which is played with little variation but plenty of a la mode chords. The bass accompaniment dances through the tunes and Holland occasionally plays a solo that's welcome for being straightforward and melodic, in the midst of Frisell's effusive ornateness.

Most of the pieces require drumming so simplified that you wonder why the complex, original Jones was hired-except that once in awhile he does play a little contrary rhythm. He and Frisell also split a biting chorus, Herbie Nichols Trio-style, on "Convict 13," before it turns into a cozy, painless, sorrowless blues. Jones also plays an active solo intro to "Again," a meandering free improvisation that's the one failure here. The trio cooks modestly on "Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa" and again on the samba "Smilin' Jones," the one fast piece. "Strange Meeting" isn't strange at all, just pleasant, in a minor key, and, uh, while it's playing, I'll have another piece of cake, please...

01. Outlaws
02. Twenty Years
03. Coffaro's Theme
04. Blues Dream
05. Moon River
06. Tell Your Ma, Tell Your Pa
07. Strange Meeting
08. Convict 13
09. Again
10. Hard Times
11. Justice And Honor
12. Smilin' Jones

Bill Frisell: electric and acoustic guitar, loops
Dave Holland: bass
Elvin Jones: drums


Guinga - Roendopinho (2014)

Guinga lança 'Roendopinho', álbum solo em que toca solitário seu violão

Guinga lança álbum solo, Roendopinho, neste mês de agosto de 2014. Gravado de 7 a 9 de abril de 2014 em estúdio de Osnabrück, na Alemanha, Roendopinho sai pelo selo Acoustic Music Records. O CD é tido como o primeiro disco solo do cantor e compositor e violonista carioca porque, nele, o músico toca 15 temas autorais a sós com seu violão. Metáfora poética, o título Roendopinho, aliás, foi criado com a justaposição do gerúndio do verbo roer com a palavra pinho (madeira usada para a construção do violão). Com eventuais inéditas como Pucciniana e a música-título Roendopinho, a seleção de repertório do CD vai de 1991 - ano em que Lendas brasileiras (Guinga e Aldir Blanc) foi lançada em disco - a este ano de 2014. Roendopinho é o 13º álbum da discografia de Guinga. Eis, na ordem do CD, as 15 músicas do disco Roendopinho:

01. Pucciniana (Guinga, 2014)
02. Choro breve nº 1 (Guinga, 2014)
03. Roendopinho (Guinga, 2014)
04. Anjo de candura (Guinga, 2010)
05. Picotado (Guinga, 1996)
06. Igreja da Penha (Carta de pedra) (Guinga, 2006)
07. Cheio de dedos (Guinga, 1996)
08. Di maior (Guinga, 1999)
09. Constance nº 2 (Guinga, 2014)
10. Unha & carne (Guinga, 2006)
11. Sargento Escobar (Guinga, 1999)
12. Funeral de Billie Holliday (Guinga, 2014)
13. Cambono (Guinga e Thiago Amud, 2013)
14. Lendas brasileiras (Guinga e Aldir Blanc, 1991)
15. Ellingtoniana (Guinga, 2012)

Guinga: violão


Julian Lage & Chris Eldidgre - Avalon (2014)

Source: guitarworld

Avalon, the first full-length album from the acoustic guitar duo of Julian Lage and Punch Brothers' Chris “Critter” Eldridge, will be released on October 7, 2014.

It was produced by friend and fan Kenneth Pattengale of The Milk Carton Kids and recorded live from the stage of the 1920’s-era Avalon Theatre in Easton, Maryland over two days last April.

The duo’s previous EP, Close To Picture, which focused on original compositions, was an effort to explore, as Eldridge puts it, “the sounds and textures that are uniquely possible on a flat-top steel-string guitar.”

Avalon is an unfiltered document of the pair’s live set, a mix of originals and covers that illustrate the breadth of the American songbook as Lage and Eldridge perceive it, incorporating bluegrass, country, gospel, old-time music and jazz. There was no playback, no overdubs, just the duo’s eloquent, in-the-moment musical repartee, all channeled through Pattengale’s discerning ear.

Their first EP, says Lage, “was kind of a grand experiment. Then Critter started singing more songs and we developed this show, all pretty accidentally, a ninety-minute survey of American acoustic music. It could be a Jimmie Rodgers tune, it could be a more esoteric instrumental original, or it could be a Seldom Scene bluegrass tune. They all sound like us when we play them, and it’s pretty cool.”

Avalon indeed features songs by Jimmie Rodgers (“Any Old Time”), bluegrass legend Norman Blake (“Ginseng Sullivan”), Paul Craft (“Keep Me From Blowing Away,” originally recorded by the Seldom Scene), and George and Ira Gershwin (a lovely version of “Someone To Watch Over Me,” with a gentle, almost Chet Baker-like vocal from Eldridge).

Pattengale heard Lage and Eldridge perform at the 2014 edition of the Wintergrass Festival, held every February in Tacoma, Washington, and came to all four of their sets, entranced by the sound of their vintage Martin guitars. (Lage plays a 1939 000-18: Eldridge a 1937 D-18). He encouraged Lage and Eldridge to commit their live set to tape and set up the Avalon Theatre dates for them.

The Grammy-nominated Lage has been highly regarded in jazz and new music circles for his own work as well as for his collaborations with such artists as Nels Cline, Fred Hersch, and Jim Hall, among many others. A child prodigy, Lage was the young subject of an acclaimed short documentary, Jules At Eight; at the mere age of 11, he accompanied vibes master Gary Burton on a Grammy Awards telecast.

Fellow Grammy nominee Eldridge, an Oberlin Conservatory grad who studied with bluegrass guitar legend Tony Rice, is equally noted in the progressive bluegrass world for his stints with the Seldom Sceneand, The Infamous Stringdusters, which led to his joining Chris Thile’s adventurous quintet, Punch Brothers. It was backstage after a Boston Punch Brothers gig that Eldridge first met Lage. Over the course of several years, a casual friendship led to a solid musical partnership.

In his Avalon liner notes, says Pattengale, “the two disparate worlds of these two singular musicians push and pull at one another to create true harmony.” The result is an album that rewards the time it takes to listen all the way through, to this moment captured, this dialogue preserved, in which familiar songs become new again in the hands of these supremely gifted, intuitive players.

Julian Lage: guitars
Chris Eldidgre: guitars

01. Stone Cross
02. Mean Mother Blues
03. Keep Me from Blowing Away
04. Whiskey Before Breakfast
05. Open up the Window, Noah
06. Wilson's Waltz
07. Someone to Watch Over Me
08. Ginseng Sullivan
09. Steady Proof
10. Any Old Tim
11. Butter and Eggs

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins