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Alan Skidmore & Amampondo - The Call (1999)

The Call is a unique collaboration between Britain's foremost jazz saxophonist Alan Skidmore and South African percussion virtuoso Amampondo. What at first seemed an unlikely combination has turned out to be a natural and intuitive meeting of musical minds. Skidmore's long standing passion to perform with a large number of percussionists and drummers has now become a dream fullfilled.

Alan was the first jazz musician to play in South Africa at the end of Apartheid. Whilst in Cape Town a one hour TV special was recorded, during which he performed without rehearsal with Amampondo. It was this exciting meeting that sowed the seeds for The Call and he returned to Cape Town to record this music. The love and respect of all the musicians can be heard in every note. Several live performances of "The Call" have already taken place at the end of October / early November 2000 with Amampondo.

Alan Skidmore - tenor & soprano sax
Amampondo - african drums, percussion & vocals
Colin Towns - keyboards
Steve Melling - piano
Arnie Somogyi - bass
Gary Husband - kit drums

01. Coat Of Many Summers (Skidmore/Amampondo) 6:59
02. Joyful Reunion (Skidmore/Amampondo) 4:59
03. Bridges Of Sand (Towns) 3:18
04. Sunstorm (Towns/Amampondo) 3:40
05. The Spirit of Langa (Manqineni) 5:04
06. The Call (Skidmore/Towns/Amampondo) 5:41
07. Sobabini (Plaatjies/Ludonga/Lande/Qotoyi/Mbizela) 5:06
08. Rwakanembe (traditional) 6:38
09. Migration (Towns) 8:09
10. Horizontal Rain (Skidmore/Amampondo) 4:18

Produced by: Colin Towns
Engineered by: Dave Hunt
Recorded in April 1999 at B & S Studios, Cape Town, South Africa


Bridges Of Sand

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