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Source: Proper Music
Label: Challenge

An impressive collaboration between two saxophone players: Holland's leading female saxophonist Tineke Postma and USA jazz star Greg Osby.
On 'Sonic Halo' Osby's energetic modern sound combines beautifully with the melodic European influences of Tineke, and they are backed by a superb rhythm section.
The line-up is spiced with modern jazz and Indian rhythms of the drummer Dan Weiss, improvisation master pianist Matt Mitchell and a young bass virtuoso Linda Oh.
Greg was Tineke's mentor once, now Greg admits they are peers and he has a lot to learn from her.
It is a multicultural project uniting the greatest young musicians from the NYC scene, the Netherlands and Australia. Every musician in this group with his/her cultural background will have an equal input. It's a true cultural exchange in knowledge, approaches and concepts.

Sea Skies
Source Code
Where I'm From
Nine Times a Night
Bottom Forty
Body and Soul
Pleasant Affliction

Tineke Postma (alto and soprano saxophones)
Greg Osby (alto and soprano saxophones)
Matt Mitchell (piano, Rhodes)
Linda Oh (bass)
Dan Weiss (drums)

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 



Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: Motema

Celebrating seven years together, Time and Time Again is the fourth release by The Cookers since the group's recording debut, Warriors (Jazz Legacy Productions, 2010). The band's all-star lineup, who first rose to prominence in the late '60s and early '70s, was initially formed by trumpet player David Weiss, who also serves as musical director. In addition to Weiss, the septet features the muscular frontline of trumpeter Eddie Henderson, tenor saxophonist Billy Harper and alto saxophonist Donald Harrison (replacing Craig Handy), with pianist George Cables, bassist Cecil McBee and drummer Billy Hart manning the blue chip rhythm section. 
Drawing upon their varied experiences, the ensemble members split writing duties, effectively summarizing the entire spectrum of the jazz continuum in the process. Although hard bop-influenced post-bop is the unit's forte, most of these musicians have also worked in cutting-edge avant-garde settings; their forward-looking tendencies imbue the project's straight-ahead sensibility with a bold, modernistic aesthetic. Read more...

Sir Galahad
Slippin' and Slidin'
Double or Nothing
Farewell Mulgrew
Three Fall
Time and Time Again
Dance of the Invisible Nymph
Dance Eternal Spirits Dance

Billy Harper: tenor saxophone
Eddie Henderson: trumpet
David Weiss: trumpet
Donald Harrison: alto saxophone
George Cables: piano
Cecil McBee: bass
Billy Hart: drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


Duke Ellington & Count Basie – First Time!: Meets Count Basie 1962 (1999)

01 Battle Royal
02 To You
03 Take The A Train
04 Corner Pocket (aka Until I Met You)
05 Wild Man (aka Wild Man Moore)
06 Segue In C
07 B D B
08 Jumpin’ At The Woodside
09 One More Once (bonus track)
10 Take The A Train (The Count Departs) (rehersal and alt. takes) (bonus track)
11 Jumpin’ At The Woodside (alt. take) (bonus track)
12 B D B (alt. take) (bonus track)
13 Blues In Hoss’ Flat (Blues in Frankie’s Flat) (bonus track)
14 Wild Man (aka Wild Man Moore) (alt. take) (bonus track)
15 Battle Royal (rehersal & alt. takes) (bonus track)
16 (pause track)
The Count Basie Orchestra & The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Ensemble: 
Johnny Hodges, Marshal Royal, Alto Sax,
Russell Procope, Alto Sax, Reeds,
Charlie Fowlkes, Harry Carney, Baritone Sax,
Budd Johnson, Frank Foster, Paul Gonsalves, Tenor Sax,
Benny Powell, Henry Coker, Lawrence Brown, Louis Blackburn, Quentin Jackson, Trombone,
Juan Tizol, Valve Trombone,
Jimmy Hamilton, Clarinet,
Frank Wess, Flute, Tenor Sax, Reeds,
Fats Ford, Cat Anderson, Eddie Mullens, Snooky Young, Lonnie Johnson, Sonny Cohn, Thad Jones, Willie Cook, Trumpet,
Ray Nance, Trumpet, Violin,
Count Basie (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 8, 10, 15), Duke Ellington (tracks: 1, 3 to 8, 10 to 13, 15), Piano,
Freddie Green, Guitar,
Aaron Bell (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15), Eddie Jones (tracks: 2 to 4, 6 to 8, 10 to 13), Bass,
Sam Woodyard (tracks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15), Sonny Payne (tracks: 2, 4, 6, 8, 13), Drums,
Juan Tizol (tracks: 5, 14), Tambourine.
The Duke Ellington Orchestra, heard in the Right channel.
The Count Basie Orchestra, heard in the Left channel.
Recorded: July 6th & 7th 1961.
Label: Columbia [CL 1715] (Mono) [CS 8515] (Stereo) LP 1962; Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music [CK 65571] CD (RE, RM) 1999
Producer [Original Recordings] – George Avakian, Teo Macero
Gernre: Jazz, Big Band, Swing
“Tracks 01-08 made up the original album, Columbia [CL 1715] (Mono) [CS 8515] (Stereo), released in 1962. Tracks 03 & 07 were shortened on
the original stereo issue. They are issued here in stereo but at full length as on the original mono release. Track 09 was previously released–in
pseudo-stereo–first appearing in 1972 on The World Of Swing, Columbia [KG-32945] LP. Track 13 was previously released, first appearing on
Black Giants, Columbia [PG-33402] VA. LP. The ending was faded out on previous issues. Tracks 10-12, and 14 & 15 are issued for the first time.
Tracks 10, 15, & 16 are indexed.”
At first glance this collaboration should not have worked. The Duke Ellington and Count Basie Orchestras had already been competitors for 25
years but the leaders’ mutual admiration (Ellington was one of Basie’s main idols) and some brilliant planning made this a very successful and
surprisingly uncrowded encounter. On most selections Ellington and Basie both play piano (their interaction with each other is wonderful) and
the arrangements allowed the stars from both bands to take turns soloing. “Segue in C” is the highpoint but versions of “Until I Met You,”
“Battle Royal” and “Jumpin’ at the Woodside” are not far behind. ~ by Scott Yanow, AMG.
Duke Ellington Meets Count Basie – Battle Royal: The Duke Meets The Count – First Time!: Duke Ellington Meets Count Basie. My 1st copy was
out of the 99 cent bargain bin @ 2Guy’s Store on the Label: Embassy [EMB 31055] LP (RE) UK 1974 and was called “Duke Ellington Meets
Count Basie”. Different name but same album on Philips [BBL 7528] LP UK 1961 called it “Battle Royal: The Duke Meets The Count” now Philips
was the UK vender for Columbia. And even CBS [SBPG 62102] mono [CS 8515] st LP UK 1961 also released in the UK as “Battle Royal”. So when
this expanded version CD came up over on Jazz and Blues Club, I jumped on it!!! What a nice upgrade from my copy (older rip @224), so no
matter what name it’s going by, This full length versions with alternate takes are real bonus’s indeed… I gave all the art I had, alt covers,
inserts, enjoy…
Count Basie calls “the Duke his idol, a pleasure, and a honor just standing there and discussing things with this greay man!” For mutually
admiring part, Ellinton averred, ” I deem it a pleasure and an a honor to have had him and his entire big, fat, sound, swinging band as our house
guests, as it were”. ~ George T. Simon’s original liner notes… Ellinton was at the time under contract to Columbia.

