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Cene Resnik Quartet Live - From the Sky (2014)

Slovenian saxophonist Cene Resnik in a trio with violinist Emanuele Parrini, double bassist Giovanni Maier and drummer Aljosa Jeric and Resnik in a unique dialog of free improvisation using the jazz language influenced as much by Buddhism as it is by Archie Shepp.

"Don't feel disconnected to the world if you don't know the name Cene Resnik. Only now all things happening in the fields of Slovenian jazz and improvised music start to be known outside the frontiers of this young European country born from the death of Tito's Jugoslavia. And what you can find there is really astonishing. You had a glimpse when Clean Feed released a recording by pianist extraordinaire Kaja Draksler - now it's time to discover the music of this tenor saxophonist who study and practice meditation and whose vision of what is normally called "free jazz" is tinted by his Buddhist beliefs. With the help of violinist Emanuele Parrini, double bassist Giovanni Maier and drummer Aljosa Jeric and Resnik forged a refreshing improvisational practice, free from any constraints but commited to the jazz language. No, the fact there's a tenor and a violin involved doesn't imply any special Albert Ayler influence - things are a bit more complex and less stereotyped. After all, what we would expect from someone who was a pupil of such different musicians like Archie Shepp and Joe Zawinul. Check it out and be surprised."-Clean Feed

1. Red Mango 12:26
2. Compassion 17:03
3. We Dance 5:12
4. From the Sky 10:11
5. Riverbank 5:17
6. On the Way Out 7:33

Cene Resnik: tenor sax
Emanuele Parrini: violin
Giovanni Maier: double bass
Aljosa Jeric: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Kerry Politzer - Below the Surface (2014)

Source: pjce-bandcamp

Pianist and composer Kerry Politzer presents her sixth album as a leader, “Below The Surface.” Featuring a supporting cast of some of Portland’s leading jazz musicians and complex, engaging compositions by Politzer, “Below The Surface” is the first record Politzer has made since relocating to Portland two years ago. The result is a diverse collection of groove oriented modern jazz with plenty of room for ferocious improvisation and dynamic group interplay. 

The opening tune, “Two Worlds,” features the horns and piano stretching out over the type of idiosyncratic groove piece which exemplifies Politzer’s writing. David Valdez’ alto sound is at once dulcet and insistent throughout his lyrical exploration of the form, and Thomas Barber’s trumpet playing is, as always, technically astounding and musically accessible. The piano solo brings things home before the recapitulation of the main theme, and Politzer’s improvising features sophisticated melodic and rhythmic explorations which adeptly reflect the written material. The record continues with “Dilemma,” an uptempo waltz which opens with a solo piano passage reminiscent of late romantic era classical composers. The title track “Below the Surface” is a rollicking groove piece punctuated by angular melodies and surprising rhythmic devices. The bands repertoire runs the gamut from latin to swing while touching on rock, tango, and other world music influences, yet always retaining a cohesive vision held together by Politzer’s sophisticated writing style and driving but lyrical piano work. 

The lineup Politzer has assembled is as dynamic and impressive as the collection of tunes themselves. Alto saxophonist David Valdez is a renowned educator and performer, and has been instrumental in welcoming many new arrivals to the Portland jazz and creative music community. Thomas Barber relocated to Portland from New York City a few years ago and has quickly become an integral member of the community here, performing with Darrel Grant’s “On the Territory” project, Wishermen, Gunga Galunga, and many projects of his own, including his newest band “Spiral Road.” Bassist Andrea Niemic has played regularly with regional icons Randy Porter and Alan Jones, and the drum chair in Politzer’s band is held by her husband, George Colligan, also a stunning pianist in his own right, performing with Jack DeJohnette and a who’s who of modern jazz virtuosi on both coasts. 

“Below the Surface” is an exciting Portland debut for a notable artist who has already developed a significant presence in a few other key cities, including New York City. In addition to studying under Charlie Banacos and graduating from New England Conservatory, Politzer has worked in other genres and won numerous awards and honors, including the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Kerry Politzer is an exciting and welcome addition to the Portland jazz and creative music community, and her Portland debut is a promising step towards exciting future collaborations with many more of our region’s established and emerging improvising composers and composing improvisers. 

This album is the May 2014 release on PJCE Records, a label founded in 2013 by Dan Duval and Andrew Oliver as a subsidiary of the Portland Jazz Composers' Ensemble, a large ensemble which commisisons and performs new music by Oregon jazz composers. The label releases approximately one album per month of new original music from Portland artists, covering an increasingly wide range of styles from ambient jazz to world-influenced chamber music to modern jazz and the avant-garde.

01. Two Worlds 10:00
02. Dilemma 05:43
03. Second Thoughts 06:10
04. Below the Surface 05:47
05. Meandering 05:09
06. Empty Hours 07:51
07. Echo Says 05:18
08. A Moment of Clarity 04:17
09. If You Knew 06:45
10. In Spring 01:52

Kerry Politzer: piano
David Valdez: alto saxophone
Thomas Barber: trumpet
Andrea Niemiec: bass
George Colligan: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Rodney Whitaker - When we find ourselves alone (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz

Bassist Rodney Whitaker is often cited for his affiliations rather than his own work. That's a shame, as it takes attention away from some wonderful music that he's put out under his own name, but it's easy to understand why that's the case. He anchored trumpeter Roy Hargrove's band for a while, ballasted and buoyed Wynton Marsalis's Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra during his stint with that acclaimed organization, and connected with drummer Carl Allen for a pair of exciting dates on the Mack Avenue imprint. He also directs that label's "Superband" and contributes to the future of the music through his educational work as a Distinguished Professor of Jazz Bass at Michigan State University. Add to that a list of recording credits that finds him supporting everybody from vocal breakout star Cecile McLorin Salvant to under-recognized pianist Junko Onishi and you start to realize why Whitaker's name is often spoken in the same breath as those he works with and supports. Here, all of that known-by-association nonsense falls away. Read more...

                                        1  World Falls Away    5:31       
                                        2  When You Played With Roy    6:04       
                                        3  Autumn Leaves    4:37       
                                        4  Jamerson's Lullaby    7:03       
                                        5  You Go to My Head    6:52       
                                        6  Invitation    6:41       
                                        7  Freedom Day    5:49       
                                        8  Mother's Cry    4:56       
                                        9  Mr. Magic    6:29       
                                       10 When We Find Ourselves Alone    5:17       
                                       11 Lost In You Again    4:59

                                       RODNEY WHITAKER, bass
                                       BRUCE BARTH, piano
                                       ROCKELLE FORTIN, vocals on tracks 3, 5, 7, 9 & 10
                                       ANTONIO HART, alto and soprano sax
                                       GREG HUTCHINSON, drums


Amir ElSaffar - Alchemy (2013)

1. Ishtarum  7:47  
2. Nid Qablitum  5:08  
3. Embubum - Ishtarum - Pitum  10:56  
4. 12 Cycles  7:07  
5. Quartal  6:08  
6. Balad  4:43  
7. Five Phases  8:08  
8. Athar Kurd  9:24  
9. Miniature #1  2:59  
10. Ending Piece  7:31 

2013 Pi Recordings  Pi51
Recorded on May 25th, 2013 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY

Amir ElSaffar  trumpet
John Escreet piano
Ole Mathisen tenor sax 
Franחois Moutin bass
Dan Weiss drums