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Alessandro Galati - Jason Salad! 1996 (2014)

Was für ein Quartett! Mit Saxofonist Bob Sheppard, Bassist John Patitucci und Schlagzeuger Peter Erskine hatte sich der Pianist Alessandro Galati 1996 eine Traumbesetzung zusammengestellt, mit der er in Hollywood ins Studio ging, um seine modern jazzigen Ideen umzusetzen. Die Herren Superstars ließen sich nicht lumpen und kleideten den italienischen Bandleader in ein rundum raffiniert groovendes und kammerjazzig schwelgendes Klanggewand.

Alessandro Galati - piano, keys
Bob Sheppard - saxophones, clarinet
John Patitucci, acoustic & electric bass
Peter Erskine - drums

1. Last night
2. Bulgaria
3. Love
4. Bob 'til you drop
5. Sexy
6. You don't know what love is
7. Circus
8. Sweet sax

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Scott Wendholt / Adam Kolker Qt - Andthem (2014)

“It has been a number of years since my last recording as a leader. This new quartet is actually co-led by Adam Kolker. I want to take this opportunity to formally thank Adam for his persistence in getting the group up and running and into the studio to record this project. Adam and I had been talking about a “chordless” tenor/trumpet quartet for quite some time. While there is certainly a challenge coming up with material suitable for such an ensemble, the freedom that comes with this format makes this a very interesting and satisfying endeavor for me.

The band wouldn’t work as well as it does if there wasn’t such an open minded approach by everyone to the overall concept and to the treatment of new compositions that come into the group. I am so happy to be working with the rhythm section of Ugonna Okegwo and Victor Lewis. The amount of “music” they put into each arrangement is inspiring. I feel they are both fearless when it comes to diverging from the commonplace. What more can I say? I feel lucky to be playing with such world class musicians and I look forward to the future with this group.” —Scott Wendholt

01. Green Chimneys (Monk) 3:59 Arrangements: Adam Kolker
02. Calypso (Wendholt) 6:59
03. Once or Twice (Okegwo) 9:20
04. In or Out (Kolker) 2:47
05. Lucy (Wendholt) 8:05
06. New Minority (Wendholt) 6:53
07. Buttercup (Lewis) 5:59
08. Ah-Leu-Cha (Parker) 5:14 Arrangements: Adam Kolker
09. And Them (Wendholt) 6:25

Scott Wendholt (trumpet)
Adam Kolker (tenor sax)
Ugonna Okegwo (bass)
Victor Lewis (drums)

Recorded by James Farber at Sear Sound, New York City, on October 16th, 2011

Mastering engineer: Katsuhiko Naito

Produced by Adam Kolker
Executive Producer: Jordi Pujol

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Nicholas Payton - Numbers (2014)

I think y’all are going to dig this one. It’s what Prince was going for on the Madhouse joints, but we leaned closer to Funk and Soul — with a flare of New Orleans, of course. It’s like Leon Ware and Marvin Gaye – I Want You meets the vamps of The Meters and the cues of The Ohio Players, with a touch of Herbie Hancock and Patrice Rushen thrown in, and a dash of Jay Dee. But it don’t sound like none of that shit at the same time.

This album was recorded at Jellowstone Studios on all live instruments in one room with these cats out of VA called “Butcher Brown.” Butcher Brown is Corey Fonville on drums; Devonne Harris on keys and bass; Keith Askey on guitar; and Andrew Randazzo on bass.

Fonville’s been working with me since 2010. I met him while he was still in college. I kept my eye on him and snatched him up as soon as he finished. He had been telling me about Harris, aka DJ Harrison, for years. Being the product of mentorship myself, the idea of sharing, lineage, and ancestry inspired me to get with these cats whom I felt a kinship. Sankofa is the spirit of Paytone Records. Go back and get it!

When we tracked, I played mostly Rhodes and just a hint of trumpet with the idea that I would go back and overdub solos. After I lived with the material for a while, I came to love it just the way it is. As a result we may have recorded the hippest, funkiest Play-A-Long album that’s ever been documented. Musicians, rappers, singers, DJs, and lovers have in this collection of records an album designed for you to float on top of. It’s a bed of sex wrapped in 500-thread count sonic sheets. The idea is that we leave space for you to find yourself in the music. In the New Orleans tradition, collective interplay is key. The cats from Virginia fit right in with my concept.

I had these motifs sitting around for years — these little 2 and 4-bar vamps. Part of the reason I started Paytone Records is to get all this stuff out, so I can do it on my schedule and not have to wait for the green light from someone else. I stopped writing songs over 10 years ago. I get moments of melodic, chordal, or rhythmic inspiration and I put that down. They write themselves. That’s the real stuff.

When I began to assemble all of these melodic fragments, I was astonished at how seamlessly they all fit together. It’s like when you buy clothes and pick up a tie here or a vest there. Then you go to your closet and arrange an ensemble and it works as if you bought all the pieces at the same time, but it’s an assortment of things you’ve accumulated over the years. Because they were all picked with your eyes, it works. That’s what composing is for me these days.

So far, Butcher Brown and I have done two sessions. The first was September 9 – 11, 2013, and the one that produced Numbers was from December 18 – 20, 2013. The last tune we did in the first session is called “One,” so I called the first piece from the 2nd session, “Two.” So if you’re wondering why the first track on Numbers is “Two,” and it makes you ask, “Where’s One?” you’ll have to wait for the first album.

