Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Jonathan Ragonese & Tim Warfield - Two Men Singing (2018)

Two men singing was recorded live in August of 2016 in front of a live audience at The Susquehanna Museum of Art in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Tim Warfield joins Jonathan Ragonese for a one hour exploration of improvisation. The two saxophonists, aided by various found-percussion, converse, antagonize, and participate with one another with no pauses or intermission. Ragonese writes in the liner notes: 

“The saxophone has in one way or another shaped my musical life. From my first infatuation to my growth and development. I was fourteen years old when I met Tim Warfield, and his influence, character, guidance, and friendship have been a pivotal part of my development. We first had the opportunity to perform together – two saxophones alone – in the spring of 2016; I knew immediately that, as a testament of my gratitude, and for the pure joy of the experience, I wanted to do it again and record it. two men singing is a document of that experience: surrounded by a group of loving and supportive individuals.” 

“These two artists are on the same wave length which is something all improvisers hope for. Great listening and strong ideas abound on this recording.” – Dave Liebman

“Jonathan Ragonese and Tim Warfield have recorded a fantastic improvised duo project. They have an amazing ability to converse in a highly compositional way, spinning out one fresh idea after the next. I admire these two great saxophonists for having the courage to pursue this type of project.” – Bob Mintzer

1. WR 3:49
2. AA 10:47
3. RG 2:48
4. FO 5:23
5. IN 7:10
6. EE 12:13
7. LS 4:26
8. DE 6:45