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Mel Tormé - The London Sessions 1977 (1990)

Source: allmusic

Mel Tormé had recorded relatively few rewarding albums in the decade before this set, originally put out by Gryphon before being reissued on CD by DCC Jazz. However, his voice had improved with time, his range had widened, and he had become an even stronger jazz singer than before. Since Tormé is joined here by the largely anonymous Chris Gunning Orchestra, with guest altoist Phil Woods, on a set of generally "contemporary" pop songs (including "All in Love Is Fair," "New York State of Mind," "Send in the Clowns" and "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face"), this set is not too essential. However, Tormé's professionalism and ability to swing makes this an interesting outing anyway, and launched his "comeback."

Gordon Beck: Piano
Chris Gunning: Arranger, Orchestration
Vic Juris: Guitar
Chris Laurence: Acoustic Bass
Barry Miles: Keyboards 
Terry Silverlight: Drums 
Mel Torme: Vocals
Phil Woods: Alto sax

1. All In Love Is Fair (4:54)
2. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (3:40)
3. New York State of Mind (5:15)
4. Stars (5:30)
5. Send In The Clowns (4:00)
6. Ordinary Fool (5:30)
7. Medley: When the World Was Young, Yesterday When I Was Young (5:19)
8. Bye Bye Blackbird (5:28)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Pietro Ciancaglini David Kikoski Ferenc Nemeth - Second Phase (2014)

Pietro Ciancaglini (contrabbasso) Nato a Roma nel 1975, si diplama in contrabbasso presso il Conservatorio "L.Refice" di Frosinone. Comincia la sua attività professionale nell'ambito jazzistico nel 1993 suonando inizialmente con il quartetto di Ettore Fioravanti e con il trio di Stefano D'Anna.

Pietro Ciancaglini - bass
David Kikoski - piano
Ferenc Nemeth - drums

01. Second Phase (4:02)
02. 'S Wonderful (5:50)
03. Discipline (4:37)
04. July (6:24)
05. Bright Soul (5:16)
06. Gloria's Step (6:50)
07. Uprising (4:22)
08. Opening (5:58)
09. The Gift (6:13)
10. I Love You (6:57)
11. Together (4:38)

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Allan Holdsworth - Hard Hat Area (1993)

1. Prelude
2. Ruhkukah
3. Low Levels, High Stakes
4. Hard Hat Area
5. Tullio
6. House Of Mirrors
7. Postlude

Allan Holdsworth: Guitar, Synthaxe
Sk?li Sverrisson – bass
Steve Hunt: Keyboards
Gary Husband: Drums

Review by Glenn Astarita (AMG)
Allan Holdsworth is arguably one of the most important post-Hendrix electric guitarists to grace either the fusion or rock scenes, while Hard Hat Area, signifies one of the artist's better solo excursions. With this 1994 effort, the guitarist receives excellent support from Icelandic electric bass phenom Skuli Sverrissson, whereas keyboardist Steve Hunt renders melodically tinged synth lines and ethereal backwashes throughout. Essentially, the group produces a series of climactic overtures, accelerated by a distinct sense of uninhibited force. On pieces such as "Ruhkukah" and "Low Levels, High Stakes," the musicians surge forward with a deterministic flair via a few tricky time signatures and lyrically charged themes atop Holdsworth's climactically driven solos. Consequently, the group conveys an underlying sense of tension and release, as Holdsworth's scathing legato-based lines might spur notions of a hawk zooming in on its prey. Thus, a must-have for the ardent Holdsworth aficionado.