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Mark Buselli - Untold Stories (2014)

Source: Jazz Weekly
Label: OA2 Records

Ah! The hard bop quintet! The apotheosis of modern jazz is well represented here under the hands of leader/trumpeter Mark Buselli and his team of Danny Walsh/sax, Steve Allee/p, Jeremy/b and Steve  Houghton/dr. The tunes are composed by either Allee or Buselli, sans a nifty reading of the rarely heard Ellington piece “Angelica.” Allee’s pieces such as “What About Me?” and “Slider” have snapping rhythms and display the composer’s sleek touch on the ivories. Walsh’s tenor on the pulsating “Untold Stories” and the rollicking bluesy “Istanbul” are high cholesterol gems, and Buselli’s trumpet sears on “Claude” while caressing on the gentle “Jetstream.” If this music sounds so easy to make, how come no one seems to get it right very often? A treat!  - George W. Harris -

1 Untold Stories 5:42
2 Slider 5:36
3 Angelica 7:25
4 Claude 9:29
5 Istanbul 8:28
6 What About Me? 6:56
7 Jetstream 8:46

Mark Buselli - trumpet
Danny Walsh - saxophones
Steve Allee - piano
Jeremy Allen - bass
Steve Houghton - drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Roscoe Mitchell Duets With Anthony Braxton (1978)

Continuing with the AACM flood and also responding to a request from Cent, this is a mid-70s recording with two of the AACM veterans, Roscoe Mitchell and Anthony Braxton. No prices for guessing who is who. This was done for the Canadian Sackville label and the notes on the back reveal that both of them made more records for the label at about this time. I do have the Mitchell group record in case there is an interest in that one.

Seven pieces in all, with Mitchell credited with the four on side one and Braxton with the three on side two, the latter with "graphical" titles. Most of the pieces are what one might call minimalist "tone poems" with the players throwing phrases back and forth and demonstrating in the process an amazing rapport with each other and an astounding ability to listen and to respond. The odd one out in this collection is "Composition 40Q" which to me sounds like a warped marching tune for an unspecified furry or feathered creature, demonstrating that there's an underlying sense of humour in Braxton's work, too. And as familiar listeners will expect, they keep switching between a multitude of reeds and woodwinds throughout the set, but leaving out the "little instruments" this time. A record for the long haul, I thought, and one to return to now and then.

A1. Five Twenty One Equals Eight 4:52
A2. Line Fine Lyon Seven 1:15
A3. Seven Behind Nine Ninety-Seven Sixteen Or Seven 2:37
A4. Cards - Three And Open 10:52
B1. Composition One (Comp. 40Q) 6:46
B2. Composition Two (Comp. 74A) 6:35
B3. Composition Three (Comp. 74B) 7:56

Composed By – Anthony Braxton (tracks: B), Roscoe Mitchell (tracks: A)
Producer – John Norris (2)
Recorded By – Phil Sheridan
Reeds – Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell

Recorded at Thunder Sound, Toronto on December 13, 1977

Braxton's compositions are named as diagrams, labeled with numbers and letters. They are referred as "Composition One to Three" on the label.

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins



Paolo Fresu – Live At Casa Del Jazz (2009)

front 001 (Custom)


01. Eterninna (6:03)
02. Una Frutta E Una Pigna (6:32)
03. Rubens' Waltz (3:43)
04. Crittograph (4:34)
05. Luce D'Autunno (5:21)
06. Fata (7:41)
07. Sono Andati (5:54)
08. Yin E Yang (4:03)
09. Liebeslied (3:16)
10. Canone Ribelle (4:02)
11. Noi Due (3:41)
12. Medley - Ea-Lucania (9:16) 

Paolo Fresu - Trumpet
Tino Tracanna - Tenor Sax
Roberto Cipelli - Piano
Attilio Zanchi - Bass
Ettore Fioravanti - Drums

+Alborada String Quartet

October 27th . 2009



Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: ArtistShare

"After two recordings for Telarc—2004's Gatherign of Spirits, with the late Michael Brecker, and 2008's Seraphic Light, with Ravi Coltrane assuming the position vacated by Brecker following his untimely passing the previous year—Saxophone Summit is back with Visitation. Funded by the (for jazz) early crowd-funding ArtistShare imprint, it demonstrates the difference between recording for a relatively major label and one where the group can, it seems, call all the shots.

Not that the previous recordings were in any way artistic compromises—Seraphic Light was already a more experimental recording than the slightly more centrist Gathering of Spirits—but the differences on Visitation are many, even as the group retains the unmistakable collective sound of its members, in particular the front line that, in addition to Coltrane, also features Dave Liebman and Joe Lovano—a triple threat if ever there was one". Read more...

The Message

Joe Lovano: tenor saxophone (1, 4, 5), G soprano saxophone (2), alto clarinet (3, 6)
Ravi Coltrane: tenor saxophone (1, 2, 4-6)
Dave Liebman: soprano saxophone (1, 2, 4-6), tenor saxophone (3)
Phil Markowitz: piano
Cecil McBee: bass
Billy Hart: drums 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington -