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Trumpet Summit - Live At Club Ruby 1968 - A Memorial Tribute To Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown & Booker Little

This "Trumpet Summit" is one of many summits organized by Jim Harrison between 1966 and 1970 at the Club Ruby in Jamaica, Queens, the Club Afro-Disiac, also in Jamaica, and at the Marc Ballroom in Union Square in Manhattan. However the only one that seems to have been recorded is this one from 1968. It was released bt Trip Records, a label that mostly focused on low budget re-issues, and was titled "A Trumpet Tribute", a tribute to Fats Navarro, Clifford Brown and Booker Little.

Kenny Dorham - trumpet
Woody Shaw - trumpet
Blue Mitchell - trumpet
Bill Hardman - trumpet
Walter Kelly - trumpet
Richard Williams - trumpet
Dr. Lonnie Smith - piano
Peck Morrison - bass
Walter Perkins - drums

1: Dorham, Hardman, Williams
2: Shaw, Kelly, Mitchell
3: Dorham, Hardman, Williams
4: Shaw, Kelly, Dorham, Mitchell, Hardman
5: Shaw, Hardman, Williams, Dorham, Mitchell

1. Bags Groove
2. What's New
3. Confirmation
4. Blues
5. Sweet Clifford

Recorded Live at Club Ruby in Jamaica, Queens, NY, May 26, 1968



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