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Pat Mallinger Quartet with Bill Carrothers - Elevate (2014)

Chicago saxophonist Pat Mallinger’s seventh record, Elevate, is a sophisticated, intricately constructed and a tightly cohesive work without a single superfluous note. A lean quartet date, Elevate consists of nine intriguing Mallinger compositions that allow plenty of room for individual expression. There is a seamless fusion of the prewritten and the spontaneous in these performances as the boundaries between the two are deftly blurred. On the energetic and nimble “Double Whammy,”Mallinger unleashes a flood of ideas over the loosely swinging refrains of his band mates. His intelligent monologue maintains a refreshing originality and a delightful groove that makes it simultaneously accessible and stimulating. Pianist Bill Carrothers takes one of his signature, complex and provocative solos, while drummer George Fludas closes the tune with a propulsive burst of polyrhythms. Carrothers demonstrates his unique take on the blues with an angular and thrilling improvisation... Read More CHICAGOJAZZ

01. Copacetic
02. Sunshine Rollins
03. Ho-Ho-Kus Blues
04. Singing Praises
05. No Rolling Rock
06. Prognosis
07. Double Whammy
08. 240 Edith Drive
09. Oatmeal Song
10. Oakdale Avenue
11. Windtree

Pat Mallinger: alto and tenor saxophones, Chinese Xiao flute
Bill Carrothers: piano
Dennis Carroll: bass
George Fludas: drums

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Jerrold Dubyk Quintet - Invitations (2014)

Source: Jerrold Dubyk

Typically, there are two types of successful musicians: those that play well and those that are well schooled. Jerrold Dubyk has found a celebrated grouping of those elements that pour through his saxophone with each performance.  Acclaimed jazz drummer Victor Lewis describes him as “a solid voice who performs with a sense of musicality and maturity that I expect from anyone who I perform.”  With a desire for being versatile and expressive on the stage, Dubyk brings an inspired ability towards the melodic line and harmonic gestures in the saxophone tradition, with a devotion to his own personal sound.

Inspired by the diverse Canadian saxophonist, Ralph Bowen, Dubyk began his studies in his Masters in Performance at Rutgers University (New Jersey). This marked a major turning point for him. In pursuing deeper studies of his art, he boldly adopted a “total makeover approach” and “abandoned all his previous knowledge”.

During his time of living in the New York area from 2003 – 2005, Dubyk absorbed as much live music as possible. As immersed in his studies as he was, Jerrold never passed up the opportunity to go anywhere on the east coast to see and hear the greats perform. He would make it a point to get to NYC, Washington, or Philadelphia to see his heroes. Highlights included seeing Ralph Bowen play every live jazz gig he had in two years, watching Branford Marsalis perform with Elvin Jones, attending the last night of the Michael Brecker Quindectet tour, Maria Schneider’s Jazz Orchestra, Terell Stafford, Wynton Marsalis, Sonny Rollins …it was life changing. In addition to seeing great performances, Dubyk was able to partake in performances with his Rutgers colleagues. Playing alongside with Kenny Davis, Sean Jones and Andy Hunter along with his professors Victor Lewis, Stanley Cowell, Ralph Bowen and Vic Juris enabled Jerrold to perform all around New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Dubyk began to hear and live music differently after his experience at in the New York area, and that clarity seeps through his compositions and performance.  These deep connections have brought Jerrold to performing at the Blue Note (NYC), Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola, Ortlieb’s Jazz Haus and a cross Canada tour at all the major festivals and jazz clubs in Canada.

Dubyk released his first album “The Way You See It” (2006) followed by a Canadian jazz festival tour the following summer. In 2008, he brought a new band together with Vancouver musicians Jesse Cahill (drums), Chris Gestrin (hammond organ) and multiple Juno award winner Brad Turner (trumpet) to create “The Maverick” – which won the 2009 Western Canadian Music Award for Jazz Recording of the Year, and set Dubyk’s mark in the Canadian jazz scene.

For his third album, “/ˌIn.vɪˈteɪ.shəns/” (January 2014 release), Dubyk combines his core Vancouver bandmates Brad Turner (piano), WCMA award winner Jesse Cahill (drums) and new band members, National Jazz Award Winner/Juno Nominated Jodi Proznick (bass) and Grammy nominated jazz musician Terell Stafford (trumpet).  Despite his accomplishments, this recording is not about what’s been done in the past; rather, it is about directing the music through the band’s own artful expression and is set to express the journey of the friendships that develop when great and humble people put the needs of others first.

