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Gene Segal - Mental Images (2014)

Brooklyn-based guitarist Gene Segal was already well on his way to developing his own voice when he issued the organ jazz-based debut Hypnotic five years ago. Back then, he was already breaking outside of normal conventions on the strength of his open-ended compositions. Mental Images (May 10, 2014 via SteepleChase Productions) goes a step further by dispensing with a keyboard altogether, putting more of the harmonic load on his guitar, which also opens up more possibilities for him. READ MORE: S. VICTOR AARON somethingelsereviews

Gene Segal: Guitar
Jon Irabago: Alto Sax
Sam Sidgursky: Tenor & Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Sean Conly: Bass
Jaimeo Brown: Drums

Mental Images
1. Healing Feeling
2. Allegory Of The Cave
3. Minds Eye
4. Irrational Drive

Circus Music
5. The Bearded Lady
6. Trapeze Act
7. The Ringmaster
8. Elephants

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Jason Palmer - Places (2014)

 Really beautiful work from trumpeter Jason Palmer – a fresh young talent, and a hell of a writer too! The tracks here are each based on special places for Palmer – and are each written with a very different feel – not in a way that's gimmicky at all, but which really show the expansive experience and levels of expression that Jason has in his music! The other group members are as sharp as the leader – and include Mark Turner on alto, Godwin Louis on alto, Mike Moreno on guitar, Edward Perez on bass, and Kendrick Scott on drums – all musicians who help make the record one of the most solid, well-conceived records on Steeplechase in a while. Titles include "Falling In", "Urban Renewal", "Rising Sign", "Silver", "American Deceptionalism", "Berlin", and "Bern". ~ Dusty Groove


Gavin Templeton - In Series (2013)

Source: allaboutjazz
Label: Ninewinds Records

Alto saxophonist Gavin Templeton has become a pivotal force in the L.A. progressive jazz scene and it's easily discernible, given his strong improvisational faculties, resonating tone, and penchant for bridging conventional means into the outside schema of the jazz vernacular. On his second solo release for Nine Winds Records, he embeds rock riffs, variable tempos, and odd-metered unison choruses with guitarist Perry Smith and a host of mood-evoking thematic episodes via these multicolored pieces.

The artists conclude the album with a forceful and multifaceted, jazz-rock tinged arrangement on "Volley." They initiate a straight-four groove, keenly offset with tricky unison choruses by all parties, equating to a layered soundscape also featuring the soloists' brisk lines and unexpected shifts in strategy. But pianist Matt Politano softens it up during the bridge, followed by bassist Sam Minaie's nimble and articulately expressive solo. Essentially, they mirror notions of self-reflection yet retool amid Templeton's jazzy and soul-drenched lines spiced with a few bop choruses, leading to a zesty culmination. Nonetheless, each piece on this album proclaims a contrasting storyline. Among other positives, Templeton is a resourceful and artistically inclined composer, augmented by the quartet's sympathetic accompaniment and inspired soloing forays.


Yaron Herman Trio - A Time For Everything (2007)

Army of Me; 
Layla Layla; 
Prelude No. 2 in B Flat Major, Opus 35; 
Message in a Bottle; 
Monkey Paradise; 
In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning; 
El Toro; 

Yaron Herman: piano; 
Matt Brewer: bass; 
Gerald Cleaver: drums; 
Jean Pierre Taeb: additional recording and sound design (1-3, 5, 6, 9, 14).
Record Label: Laborie Records


Carme Canela & Joan Monné Trio - Granito De Sal (2014)

Label: Fresh Sound New Talent - 439

“The Internet informs me that Carme Canela is over 50 years old and has been singing professionally for more than three decades, so it must be assumed that her appearance as “new talent” is an attempt to broaden her audience. The most obvious link with jazz is a fine rendition of uncredited English lyrics to Monk’s Pannonica. Otherwise the eclectic repertoire (including Julia by Lennon and McCartney) underlines what I’ve gleaned – that she doesn’t see herself as purely a jazz singer. Nevertheless the excellent backing trio is clearly working within the jazz idiom and Carme-la combines musicality and emotion in a delightful manner, with moods and tempos nicely varied [...]”

01. Granito de sal (Javier Patricio Pérez) 4:19
02. Ana e eu (Lenine) 4:38
03. Rosa morena (Dorival Caymmi) 4:35
04. Marta (Joan Manuel Serrat) 6:19
05. Lucille (Frank Zappa) 5:42
06. Te recuerdo Amanda (Víctor Jara) 5:21
07. Julia (Lennon-McCartney) 3:43
08. El testament d’Amèlia
(Cançó Popular Catalana) 4:52
09. Pannonica (Monk) 5:31
10. La Pomeña (Castilla-Leguizamón) 5:37
11. Beatriz (Lobo-Buarque) 4:07

 Carme Canela (vcl)
Joan Monné (p)
Marko Lohikari (b)
David Xirgu (d)

“Vull dedicar Granito de sal a la memòria del gran Gato Pérez que cap allà
als anys 80 em va dedicar aquesta perla. ¡Va por ti, Gato!”

Carme Canela



Diego Figueiredo - Vivência (2009)

O brasileiro que fez George Benson chorar ao interpretar na guitarra o tema de Round Midnight, durante o Montreux Jazz Festival, em 2005, está lançando no Brasil, pela Biscoito Fino, o oitavo CD, Vivência, gravado em turnê pela Europa em 2008.

Diego Figueiredo tem apenas 28 anos mas já é aclamado pela crítica especializada como uma das maiores revelações da música instrumental em todo o mundo.
Neste CD ele interpreta na guitarra 12 canções autorais acompanhado por Eduardo Machado (baixo) e Fernando Rast (bateria).

Nascido em Franca, São Paulo, Diego estudou violão erudito, jazz e música popular em conservatórios de sua cidade natal, Ribeirão Preto e Tatuí. Aos 12 anos optou pela guitarra e aos 15 já se apresentava em casas noturnas e teatros. Mas seu nome começou a despontar quando se apresentou em festivais pela América Latina em 1999, mesmo ano em que ganhou uma bolsa de estudos para Berklee College of Music, na Califórnia.

Dois anos depois conquistou o segundo lugar no Prêmio Visa de MPB instrumental. Foi também finalista do Prêmio Icatu Hartford. Em 2005 era aclamado em Montreux como um dos três maiores guitarristas do mundo. Dois anos depois conquistava o segundo lugar no Montreux Jazz Guitar Competition
Diego coleciona elogios não só da crítica, mas dos colegas: “Nunca vi um guitarrista tão criativo e com uma técnica tão limpa” (Roberto Menescal); “De zero a dez eu dou 20” (Maurício Einhorn); “Foi a guitarra mais bem tocada que eu vi na minha vida” (Paulinho Nogueira); “Quando eu for ao Brasil, gostaria de tocar com você” (Pat Metheny).

Além de guitarrista, Diego é também produtor, arranjador, orquestrador e multi-instrumentista (toca também violão, cavaquinho, viola, bandolim e contrabaixo), já tendo se apresentado nos Estados Unidos, Alemanha, Inglaterra, Suécia, Dinamarca, Espanha, Portugal, Bolívia e Argentina.

01. Vivência
02. Borboleta azul
03. Rumo ao mar
04. Bola sete
05. Baiãozinho
06. Picote
07. Esperançosa
08. Nossa Noite
09. Gandaia
10. Choro Azedo
11. Paschoa
12. Valda

Diego Figueiredo - Guitar
Eduardo Machado - Bass
Fernando Rast - Drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins