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Emil Viklický & George Mraz - Mraz & Viklický Duo Art: Together Again (2014)

George Mraz and Emil Viklický - two of the leading Czech jazz musicians united again. George Mraz is one of the most profiled bass players in the world and Emil Viklický is the "patriarch of Czech jazz piano"(the London Evening Standard). They perform a new Czech way of jazz, fresh ideas on traditional foundations and no least of all two of the most remarkable voices of jazz can be discovered on "Together Again".

Emil Viklický, piano
George Mraz, acoustic bass

01. Dear Lover
02. Poem
03. Theme From 5th Part of Sinfonietta
04. A Bird Flew By
05. U Dunaja u Prešpurka
06. Austerlitz
07. Moon, Sleeping In A Cradle
08. Thank You, Laca
09. Up On A Fir Tree
10. I Saw Grey Pidgeon
11. In Holomóc Town

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Jive Ass Sleepers - Funk Factor (2011)

Very groovy funky fusion latin album :-)

01. Funk Factor (4:53)
02. Bump Funk (5:43)
03. Remember In Rio (7:35)
04. Once In A Lifetime (5:18)
05. Joyful Girl (4:44)
06. Lowdown (5:00)
07. Electro Jazz (3:56)
08. Quietly Yearning (1:43)
09. Into You (5:11)
10. Gimme Strength (5:24)
11. Life In The Slow Lane (3:48)
12. California Groovin (4:32)

Jive Ass Sleepers is the music of Stuart Moore, a keyboard player/composer/producer based in Sacramento, CA. He developed a love of funk, jazz and dance music during the 90s upon hearing Jamiroquai's debut album 'Emergency On Planet Earth.' This led him to explore the roots of this style of music, discovering along the way - Herbie Hancock, Jeff Lorber, Roy Ayers, The Crusaders, Average White Band and many others.

Growing up in the UK he also had an interest in many forms of dance music, especially House, where he became influenced by Basement Jaxx, Masters at Work and Daft Punk. Stuart started writing music in the late 90s and quickly developed his own funky, laidback sound. 'Gettin Down To Business' is an album that draws from all of his influences fusing 70s jazz funk with modern drum programming and a twist of Latin on the side.

Jazz Funk lovers rejoice, album is packed full of more laid back funk grooves and soulful jazzy moods. Blending a retro seventies vibe with a modern twist, infectious melodies on guitar, horns and keyboards are served over toe tapping rhythm sections. Tight production with a gritty edge this is the perfect album for all Acid Jazz fans who dig music from artists such as The Crusaders, Brand New Heavies, Ronny Jordan, George Benson and Jeff Lorber to name a few. 


Matt Pavolka The Horns Band (2014)

When bassist Matt Pavolka had a gig and his keyboard and guitar players couldn’t make it, he hired a bunch of horn players… and the Horns Band was born. With Mark Ferber - drums, Jacob Garchik - trombone, and Loren Stillman - alto. This band features Pavolka’s great arrangement of his original music; and the arrangements remind me of Booker Little at times-really great writing and amazing players!  We recorded the group in June 2013 for a Fresh Sound Records release in early 2014, stay tuned!

Matt Pavolka, bass, trombone
Kirk Knuffke, cornet
Loren Stillman, alto sax
Jacob Garchik, trombone
Mark Ferber, drums 

01. Acid Metacognition 7:09
02. The Evening Redness in the West 11:11
03. Lullaby 5:15
04. That Night the Blind Man Dreamt That He Want Blind 7:42
05. The Evolution of Artificial Light 4:52
06. Guermo 8:18
07. Vheissu 5:18
08. Recollected Forward 6:55
09. Anti-Green Plate Gives Mr. More Power 6:28

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Fabio Torres - Pra Esquecer Das Coisas Úteis (2009)

Magnífico primer disco como protagonista principal del refinado pianista y compositor paulistano Fabio Torres (São Paulo, 1971).

Ya conocido internacionalmente por su colaboración con la cantante Rosa Passos, destaca aquí su faceta autoral, en la tradición de más sofisticada de la música popular brasileña: choro, samba y MPB, con influencias del jazz, de la música latina y de la música erudita en la que se formó (en el conservatorio y en la facultad) (él mismo cita como sus referencias a Tom Jobim, Edu Lobo o Guinga). Un CD acústico, meticulosamente elaborado en lo armónico como en lo melódico.

Fabio Torres (piano, piano eléctrico)
Teco Cardoso (flautas, saxo soprano)
Vinicius Dorin (saxo)
Daniel d'Alcântara (trompeta)
Rodrigo Y Castro (flauta)
Heloisa Torres Meirelles (cello)
Chico Pinheiro (guitarras)
Marcus Teixeira (guitarras)
Paulo Paulelli (contrabajo)
Edu Ribeiro o Celso de Almeida (batería)
Serginho Machado (batería)
Zeli (contrabajo)

Participación especial de: Luciana Alves, Tatiana Parra, Fabiana Cozza, Gianna Viscardi y Renato Braz

01. Lilyá
02. Legítima defesa
03. Teu nome
04. Sol de inverno
05. Rosa
06. Inefável
07. Lívia
08. Pra esquecer das coisas úteis
09. O jardim
10. Janaína
11. Gentileza
12. Marília
13. Noturno
14. Samba de Almeida
15. Epílogo

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins

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