Dubyk also has an Edmonton-based project “PREQUAL” featuring Chris Andrew (Rhodes), Josh McHan (bass) and Bill George (drums).  Their debut album full of semi-improvised music will be released in 2014.

And in between his dizzying array of projects, Dubyk still finds time to best express his love of music by educating others.  An educator as well as a performer, Dubyk is the Director of Music at Strathcona High School, on faculty at Macewan University where he teaches jazz saxophone and also on faculty at the University of Alberta.

In November 2012, to celebrate his contributions in the arts and youth of Edmonton, Dubyk was included into Edmonton’s Avenue Magazine “Top 40 under 40”.

Jerrold Dubyk: tenor saxophone
Terell Stafford: trumpet
Brad Turner: piano
Jodi Proznick: bass
Jesse Cahill: drums

1. Afrocentric
2. Beatrice
3. Invitations
4. Every Saint Has a Past
5. Every Sinner Has a Future
6. Return of the Underdog
7. Vulnerability
8. What Do You Want From Me?

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Sylvie Courvoisier Trio - Double Windsor (2014)

Label: Tzadik
Source: arkivmusic

                  1 Double Windsor           
           2 Charlier Cut           
                 3 Downward Dog           
       4 Pendulum           
       5  La Cigale           
           6 Inscordatura            
7 Corto           
         8 October 08           
  9 To Fly to Steal

DREW GRESS, contrebasse

Sylvie Courvoisier steps out with her long awaited first recording for piano trio!
One of the most creative pianists in the downtown scene, and a long time collaborator of Mark Feldman,
Ikue Mori and many others, Sylvie combines a brilliant technique with a wild
imagination that straddles classical, jazz, improvisation and more.
Featuring the dynamic rhythm section of Kenny Wollesen and Drew Gress,
the music combines the best of improvisation and composition in the classic piano trio format.
Three years in the making this is an essential project that highlights an exciting new musical world.



Meir Ben Israel - Relief (1994)

This cd is very rare. it was recorded in NYC by Meir Ben Israel and his band in 1994 
and recieved excellent reviews.
Meir went back to Israel and continued to perform in jazz venues all over the country.

1.love for sale
2.this i dig of you
3.meir's nood
5.mixed up blues
6.body and soul
7.parker's mood
8.you and the night and the music
10.waltz in B minor

Meir ben israel: guitars
Yaron gershovsky: piano
jay rodriguez: tenor sax, soprano sax
Rahn burton: hammond B3
andy mcKee: bass
Victor Lewis: drums

This cd is very rare!


Ada Rovatti - Disguise (2014)

Label: Piloo Records
Source: Something Else!

    1 Ghost Stories (7:19)
    2 Alone in Traffic (6:59)
    3 TBA (8:09)
    4 Smile (Sax Solo Intro) (3:02)
    5 Smile (5:53)
    6 Moving Forward (8:08)
    7 Halfway (6:36)
    8 Tripping Step (5:12)
    9 Stairway to Heaven (7:57)
    10 Gentle Giant (5:36)

Ada Rovatti
Randy Brecker
Dean Brown
Adam Rogers
Zach Brock
Anne Drummond
Dana Hawkins
Leo Genovese
Janek Gwizdala
Oli Rockberger.

Over five years ago, we examined a then-new release by New York-based saxophonist Ada Rovatti. I still remember well how Green Factor impressed not just because of the impeccable chops of Rovatti, but also how she deftly blended in Celtic folk music with her usual fare of funky, potent electric jazz. Rovatti has kept quiet since then (on the music front, that is, as she has undoubtedly kept busy raising her beautiful daughter Stella with husband and trumpet legend Randy Brecker).

Rovatti’s participation in last year’s The Brecker Brothers Band Reunion signaled a return to the scene, and her long-awaited fifth album Disguise — out July 22, 2014 by Piloo Records — brings her full circle.

