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Dr. John - Ske-Dat-De-Dat The Spirit of Satch (2014)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and six-time Grammy winner Dr. John is New Orleans’ most prominent living musical icon. The embodiment of his hometown’s freewheeling creative spirit and multiple musical traditions, he’s built a visionary, idiosyncratic body of work that’s deeply rooted in the Crescent City’s myriad blues, R&B, jazz and rock ‘n’ roll traditions.

So it’s fitting that Dr. John’s new album on Proper Records, Ske-Dat-De-Dat The Spirit of Satch (out September 1st), pays heartfelt tribute to another larger-than-life New Orleans legend: the seminal trumpeter and vocalist Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, whose musical innovations created the template for 20th-century jazz, and whose playful attitude and life-embracing spirit made him a beloved figure whose worldwide appeal transcended music.

“He’s the most famous guy that ever came out of my neighbourhood,” notes Dr. John. “He became a legend all over, for his trumpet playin’ and everything else, and he was the United States’ ambassador to the world.”

‘Ske-Dat-De-Dat The Spirit of Satch’ honours Armstrong’s musical genius as well as his effervescent personality with 13 classic numbers drawn from various phases of Armstrong’s five-decade career, with Dr. John joined by a stellar supporting cast that manages to update the material while maintaining the music’s timeless emotional appeal.

The subtitle ‘The Spirit of Satch’ is particularly appropriate given the album’s birth cycle, which Dr. John says was set into motion when the late Armstrong—whom he’d only met once during his lifetime, in the office of their mutual manager Joe Glaser—came to him in a dream. READ MORE... proper-records

01. What A Wonderful World
02. Mack The Knife
03. Tight Like This
04. I've Got The World On A String
05. Gut Bucket Blues
06. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
07. That's My Home
08. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
09. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
10. Dippermouth Blues
11. Sweet Hunk O'Trash
12. Memories Of You
13. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)

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Agustí Fernández & Zlatko Kaučič - Sonic Party (2014)

Source: blogcritics

Drummer/percussionist Zlatko Kaucic and pianist Agusti Fernández are hardcore improvisers. Their phrasing is spontaneous and motivated by off-the-cuff impulses and spur-of-the-moment ideas. Their latest collaboration Sonic Party channels a stream of consciousness narration that is purely of their own making, fashioned from the duo's creative urges to express itself, and limited by its inclination to explore uncharted terrain. It is uncharted stratospheres which is the key factor compelling Kaucic and Fernández to compose.

The stucco beats of the keys in "Sirob" are layered in vibrating percussions, creating passages of terrestrial-style chimes which transition into the brisk clopping of drum sticks and shimmering echoes. Resounding with the ping of taut strings and the syncopated clashing of mallets against tinpans, "Free Nest" amasses a playground of various percussive sounds moving freely and sowing liberally. The rapid jostling of the keys intercede the passages of percussive beating, culminating into a volcano-size fusion of arbitrary notes and improvisations emoting subliminal thoughts.

Kaucic's imagination is infinite, and is depicted by the diverse percussive sounds and shifting rhythmic patterns of "Monde." Fernández displays an equally uninhibited flow of ideas in "The Hug" as he moves the keys erratically driven by a formidable passion. Notes are jagged and crisp, slicing and slashing randomly.

"Us and Other's" progresses slowly and steadily, opening with tapping clicks and soft-sounding keys which merge into the title track that is draped in the dissonant tones of the keys and jutting percussion instruments. The duo roams with a whimsical stride, making the arrangements seem chaotic but always within their control while propelling one another to think in unconventional terms. Unconventional is the dominant force driving the duo as their collaboration surges with creative juices.

Sonic Party embraces experimental phrasing and terrestrial-style chimes and vibrations. The compositions are expressions of the duo's own creation, motivated by a desire to explore uncharted sounds and irregular rhythmic patterns. It is a recording that expands the borders of improvisational music and freestyle jazz.

1. Us and Other's
2. Sonic Party
3. Lonci
4. Sirob
5. Free Nest
6. Monde
7. The Hug

Agustí Fernández, piano,prepared piano
Zlatko Kaučič, ground drums

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Orrin Evans - Liberation Blues (2014)

Orrin Evans may be the perfect improvisational storm, the controlled harmonic fury cuts a path of lyrical devastation with the stellar release Liberation Blues.

Orrin Evans is the consummate ensemble leader. The Evans passion is legendary and his compositional prowess has many of his contemporaries occasionally rethinking their career path. The best modern jazz pianist working today? Taste is subjective, Liberation Blues is straight to the point. The somewhat conceptual notion behind the release is two fold, homage to his friend Dwayne Burno along with the notion of thinking outside the musical box. Toss in an all star ensemble cast of Sean Jones, JD Allen, Luques Curtis and Bill Stewart and the odds of capturing lighting in a bottle go through the roof. Recorded over two nights at the legendary Smoke, Orrin Evans brings it home with a release that should make a strong showing for album of the year.

Liberation Blues contains two compositions from Burno, "Devil Eyes" which is a darker and somewhat more introspective riff on "Angel Eyes" and "Juanita" which exemplifies Burno's talent went far deeper than that of  an instrumentalist. Swing. You feel it or you don't, Dwayne could swing. Evans wheelhouse includes ballads with "Anysha" as strong as any that Evans has recorded. JD Allen's tone provides a lyrical sense of purpose and the chemistry seems to leap from stage. The Paul Motion tune "Mumbo Jumbo" is another jewel with both JD Allen and Sean Jones taking the harmonic freedom offered and making this tune their own composition if only for one night.

Bill Steward and Luques Curtis take in the pocket to the next dimension while fabulous vocalist Joanna Pascale closes the release with "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes." The continued evolution of Orrin Evans is a beautiful thing but...you already knew that.

The Liberation Blues Suite (For Dwayne Burno)

01. Devil Eyes 9:23 (Dwayne Burno)
02. Juanita 5:37 (Dwayne Burno)
03. A Lil’ D.A.B. a Do Ya 5:48 (Orrin Evans)
04. A Free Man? 6:22 (Donald Brown)
05. Liberation Blues 5:01 (Orrin Evans)
06. Simply Green 5:59 (Orrin Evans)
07. Anysha 6:13 (Trudy Pitts)
08. Meant to Shine 6:46 (Orrin Evans)
09. Mumbo Jumbo 7:36 (Paul Motian)
10. How High the Moon 4:57 (Morgan Lewis / Nancy Hamilton)
11. The Theme 2:03 (Miles Davis)
12. Encore: The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 6:56 (Jerry Brainin /  Buddy Bernier)

Sean Jones, trumpet (except tks 7, 10, 11 & 12)
JD Allen, tenor saxophone (except tks 10, 11 & 12)
Orrin Evans, piano
Luques Curtis, bass
Bill Stewart, drums
+ Joanna Pascale, vocals (trk 12 only)

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Eddie Henderson & Friends - The Music of Amit Golan (2012)

Record Label:  Minton’s Records
Produced by Noam Uziel
Music composed and arranged by Amit Golan, except Carolyn, 
by Lee Morgan, and Out Of the Past, by Benny Golson.

1. Ooshmi
2. Boozigad
3. Mr. T.
4. Carolyn
5. T.S.M.
6. Dflat Mood
7. One for Blue
8. Sari
9. Out of the Past
10. Somewhere Else

