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Tom Chang - Tongue & Groove (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz
Label: Tom Chang / Raw Toast Records

Look at the lineup on Tom Chang's Tongue & Groove! There is literally no way that this album could be anything less than great. Listening, repeatedly, to Tongue & Groove has, in fact, borne this out. Chang utilizes the increasingly popular two-reeds / bass / drums configuration to frame brief, but consistently spectacular, improvisations in the midst of his surprisingly knotty and complex multi-sectioned compositions. Everyone rises to the occasion here because the only way to play Chang's cutting edge compositions successfully is to rise to the bloody occasion! Read more...

                                                          Track Listing: 
                                                          Spinal Tap / Goes to 11
                                                          Variations for Piano Op. 27
                                                          Tongue & Groove
                                                          Bar Codes
                                                          The Logos
                                                          Entangoed Heart
                                                          Spinal Tap (Tk. 2) 

                                                          Tom Chang: guitar
                                                          Greg Ward: alto saxophone
                                                          Jason Rigby: tenor saxophone
                                                          Chris Lightcap: bass
                                                          Gerald Cleaver: drums
                                                          Akshay Anatapadmanabhan: kanjira, mrindigam
                                                          Subash Chandran: konnakol


Bobby Broom - My Shining Hour (2014)

If you’ve showed up for Steely Dan’s continuing Jamalot Ever After tour on time, then you are already familiar with the great tone and texture of opening act Bobby Broom, the Chicago-based guitarist. Curious to hear more? Here’s your chance.

With his largest release, My Shining Hour, Broom forgoes expressive original compositions like those on his most recent album, 2012’s Upper West Side Story — focusing instead on jazz standards. A jazzer with a wide musical vocabulary, Broom deploys his stellar and versatile band of bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven with the cunning of an insane genius. The results are gorgeous, respectful of the originals and often jaw dropping in their emotional punch. Amazing, considering the album was recorded in three days at Shirk studios in Chicago by engineers Anthony Gravino and Jonathan Horwich.

My Shining Hour kicks off with “Sweet and Lovely,” and it’s easy to be captivated by McCraven expert stick work. But then you’d miss the elegant tone and phrasing of Broom’s hollow-bodied guitar. It’s also easy take for granted the way Carroll holds the bottom down, while the band glides from 5/4 to 7/4 time signatures. Subtle and captivating. On the song “My Ideal,” Carroll likewise provides a perfect foil to Broom’s guitar work with his mid-song solo. Then McCraven steps in with an all-too-brief drum break, demonstrating in a few bars why he’s one of the best in the business.

The pace picks up with Cole Porter’s “Just One Of Those Things,” as the three musicians toying with each other to create tension. Broom’s fleet-fingered solo dances effectively around the song’s main theme, yet still fits perfectly. The title track continues the album’s concept. Hinting of East Coast jazz traditions, and creating visions of jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, the song effectively casts a spell over the listener. Then “Sweet Georgia Brown,” a joyous shuffle that provides the perfect opportunity for Brown to show off his be-bop, cleanses the palette.

In the end, this group has cast a perfect set of American standards, and the concluding “Tennessee Waltz” is no exception. Bouyed by McCraven’s stellar cymbal work, Carroll’s growling walking bass and Broom’s impressive phrasing — he impressively dances around the song’s main theme — “Tennessee Waltz” continues the spell cast from the first note on My Shining Hour. Or, in other words, if you’re going to the Steely Dan show, get there early. BY *PRESTON FRAZIER,

*PRESTON FRAZIER  is a bass-playing lawyer living in Chicago. His first Steely Dan exposure was with an eight-track cassette of 'Pretzel Logic.' He can be reached at; follow him on Twitter: @slangofages. Contact Something Else! at

1. Sweet and Lovely 5:55
2. My Ideal 7:32
3. Just One of Those Things 7:00
4. My Shining Hour 6:07
5. Sweet Georgia Brown 6:05
6. The Heather on the Hill 6:40
7. The Jitterbug Waltz 6:58
8. Oh, Lady Be Good 6:34
9. The Tennessee Waltz 4:17

Bobby Broom - guitar
Dennis Carroll - bass
Makaya McCraven - drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Charlie Ventura - An Evening with Charlie Ventura and Mary Ann McCall (1954)