If someone wants you to describe what Numbers sounds like, tell them it’s like Nicholas and Butcher Brown took a time capsule back to 1973 and played a gig for the people demonstrating what’s happened in music for the past 40 years. ~Nicholas Payton, May 2014, New Orleans, LA

01. Two
02. Three
03. Four
04. Five
05. Six
06. Seven
07. Eight
08. Nine
09. Ten
10. Eleven
11. Twelve
12. Thirteen

Nicholas Payton (trumpet, Fender Rhodes)
Devonne Harris (keys)
Keith Askey (guitar)
Andrew Randazzo (bass)
Corey Fonville (drums)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Harry Allen - Once Upon A Summertime (2009)

The sequel to Eu Nao Quero Dancar - I Won't Dance, this is Harry's second bossa nova album for BMG, with Brazilian guitarist/arranger Dori Caymmi, Brazilian drummer Duduka DaFonseca, and Brazilian vocalist Maucha Adnet, as well as pianist Larry Goldings, guitarist Joe Cohn, and bassist Dennis Irwin.

Harry Allen - tenor saxophone 
Larry Goldings - piano 
Dori Caymmi - accoustic guitar 
Joe Cohn - electric guitar 
Dennis Irwin - bass 
Duduka Da Fonseca - drums, percussion 
Maucha Adnet - vocal 
Alana Da Fonseca - back-up vocal

01. Girl From Ipanema
02. Song of the Jet
03. Caminhos Cruzados
04. Agua de Marco
05. I've Got You Under My Skin
06. Agua de Beber
07. Menina Flor
08. How Insensitive
09. One Note Samba
10. Falsa Bahiana
11. Once Upon a Summertime
12. Bolinha de Papel
13. This Happy Madness

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Zohar Kahila Trio - Changes (2007)

1. How Sweet Is The Apple 4:57 (Z. Kahila)
2. Someday My Prince Will Come 4:22 (Churchil)
3. Sdot Bait Lehem 5:34 (N. Shemer)
4. Addis Mist 5:53 (N. Haber)
5. Autumn Leaves 4:43 (J. Mercer)
6. A Felicidade 3:22 (A.C Jobim)
7. Stella By Starlight 4:49 (V. Young)
8. Billie's Bounce 3:45 (C.Parker)
9. Waltz For Nature 4:02 (N. Shemer)
10. In Your Own Sweet Way 6:32 (D. Brubeck)
11. Chan Chan 5:32 (C. Segundo)

Zohar Kahila - Piano
Dolev Salomon - Bass
Tzvika Rosenblat - Drums

Israli pianist Zohar Kahila have been playing many styles in his home country since more than 20 years.
he was the pianist of a wonderful Atraf Band who combines Latin styles with some jazz and rock spices.
in Changes he plays straight ahead jazz , Latin, fusion and even one Israeli song turned into jazz rock.
very nice choices of jazz standards. 
I'm pretty much sure that you will enjoy the groove and solos.


Joaquín Chacón & Mariano Díaz - Skytrain (2014)

Source: distritojazz

El guitarrista Joaquín Chacón y el pianista Mariano Díaz son dos veteranos y bregados músicos de la escena jazzística madrileña, donde han colaborado en múltiples ocasiones, y que han unido sus fuerzas creativas para editar ‘Skytrain’ (Errabal Jazz).

‘Skytrain’ llama la atención por la variedad de estilos jazzísticos que aparecen en las diez composiciones –todas originales- que aparecen y por la intensidad y energía que desprenden sus interpretaciones. Hay muchos y bien jazz en este disco.

Las composiciones de este disco se pueden dividir en tres grupos estilísticos: por un lado, lo que sería una temática post hard-bop, con temas como ‘Energy Thieves’. Por otro lado, piezas que se acercan más al Miles Davis eléctrico, al rock e incluso al funk como ‘Skytrain’ y ‘Notas discordantes’; y finalmente, con composiciones más europeas y oscuras, como ‘Gris’.

Una de las claves de la bondad de este ‘Skytrain’ hay que buscarla en el grupo que acompaña a los dos líderes; viejos conocidos, compañeros en múltiples proyectos, que se conocen todos muy bien, que manejan una serie de códigos comunes y que gracias a todo ello han sido capaces de crear una poderosa empatía. Pero es que, además, su presencia viene a formar una banda que acaba por ser una suerte de ‘all star’ del jazz español: Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat, Mario Rossi y Guillermo McGill. El único que se aparta de esta norma es Dave Liebman, pero que no le ha impedido integrarse muy bien en las composiciones de Chacón y Díaz.

Los diez temas del disco están tocados por dos formaciones diferentes, y ambas fueron grabadas en dos sesiones distintas, pero en ambas mantuvieron el formato de quinteto con batería, bajo, piano, guitarra y saxofón.

‘Skytrain’ supone un importante paso adelante en las carreras de Joaquín Chacón y Mariano Díaz y que tiene la gran virtud de mostrar, que a pesar de los pesares (crisis de todo tipo clase y condición) el jazz español tiene músculo.

Joaquín Chacón (guitarra)
Mariano Díaz (piano)
Dave Liebman (saxos)
Javier Colina (contrabajo)
Perico Sambeat (saxos)
Mario Rossi (contrabajo)
Guillermo McGill (batería)

01. Skytrain ( Mariano Díaz)
02. Notas Discordantes (Joaquín Chacón)
03. Boundaries of Conciousness (Joaquín Chacón)
04. The Skin (Joaquín Chacón)
05. Yotsuya Station (Mariano Díaz) con Perico Sambeat
06. Gris ( Joaquín Chacón)
07. Energy Thieves (Joaquín Chacón)
08. B.K. In Memoriam (Joaquín Chacón)
09. She Cool And Groovy (Mariano Díaz)
10. Yotsuya Station (Mariano Díaz) tema alternativo con Dave Liebman

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins