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Bill Carrothers - Shine Ball (2005)

Pianist Bill Carrothers boldly tackles pure improvisation on Shine Ball. He throws a further wrench into the works by exclusively using prepared piano. The liner notes don't explain how Carrothers treated his instrument - although a photo inside the booklet has a cymbal sitting on the strings, and the pianist is holding a drumstick - and sometimes the piano sounds just like a piano. Although his trio - with bassist Gordon Johnson and drummer Dave King - ditched tunes on this outing, this is hardly non-idiomatic music. The majority of the pieces eventually find their way into swing rhythms, and these passages are often the most satisfying.

What's problematic about this collection is that most of the numbers begin with a tentative murmur, build to a rhythmic crescendo and then dissolve. Structurally, it's not interesting, and it gives the whole enterprise a too casual feel. Only King, who's also credited with something called a "waterphone", seems to have a steady grasp on deep textural exploration, while Carrothers and Johnson stick fairly close to the post-bop safety net.

When the trio hits its stride, Carrothers sounds like he's trying to play through the piano treatments, rather than working with them. Luckily, the three participants manage to transcend these weaknesses with moments of brilliance, but this concept needs more work.

Shine Ball (shīn bôl)
An illegal pitch in which a foreign substance is applied to the ball by the pitcher before he throws it.

Bill Carrothers - prepared piano
Gordon Johnson - acoustic bass
Dave King - drums, waterphone

01. Shine Ball 3:02
02. Bourbon 6:22
03. One Note Slamba 2:32
04. E.T. Phones Home 5:25
05. Millipede 4:53
06. Data Has Feelings 1:47
07. Shoe-In 4:38
08. Playboy Pinball Machine 2:20
09. Maelstrom 4:12
10. FnkzG 3:56
11. Creep Show 6:34
12. Made in China 3:26
13. Watchman, Tell Us of the Night 4:33
14. El Cocodrilo 4:31


Watchman, Tell Us of the Night

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