01 Charlie's Parley (Charlie Ventura) 5:14
02 Careless (Dick Jurgens, Eddy Howard, Lou Quadling) 2:58
03 Get Happy (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler) 5:42
04 Sam And Don (Charlie Ventura) 3:13
05 Detour Ahead (Herb Ellis, John Freigo, Lou Carter) 3:23
06 Basin Street (Spencer Williams) 3:53
07 Please Be Kind (Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin) 2:57

Mary Ann McCall, (vocals 2/5/7)
Charlie Ventura, (tenor, alto, baritone, bass sax
Lenny Hambro, (alto, baritone sax), 
Danny Bank, (baritone sax, flute),
Kai Winding, (trombone),  
Charlie Shavers, (trumpet), 
Dave McKenna, (piano), 
Perry Lopez, (guitar), 
Bob Carter, (bass), 
Sonny Igoe, (drums)

Recorded: in Los Angeles, CA, June 7th 1954
Label: Norgran Records [MGN-20] 10" 1954; Verve [MGV 8143] LP (RE) 12" 1957 Clef Series

A great vocal setting for singer Mary Ann McCall – working here with hip small group backing from Charlie Ventura! Mary sings on half the album's six tracks, and the other three are instrumental workouts with Ventura's saxes in the lead. ~ Dusty Groove, Inc.

Thanks to Oldhippierick


Russell Malone - Live At Jazz Standard Vol.1 & Vol. 2 (2001)


Russell Malone, producer and arranger, guitar; 
Martin Bejerano, piano; 
Tassili Bond, bass; 
Johnathan Blake, drums.

Of Special Note: This is Russell Malone's first “Live” recording as a leader; This recording includes five Russell Malone original compositions; Three different Russell Malone versions of Milt Jackson's “Heartstrings” have been recorded, including this live version in September 2005, another was in 2002 for Ray Brown's Some Of My Best Friends Are Guitarists, and the first time was on Russell's 2001 Heartstrings.
Dedication: Russell dedicated this record to the memories of John Hicks and Ted Greene.
Quote: “Music, to me, is not math or science. It is a language.” -- Russell Malone.
Guitar: Gibson Custom L-5

Release Date: October 10, 2006 (September 26 - Pre-release date)
Recorded live on September 9-11, 2005, at Jazz Standard, NYC.

For The Love Of You; 
Theme From Gunsmoke; 
How About Me?; 
Don't Point That Over Here; 
Sugar Buzz.

Russell Malone, producer and arranger, guitar; 
Martin Bejerano, piano; 
Tassili Bond, bass; 
Johnathan Blake, drums.

Of Special Note: This is the continuing “sequel” to Live At Jazz Standard Volume One (2006); The CD release party and special performances were held at Jazz At The Bistro in St. Louis, Missouri, July 20-21, 2007; Four of the seven tracks are Russell Malone originals, with the exception of “Don't Point That Over Here” which is credited with being “composed” by not only Russell, but also his quartet members of Martin Bejerano, Tassili Bond, and Johnathan Blake; “Mugshot” was first recorded as the opening track on Sweet Georgia Peach (1998); “How About Me?” is an Irving Berlin tune that Russell recorded for Heartstrings (2001); “Playground” and “Sugar Buzz” are both on Playground (2004).
Quote: “Styles become dated. Style doesn't.” -- Russell Malone.
Guitar: Gibson Custom L-5

Release Date: July 17, 2007
Recorded live on September 9-11, 2005, at Jazz Standard, NYC.



Nate Wood - Another Time (2014)

Source: Kneebody

Multi-instrumentalist Nate Wood has been making music for most of his life in almost every genre. Nate graduated from the California Institute of the Arts, where he studied drums, bass and guitar with Jazz luminaries Charlie Haden and Joe Labarbera.
His last solo album, Another Time is, once again, truly self-made, featuring his compositions, singing, engineering/producing, and Nate playing all the instruments. Nate began engineering during the production of his previous solo albums, and this quickly turned into a busy schedule of recording and mixing for other bands, which eventually led to mastering.
He is a founding member of the Grammy nominated group Kneebody, with their last recording, The Line, released in September 2013. Nate engineered all previous studio albums by Kneebody, including Kneebody, Low Electrical Worker, and You Can Have Your Moment.
Nate is a member of Weyou, a duo project with Jesske Hume. Weyou released their first full-length album, titled Een (2013). Weyou incoporates their multi-instrumental abilities into indie, folk, and avant-garde songwriting, creating a sound that is often ambient and at times wildly experimental.
Nate toured the world many times over with pop/rock band The Calling and he has performed and/or recorded with artists including George Harrison, Wayne Krantz, Tigran, Donny McCaslin, John Tesh, Chaka Khan, and Sting.