Eddie Henderson – Trumpet
Jonathan Voltzuk – Trombone
Asaf Yuria – Tenor sax
Jack Glottman – Piano (2,3,4,6,10)
Yonatan Riklis – Piano (1,5,7,8,9)
Gilad Abro – Bass (1-6,8-10)
Shay Zelman – Drums (1,4,6,7,8,9)
Yonatan Rosen – Drums (2,3,5,10)
Ofer Ganor – Guitar (2,7)
Tav Golan – Bass (7)

http://jazzfidelity.com/ Review
Eddie Henderson’s musical roots run deep. His father sang with the Charioteers and his mother was a dancer in the original Cotton Club. At the age of 9 he got his first informal trumpet lesson from Louis Armstrong and how many young trumpet players can say Miles Davis stayed in their parents’ house when he came through town.  Eddie Henderson can. Miles early fusion work was a major influence on the young trumpeter.
As a teenager Henderson was an excellent student as well as musician and continued studying his instrument with Freddie Hubbard and Lee Morgan on weekends, while earning his M.D. from Howard University in 1968. A one week gig with Herbie Hancock’s Mawandishi band, lead to a three year job and thrust him fully into music. Dr. Henderson continued practicing part-time for many years.  “I worked at a small clinic. The head doctor knew I was into music and he hired me with the stipulation that whenever I get tours I can go and come as I please,” Henderson said.
After touring with Hancock, he joined Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers and played with Dexter Gordon, Roy Haynes, Jackie McLean, Joe Henderson, McCoy Tyner.
Amit Golan (1964 – 2010) was a legendary teacher and one of the most influential, inspiring and beloved jazz educators in Isreal. Ooshmi was his nickname. Amit Golan wrote and arranged six new tracks for an album of his new sextet. He scheduled the recording sessions for June 2011 and invited Mr. Eddie Henderson to take part as special guest star on trumpet.
On December 3, 2010, while playing basketball with his high school students, Amit suddenly passed away. His family, band mates and former students gathered to uphold his legacy and preserve his memory and in June 2011, they recorded his album according to plan.
Eight of the ten tracks on the album are original compositions and arrangements by Amit Golan with the two exceptions being, “Carolyn” by Lee Morgan and “Out of the Past” by Benny Golson.
While Henderson’s improvisation is on full display, from exuberant on tracks like “Ooshmi” and “Dflat Mood” to ethereal on “One for Blue,” there is plenty of space for the rest of the ensemble to shine as well, like Asaf Yuria’s tenor sax on the bluesy “Mr. T.” and the interplay of Henderson’s trumpet with Jonathan Voltzuk’s trombone on “Somewhere Else.”
What comes through on Eddie Henderson & Friends Play the Music of Amit Golan is a pure joy for the music and a pair of lives dedicated to sharing it. Fans of 60s Hard Bop will find a lot to enjoy on this one.

from CD baby
Recorded on June 3rd and June 5th, 2011 at Luna studios, Tel Aviv, by Yoram Lev and Guy Lebiush. Mix and digital mastering by Yoram Lev.
Photo by David Bachar. Designed by Eran Yuval.
Amit Golan scheduled the recording sessions of his new sextet album for June 2011. With these sessions in mind, he wrote and arranged six new tracks and invited Mr. Eddie Henderson to take part as special guest star on trumpet.
On December 3, 2010, while playing basketball with his high school students, Amit suddenly passed away.
Amit Golan (1964-2010) was a legendary teacher and one of the most influential, inspiring and beloved jazz educators in Israel. Ooshmi was his nick name.
On June 2011, his friends, family, band mates and former students, gathered to uphold his legacy and preserve his memory by recording
his album according to plan.
Special thanks to the friends and musicians who took part in the production of this album, to the Lin & Ted Arison Israel Conservatory
of Music – Tel Aviv and to the Rekkavi family.
Noam Uziel, Producer


Joao Henrique - Jazz Latino (1982)

El teclista brasileño grabó este disco en México en 1982 acompañado de músicos mexicanos como Salvador Merchand en la batería, Joaquín Trinidad en el bajo y Romeo Aguilar en las percusiones.

01 Vamos Embora
02 Asi es la Vida
03 Sambinha para Guanajuato
04 La Cerrada
05 Brisa
06 Sunset
07 Minhoca
08 Sapain
09 Saudade
10 Rio 40 degrees
11 La Bailarina

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