miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013

Quantic & Alice Russell With The Combo Barbaro - Look Around The Corner (2012)

Will Holland AKA Quantic meets Alice Russell in Colombia for a return to soul music through the tropical excursion ‘Look Around the Corner’

Tru Thoughts Recordings are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated collaborative album by Quantic and Alice Russell, the label’s two all-time biggest selling artists, is now finalised for a 2012 release.

Entitled ‘Look Around The Corner’, the album will be released on CD, double gatefold vinyl and digital on 2nd April; preceded by the lead single – the title track – out on deluxe 10” vinyl and digital on 20th February.

‘Look Around The Corner’ sees the duo of Quantic and Alice Russell revisiting the spirit of their hugely popular previous collaborations (with the Quantic Soul Orchestra, for example) but this time backed by Quantic’s world-renowned Combo Bárbaro and recorded in Quantic’s adopted home city of Cali, Colombia.

The combined talents of singer Alice Russell and producer/musician Will Holland (aka Quantic) have always been a match made in heaven, and the vibrant sound of this beautiful album is a fresh blend of pure sweet soul and blues, with overtones of gospel and folk music and the added Latin swing of the Combo Bárbaro.

Pushing the concept of their previous work together, they wanted to have a Latin undertone to the style. Rather like the soul records made in Miami and New York in the 70s, or the disco from the Bronx, it has the accent of Latin players but still a lot of the blues and soul sound; Chicago’s Chess label was a big influence from a production aesthetic.
The record features Mike Simmonds (Alice Russell’s regular strings guru who joined them in Colombia from London for the recording), as well as the revered pianist Alfredito Linares, bassist Fernando Silva and conga player Freddy Colorado, all from the Combo Bárbaro. Wilson Viveros, from coastal town Buenaventura, was an invited drummer – more known for playing timbales for Guayacan, Fruko and Joe Madrid, he is also an incredible kit drummer. Also on drums for some songs was Larry Joseph, a talented Jazz drummer who resides and plays in Cali. Alfredito is the instrumentalist star of the show, sprinkling his magical and charismatic brand of bluesy, boogaloo piano over the album.

01. Look Around The Corner 4:28
02. Here Again 4:07
03. Travelling Song 4:44
04. Magdalena 3:26
05. I'll Keep My Light In My Window 5:42
06. Una Tarde en Mariquita 5:56
07. Interlude 0:36
08. Su Suzy 5:04
09. Boogaloo 33 3:46
10. Road To Islay 3:09
11. Similau 2:04
12. I'd Cry 7:12
13. Magdalena (Reprise) 2:08
14. Look Around The Corner (Reprise) 0:19