                                                                   1   So Long
                                                                   2   Rose
                                                                   3   What Will You Do
                                                                   4   Ocean Floor
                                                                   5   Flaw
                                                                   6   Step Back to the Other Side
                                                                   7   Deaf, Dumb, Blind
                                                                   8   Never Meet Again
                                                                   9   Honey
                                                                   10 Another Time

                                                                    Nate Wood: all instruments and vocals 
                                                      recorded, mixed/mastered and produced by Nate Wood




Gilson - Lampiao (2004)

Whether you’re looking to entertain your guests for a dinner party or have a romantic evening with your significant other, Gilson Schachnik has you covered with Lampiao.   Gilson brings you the vibrant sounds from Brazil along with heavy doses of jazz, pop and even some funk. Gilson provides elements from traditional Brazilian music such as: Bossa Nova and samba, but adds his own, personal twists to these numbers. With Schachnik covering all the arrangements of each song, the end result is a fresh/modern take on the culture of Brazilian music.

Gilson plays piano on the record and in such a superb manner. This renowned pianist has been playing since the young age of 11 and now he sounds like a pro at the keys. Gilson’s piano playing skills are simply captivating in the sense that so much raw emotion, feeling and energy is filtered out to the listeners.  Gilson is able to set a mood or tone just by the way he hits those black and white keys.   It is worth mentioning that all the music created here on Lampiao is all for the heart & soul of his hometown, Sao Paulo, Brazil. All the respect, admiration and inspiration Gilson has toward his city and its people are evident on this album. Gilson seems to be taking his music and the music of Brazil to the next level.

This is actually a re-release of the same record, but now with new & original arrangements created by Gilson Schachnik. Each song seems to have its own identity with moods playing a big part of the recording. There are ten tracks on the record with a little slice of this and a little slice of that.

The title track “Lampiao” features a zesty sound with a funky bass line. The piano playing is quaint yet truly energized. The next installment, “Chega de Saudade” is much softer with more of an elegant touch overall. Song four, “Samblues”, is one of my personal favorites on the album because of its overly cool/ jive-rated flow. The alto sax part helps by keeping it all in check and sexy while the entire band really pushes this one hard. “Ne Touches Pas A Mon Pote” offers up a fun-vibin’, dance-oriented beat that really steps and moves along with an enriching guitar solo. I loved this number as well. “Mr. D. P.” is full of spirit and spunk tailored as a tribute to one of Gilson’s teachers, jazz great-Danilo Perez. Next up is “Juventude Transviada”, which has a romantic feel about it where you can picture oneself having a glass of wine to over a nice, candle-light dinner. This song is for all you guys out there who claim to be romantics or maybe trying to earn some bonus points with that special someone. Just slip this song in and see if some magic can happen. The final cut, “Song to Become Famous at Berklee” is full of positive energy with a tremendous flurry of drumming toward the end.

The record offers an easy-going flow with soothing melodies for the soul. I can’t leave without mentioning the terrific backing band behind Gilson. The guitar, sax and bass lines are all key components to the complete makeup of Lampiao. I was highly impressed with the drum/percussion sections as they seemed to be the true driving force and really set the pace for the entire record. Each musician really seemed to feed off of one another in such a wonderful fashion. The final conclusion is that masterful artistry was at work here. Review By: Jimmy Rae

01. Lampiao
02. Chega de Saudade
03. San Vicente
04. Samblues
05. Rosa Morena
06. Ne Touches Pas a Mon Pôte
07. Without a Song
08. Mr. D. P.
09. Juventude Transviada
10. Song to Become Famous At Berklee

Gilson Schachnik (piano)
Guilherme Monteiro (guitar)
Miguel Zenón (alto saxophone)
Antonio Sanchez (drums)
Rick DiMuzio (soprano saxophone)
Fernando Huergo (bass guitar)
Steve Lancone (drums)
Pedro Ito, Sula Da Silva (percussion)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins