sábado, 19 de julio de 2014


Exquisita nueva entrega de nuestro amigo Ronaldo Albenzio. En esta ocasión con un gran recuerdo a Horace Silver, rey del Hard Bop, recientemente fallecido. Otros grandes músicos acompañan la edición radiofónica de hoy.



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Todos los Domingos a las 19:00h. (hora Brasil)

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Lena Bloch - Feathery (2014)

The acclaimed tenor saxophonist Lena Bloch, a Russian émigré who currently resides in Brooklyn... READ MORE

Lena Bloch: tenor saxophone
Dave Miller: guitar
Cameron Brown: bass
Billy Mintz: drums

01 Hi-Lee
02 Rubato
03 Baby Suite
04 Starry-Eyed
05 Marshmallow
06 Farewell To Arms
07 Featherbed
08 Beautiful You
09 Hi-Lee Reprise

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins


Tomer Bar - Reflections (2009)

01. Winter (04:53)
02. Somewhere (05:43)
03. The Moon Has Gone (06:15)
04. Woody (06:39)
05. Nightlights (07:43)
06. 4-4-13 (04:38)
07. Remember (06:42)
08. Pat (06:16)
09. Unity Village (04:34)
10. Reflections (04:52)
11. Since I've Met You (05:14)

Tomer Bar - Piano, Keyboards
Atcha Bar - Electric, Acoustic And Classic Guitars (Except 3, 6, 9, 10)
Zur Ben Zeev - Bass (Except 3, 10)
Aviv Cohen - Drums (Except 10)
Ilan Katchka - Percussion (1, 2, 4, 8)
Guy Levi - Bass (3)
Yaron Ozana - Trombone (5, 6)
Arie Burshtein - Vocal (8)
Roni Eitan - Harmonica (10)
Omri Barel : Slide Guitar (11) 

Born in 1994, Tomer Bar has already published 3 albums as a jazz composer, pianist, and singer. His first album, "Memories" (2007) with bassist Yorai Oron and drummer Eitan Itzkovitz, two of the most busy musicians in israel, interduced Tomer, with 7 original "straight ahead" jazz compositions. "Reflections" (2009), his second album, (Aviv Cohen - Drums, Zur Ben Ze'ev - Bass, and other guests) featured Tomer as a fusion - jazz composer and pianist, with a musical production (by Atcha Bar) influenced by Pat metheny. His third album, "Ani Shafan Blues", interduced Tomer as a jazz - pop singer/songwriter.

Throughout the work on those projects and between, Tomer has performed as a leader on "Tel-Aviv Jazz Festival" (2009), "Givataim Festijazz" (2011), twice on "Israel Festival" (2007, 2010), and played with top israeli musicians as Daniel Zamir, Gilad Abro, Assaf Hakimi, Yaki Levi, Daniel Salomon, Mika Karni and More...

Nowadays Tomer works on his 4th album, produced by Eli Degibri.


Billy Mintz - Mintz Quartet (2013)

Thirteenth Note Records is pleased to announce the release of drummer Billy Mintz’s debut CD, entitled simply Mintz Quartet. Read More...

John Gross: tenor saxophone
Roberta Piket: piano, organ (and vcl on track 4)
Putter Smith: bass
Billy Mintz: drums, percussion, compositions

01. Beautiful You
02. Flight
03. Dit
04. Destiny
05. Haunted
06. Shmear
07. Cannonball
08. Beautiful
09. Ugly Beautiful
10. Relent
11. Retribution
12. After Retribution

"Hearing is Everything" Peter Watkins