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Albert Tootie Heath-Ben Street-Ethan Iverson - Live at Small's (2009)

1. Pound Cake
2. Good Bait
3. All The Things You Are
4. Laura
5. Dance Of The Infidels
6. Out of Nowhere
7. Little Melonae
8. A Flower Is a Lovesome Thing
9. Confirmation
10. Chelsea Bridge
11. Oh, Lady Be Good

Ethan Iverson (p)
Ben Street (b)
Albert “Tootie” Heath (d)

Recorded Live at Smalls Jazz Club, November 16 & 17, 2009.

An amazing little record from a trio that features pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Ben Street, and drummer Albert Tootie Heath – way more than you'd expect from the outside, and proof again that these Live At Smalls albums are some incredible gems! Iverson's a player with a great sense of history, yet one who also really wants to move his references forward too – and his freely improvisational style of these tunes is just wonderful – beginning with a respect for his elders, yet really going past any obvious direction in its execution! Both Street and Heath are key elements too – but Iverson's playing is what really holds our attention here – and we'll admit that our entry to the record was also guided by his extremely thoughtful notes as well. Expect way more than you'd guess – on titles that include "Little Melonae", "Pound Cake", "Good Bait", "Dance Of The Infidels", "Laura", and "Chelsea Bridge".  © 1996-2014, Dusty Groove, Inc.


Jonathan Rowden Group - Becoming (2014)

”A motivating factor for many artists is the desire for self-expression, a need to represent either explicitly or through abstraction the philosophy and/or biography of one’s life.  With the release of Southern California-based tenor saxophonist Jonathan Rowden’s debut album, Becoming, he manages to do so in one concise, dramatic, heartfelt gesture. The Jonathan Rowden Group represents a growing trend in Los Angeles towards music which draws upon elements of modernism fused with an aesthetic edge prevalent in much of today’s music regardless of genre, following the lead of signature groups like the piano trio The Bad Plus and proto-jazz band Kneebody, which came to notoriety in LA.  Becoming runs without pause through its entirety as a through-composed piece with an intentional flight path through extreme hard-hitting highs and sublime lows, undergirded with meticulous attention to texture and color, resulting in a satisfying emotional catharsis at its conclusion. When asked to define his sound, Rowden, like many artists, remains elusive.  “I kind of view it as making music in 3-D, viewing history in 3-D.  We’re surrounded by all this (music), and we need to pick and choose…we’re just trying to write and play music that feels right and sounds good, and sometimes that leads to more surprising moments.”  Indeed, in Rowden’s own saxophone playing there are hints of an expansive tableau of influences, from late Coltrane and Eric Dolphy, to Michael Brecker and Joshua Redman.  Yet it would be difficult to pigeonhole his playing or his new album, maybe because they are pointing towards unexplored territory..."  Read more...

1. Becoming 02:20
2. Snowing In Paradise 04:55
3. Entrance 00:37
4. The Long Road Home I 02:20
5. The Long Road Home II 03:11
6. The Long Road Home III 03:49
7. 27-1 06:21
8. Autonation 09:10
9. Snowing In Paradise Reprise 02:11
Jonathan Rowden - saxophones, electronics, auxiliary percussion
Ryan Pryor - piano, fender rhodes, auxiliary percussion
James Yoshizawa - drums, pandeiro, bodhrán
Chris Hon - bass

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."
  - Duke Ellington - 


Enrico Pieranunzi with Scott Colley, Antonio Sanchez - Stories (2014)

Source: Cam Jazz

A creatively inspired trio. Once again Enrico Pieranunzi has joined up with Scott Colley on double bass and Antonio Sanchez on drums for a recording session which gave rise to the amazing “Stories”, an enlightened, flowing, joyful CD. This album, recorded at Avatar Studio, New York, in February 2011, is a collection of eight tracks, most of which were composed by the Roman pianist. Jazz, Pieranunzi’s fondness for classical music, a Latin flavour by Sanchez: everything merges in a single discourse that perfectly combines different accents, allowing listeners 49 minutes of highly enjoyable, engaging, magnetic compositions. The passionate three-track opening with “No Improper Use”, “Detrás Más Allá” and “Blue Waltz”, gives way to the soft “The Slow Gene” by Scott Colley, the only song which wasn’t written by the Roman pianist. Then there are the experiments of “Which Way Is Up”, a frenzied piece lasting less than four minutes in which the trio runs through a vibrant game of improvisation. The final part of the CD opens with “Where Stories Are”, which has the honour of and is credited with giving the title to this work, then flows into the peaceful haven of “Flowering Stones”. There is nothing left to do but close with a dreamy “The Real You”. After Permutation, this is a great second test for the trio, which proves more inspired and tighter here, capable of interacting in a smooth, natural, careful but never restrained fashion: a successful evolution of the “sound laboratory” ambiance (as defined by Pieranunzi) that had been created when they first met.

Enrico Pieranunzi (Piano)
Scott Colley (Bass)
Antonio Sanchez (Drums)

1. No Improper Use
2. Detras Mas Alla
3. Blue Waltz
4. The Slow Gene
5. Which Way Is Up
6. Where Stories Are
7. Flowering Stones
8. The Real You

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins