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The Carlos Abadie Quintet - Immersed in the Quest Vol.2 Carlito's Way! (2013)

Source: Cdbaby
Label: Truth Revolution

"I had the pleasure of being present at the Fat Cat the night this recording was made. (you can actually hear me shouting “Yeah!” at different intervals) Carlos Abadie (who is a first generation Ecuadorian American born & raised in Jersey City, NJ) is a great musician, arranger & bandleader. To lead a band, a musician must possess a high level of discernment in what to play & what not to play and also be able to recognize the skills and abilities of the other band members. That type of vision is necessary in order to bring the music to life, to go from notes on paper to an actual performance filled with high levels of energy and emotion. Duke Ellington had that type of vision. So did Miles. Enter Carlos Abadie, who is well on his way to developing a similar kind of insight into what it takes to make a band and its members work well together.
All of us have heroes and role models whom we respect & admire. We grow up listening to recordings of these artists and soak up their music like sponges. This is a huge part of our musical education because listening is just as important as playing . During the 1950’s and 60’s artists like Kenny Dorham, Jackie McLean & Horace Silver produced timeless music that would become a major influence on those to follow them. Here in the 21st century, Carlos & his group are breathing new life into the compositions & arrangements of these masters because the world needs to be reminded of how great this music is". Read more...

1. Windmill 7:12    
2. Overdose 7:58    
3. East of the Village 11:32    
4. Peace 6:38    
5. Ill Wind 7:18    
6. KD's Blues 17:17    
7. Jim Dunn's Dilema / Theme 8:28    
8. Little Man You've Had a Busy Day 7:15

Carlos Abadie: trumpet
Joe Sucato: tenor saxophone
Jon Lefcoski: piano
Jason Stewart: bass
Luca Santaniello: drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Introducing the Carlos Abadie Quintet - Immersed in the Quest Vol.1 (2013)

Source: Cdbaby
Label: Pursuance 2011/Truth Revolution 2013

"It would be a misnomer to call the Carlos Abadie Quintet a new band; after all, the group has been around for a decade. But it is one of those anomalies of fate that it is not better known. It should, and the reasons are manifested on Immersed in the Quest, Vol. 1, which carries a couple of originals and several standards to a highly satisfying listening experience. The years have honed quintet's approach, done with a great deal of clarity and vision, filling the music with depth and feeling.” - Jerry D’Souza -

1. People On the Hill 6:52    
2. Pyramid 6:22    
3. Metamorphasis 5:40    
4. Funny (Not Much) 8:01
5. Action Jackson 4:36    
6. Each Time I Think of You 6:10    
7. Hub's Nub 7:30    
8. La Mesha 4:52

Carlos Abadie: trumpet
Joe Sucato: tenor saxophone
Jon Lefcoski: piano
Jason Stewart: bass
Luca Santaniello: drums

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Adam Lane's Throttle Orchestra - Live in Ljubljana (2014)

Adam Lane is back to the big band format he loves so much, with an ensemble (Portuguese trumpeter Susana Santos Silva is one of the contributors) large enough «to allow for a dense, multi-dimensional sound palette», but small enough «for successful group improvisation». The scores and the arrangements are at times complex and dense, while at others, soaked in a steamrolling groove. Lane incorporates organizational strategies that he learned from the new music composer Earle Brown, but never strays too far from the flowing logic of the jazz tradition. As usual he integrates a myriad of influences into his sound including nods to Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Muhal Richard Abrams, but also Luigi Nono, and Parliament/Funkadelic. And, surprise, surprise, there are even some key rhythmic elements taken from the Balinese and Javanese gamelan tradition, and not for exotic effect. As Adam Lane himself puts it: «It’s all about the groove.» Yes, this is highly intelligent music to tap your foot to: soulful mind candy with a groove!

Nate Wooley: trumpet
Susana Santos Silva: trumpet
Reut Regev: trombone
David Bindman: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Avram Fefer: alto saxophone
Matt Bauder: baritone sax
Adam Lane: bass
Igal Foni: drums

1. Power Lines/Feeling Blue-Ish
2. Empire Of Music (The One)
3. Sanctum
4. Multiply Then Divide
5. Ashcan Rantings
6. Power Lives/Blues For Eddie

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Pete Robbins - Pyramid (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: Hate Laugh Music

New York-based saxophonist, composer Pete Robbins has been on a fast- track, surging to the upper echelon of global jazz talent. And Pyramid rekindles impressions of drummer, composer John Hollenbeck's early 2013 release Songs I Like A Lot, where specific pop and rock songs from yesteryear, inspire the artists to execute a personal reinterpretation or refresh via the essence of modern jazz frameworks. Moreover, Robbins reaps the positive benefits of a superstar-like supporting band, including the recent recipient of a MacArthur "Genius" grant, pianist Vijay Iyer.

The quartet molds complex unison progressions, pensive overtones and a breezy rendering of crooner guitarist Glen Campbell's highly melodic, Jimmy Webb penned pop hit "Wichita Lineman," which charted on the airwaves in 1968. Here, the saxophonist states the primary theme with airy intonations and raises the pitch, abetted by drummer Tyshawn Sorey's snappy backbeats. Robbins also dances around the core melody and launches into a soul-jazz vibe, then hands it over to Iyer during the bridge, who in turn, reformulates the entire periphery of the principle motif as the musicians heat matters up prior to closeout. It's just one of many stirring takes on pop and pop-rock lore, brimming with the artists' cunning improvisational segments and enlivening reinventions.

        Sweet Child O' Mine        
         Wichita Lineman      
       Too High      

Pete Robbins – Alto Saxophone, compositions
Vijay Iyer – Piano
Eivind Opsvik – Bass
Tyshawn Sorey – Drums 

"The most important thing I look for in a musician,
 is whether he knows how to listen."  - Duke Ellington - 


Danilo Rea - Live At Casa Del Jazz, Rome (2006)

01. Giulia’s smile
02. Waltz for Anna
03. Oona
04. I magnifici 5
05. Il respiro
06. Loving cole
07. Transilvania Express
08. Highlands
09. Verso sud
10. Skin
11. Tzigane
12. Minority jazz
13. Chissa perche
14. Crepuscole

Danilo Rea (p),
Pietro Tonolo (ten., soprano sax), 
Marcello Sirignano (vl),
Giovanni Tommaso (bass), 
Massimo Manzi (drums).

Recorded Live at Casa del Jazz,
Rome 2006, March 20


Eddy Palermo Samba Jazz Trio + Convidados - Meu Samba Jazz (2013)

Virtuoso della chitarra, Eddy Palermo è il capostipite indiscusso del jazz samba in Italia, da più di vent’anni il suo nome è sinonimo di qualità. Nella sua musica si alternano sonorità afroamericane a ritmi brasiliani, e il risultato che ne deriva è eleganza ed energia allo stato puro.

Eddy Palermo : guitar
Daniele Basirico : bass
Alessandro Marzi : drums

01. Maracangalha
02. Você (feat. Wanda Sa)
03. Meditação (feat Jin Porto)
04. Cançao de Menina
05. Ivan Medley: Començar de Novo - Velas Içadas
06. Ceu e Mar
07. Caminhos Cruzados (feat. Pery Ribeiro)
08. Samba de Uma Nota Só
09. Sambolero
10. Body and Soul (bonus track)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins