domingo, 17 de agosto de 2014

Stefano Bollani - Joy in spite of everything (2014)

Source: Allaboutjazz

Largely unacquainted as a unit, the quintet that formed around Italian pianist Stefano Bollani for Joy in Spite of Everything connects with the empathetic familiarity of a long-standing group. The leader—a professional pianist since the age of fifteen—has crossed over most every genre from classical to avant-garde and with equal proficiency. While his early encounters with fellow Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava set him a course for jazz, he has sharpened those skills in the diverse company of saxophonists Gato Barbieri and Phil Woods, guitarist Pat Metheny, free jazz pioneer drummer Han Bennink and many others. The creative sense that Bollani brings to the performance of his original compositions transcends music; it is his imagination crafted by the individual and collective skills of an extraordinary group of artists. Read more... 

1. Easy Healing
2. No Pope No Party
3. Alobar e Kudra
4. Las Hortensias
5. Vale
6. Teddy
7. Ismene
8. Tales From The Time Loop
9. Joy In Spite Of Everything

Stefano Bollani, piano
Jesper Bodilsen, bass
Morten Lund, drums
Bill Frisell, guitar
Mark Turner, saxophone


Ohad Talmor - Newsreel (2011)

Recorded at Peter Karl Studio, Brooklyn, 2008/2009

1. Moon 3:01
2. Tabla Suite  8:43
3. Americans Dream American Dreams 8:18
4. Belem 5:40
5. NY Intro 0:35
6. New York  4:47
7. NY Outro 0:30
8. Kaizer Soze  7:55
9. Urban Wife  7:16
10. Background Music  3:27

Ohad Talmor tenor sax
Shane Endsley trumpet
Jacob Sacks piano, Rhodes (3)
Matt Pavolka double bass, el.bass (3)
Dan Weiss drums, voice (2)

2011 Auand Records AU9023