For this latest offering, Rovatti chooses not to stick with a certain theme but to focus on the contemporary jazz that she’s long mastered, in several permutations that also shows her diversity within a connected style. Electric bassist Janek Gwizdala is held over from Green Factor, as are guest musicians Adam Rogers (guitar) and Brecker, with Dana Hawkins (drums) Leo Genovese (keys), Oli Rockberger, Zach Brock (violin) and Anne Drummond (flute) helping out, as well as a guest spot by guitarist Dean Brown.

The eight tunes she contributed to this disc show no rust, she’s the same ol’ Ada who made those funky good records in the 00's. It starts with “Ghost Stories,” which grooves with sax/flute unison note pattern that entices you to whistle along to it. With the Fender Rhodes backing from Rockberger, Drummond’s flute summons up the ghosts of 70s-version Hubert Laws and Rovatti’s own solo is pretty much spot on, too.

Latin rhythms provide a buoyant feel to “Alone In Traffic,” where Brecker’s flawless fluid delivery is as good as it’s ever been. For “TBA,” Rovatti on soprano sax teams up with the third sparring partner in as many tracks, this time, Brock and his violin. They sound so tight together through a vigorous rhythm section, I could have stood for a whole album of that pairing. Brock returns for the straight jazz number “Tripping Step,” which like the fusion-ish tunes incorporates a lot of subtle changes.

Rovatti takes on Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile,” a popular cover choice lately, first with a dazzling a capella performance and then a warm performance with the band. She and Brecker together combine for a reading of Jimmy Page’s fingerpicked intro to “Stairway To Heaven” that brings real majesty to the song, and then traverse across varying readings of the main melody that’s funky and rocks, too, thanks to Rogers’ tasty lead guitar.

The tunes are solid and so are the arrangements, but there’s no disguising good playing and Disguise has all of those things out in the clear open. A welcome return to form for Ada Rovatti.

                       S. Victor Aaron



Steve Kuhn Trio - Life's Magic (2012)

Source: sunnydezone

Back in 1986, when this music was recorded live at the Village Vanguard in New York City, I felt like a kid in a candy store… I was so happy to be playing with Ron and Al. They play with such ease and conviction… It was truly inspiring to be on the same bandstand with them. Listening back to the music now after almost 30 years, I think the freshness and vitality still exist. I am so happy Sunnyside is re-releasing this. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you. -Steve Kuhn

Pianist Steve Kuhn’s notes explain most succinctly why this album Life’s Magic shouldn’t be lost to the jazz past. The live collaboration between Kuhn and the legendary bassist Ron Carter and drummer Al Foster has been out of print for over twenty years. Sunnyside is happy to reissue this tremendous document as an expanded CD and digital release with two additional tracks from the trio’s 1986 alliance at the Village Vanguard in New York City.

Kuhn has long been an innovator and highly esteemed practitioner behind the keyboard. Life’s Magic was a recording released by Black-Hawk Records in 1986. The recording was recorded live between March 28 and 30, 1986 at the venerable New York landmark, the Village Vanguard.

The pianist recruited the rhythm tandem Ron Carter and Al Foster to accompany him on a program featuring four originals and three inspired renditions of jazz standards, including Stanley Adams and Hoagy Carmichael’s “Little Old Lady,” Fats Waller’s “Jitterbug Waltz” and Mysels/Robertson/Cogane’s gem “Yesterday’s Gardenias.” The new CD edition includes two previously unreleased tracks, Raymond Evans/Jay Livingstone’s “Never Let Me Go” and Hammerstein/Romberg’s “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise.”

Life’s Magic stands as a terrific document of Kuhn’s artistic prowess as composer, stylist and interpreter. The powerful group that he led for this session was second to none and provided a performance that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Steve Kuhn - piano 
Ron Carter - bass 
Al Foster - drums

1. Little Old Lady (Stanley Adams / Hoagy Carmichael)
2. Two By Two (Kuhn)
3. Jitterbug Waltz (Thomas "Fats" Waller)
4. Ulla / Trance (Kuhn)
5. Yesterday's Gardenias (Sammy Mysels / Dick Robertson / Nelson Cogane)
6. Mr. Calypso Kuhn (Kuhn)
7. Never Let Me Go (Raymond Evans / Jay Livingstone)
8. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (Oscar Hammerstein II / Sigmund Romberg)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins