jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Chamber Tones Trio - The Ninth Planet (2012)

With astonishing technique, clear and warm tone, and fresh musical ideas, Jesse van Ruller of Netherlands is one of the most exciting jazz guitarists today. His work both as leader and as collaborators has been well documented and released on CD by Japanese label 55 Records. His adventurous spirit is reflected in the fact that every project has been different from the one before.
Recently, however, van Ruller formed a great regular band with reedman Joris Roelofs, who plays clarinet and bass clarinet, and formidable bassist Clemens van der Feen. This group was formed organically and they simply liked the sound and music they could make with this unique instrumentation. Conceptually inspired by the Jimmy Giuffre Trio with Jim Hall, the trio recorded its first album, Chamber Tones in 2009.

Now with an official name of Chamber Tones Trio, this group just released its second album, The Ninth Planet, and this is clearly one of the best jazz albums I've heard this year! Like the first album, the aesthetic of chamber music dominates the all-originals probram, but they are willed with quiet intensity and truly exciting interplay, a reflection of the virtuosity of each musician and the telepathic rapport among them.

The recording took place in a carefully selected church and made without use of headphones or added reverve. The musicians really listened to each other and played "live." The result is a fantastic, audiophile-grade sound. Very highly recommended!.

Jesse van Ruller - guitar
Joris Roelofs - (bass) clarinet
Clemens van der Feen - bass

01. Ruimte
02. Floating On Top
03. Cosmic Background Radiation
04. The Ninth Planet
05. Smiling In The Cold
06. Wind Bells
07. The Way The Whole Thing Ends
08. Hippocampus
09. Welcome To Presence
10. King Of Tandoor

Recorded September 5-6, 2011 in the church of Aartswoud, the Netherlands