David Neves - Progress Report (2014)

David Neves
Boston, MA

Born July 15th, 1989 in Norwell, Massachusetts, David Neves is a jazz trumpetplayer and a graduate of Berklee College of Music. He has been playing musicfor the past 12 years, and his interests peaked when first he heard Miles Davis’s album “Miles Ahead” when he was 15. During his time at Berklee he was selected to be part of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute and had the honor of studying and playing with some of the best musicians in the world, such as Danilo Perez, Ben Street, John Patitucci, Joe Lovano, George Garzone, Wayne Shorter, Terri Lynne Carrington, and Dave Liebman. He was also the winner of Jazz Solo Competition at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in 2010.

While David is fully aware of the tradition in this music, he is constantlystriving for a new sound and fresh ideas. His main influences include anyonefrom Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis, to Nicholas Payton, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and Steve Lehman. Over his career so far, David has had the pleasure of playing all over the world including Sydney, Australia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Martha’s Vineyard, and festivals including the Newport Jazz Festival, the Panama Jazz Festival, and the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival.

Recently, David has recorded with the Mario Castro Quintet on Mario’s debut album “Primavera” on Inner Circle Music. He is currently performing all around the Boston area, and completing his graduate studies at New England Conservatory where he is studying with Laurie Frink and John McNeil.

Hello.  My name is David Neves and I have been playing trumpet for 13 years.  My love for music and trumpet began with me hearing my brother practicing in the house.  He wouldn't let me record without mentioning that, so you're welcome, Adam.

Since picking up my first trumpet, I have practiced and practiced and had amazing teachers.  I have also found myself diving deeper and deeper into the world of composition.  I try and find inspiration in anything and everything; friends, animals, nature, and even my daily T trips to school and work.

Throughout the past few years I have played and performed with all kinds of bands, and people.  Some have been amazing, and others have been interesting. I believe the most important thing for an artist to do is put themselves out there for others to critique, love, hate, judge, any of the above.

I've grown immensely due to my recent experiences and I've tried to show that growth in my composition and playing.  I've gone through triumph, heartbreak, passion, defeat, trouble, and anything else a 23 year old can get themselves into.  

I truly appreciate everyone who has ever checked out my music, and supported me in whatever way they could.  Now, I want to give something back.  However, I need your help.

Over the past six years in Boston I have been given the opportunity to play incredible music with amazing musicians.  I believe now I have the confidence to take the next step in my career and be vulnerable to critics and fellow musicians.  I want to show the jazz world, the music world and everyone else what I can do.

Entering my final year of my formal music education, I believe now is the time. Your funds will help me realize my dream of communicating my music to the masses.

When your generosity helps me accomplish my goal, I will be going into the studio with some great friends of mine to record my original compositions.  On drums, I will have Lee Fish.  On bass, I will have Zwelakhe-Duma Belle le Pere. On guitar, Greg Duncan.  I will have Jake Sherman and Luke Marantz on piano.  And, Michael Thomas and Barclay Moffitt will be playing the saxophones.

I am truly excited to get my first project underway.  I just need your commitment and support, and I will make it happen.  Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing with you the final product.

David Neves - trumpet
Michael Thomas - alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Barclay Moffitt - tenor saxophone
Greg Duncan - guitar
Naomi Gilles - voice
Julian Shore - piano and rhodes (1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9)
Matthew Sheens - piano (3, 4, 5)
Edward Perez - bass
Lee Fish - drums

1. Late Night Set 5:25
2. End of the Beginning 6:48
3. April 14th, 2013 7:36
4. Evelynn's Song 3:10
5. Curious Traveler 7:54
6. For J.P. 5:30
7. Progress Report 1:43
8. Hamilton 5:53
9. Lindsey 5:00

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins