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Robert Hurst - Unrehurst (Live) Vol. 1 (2002)

Robert Hurst

Detroit-native bassist Hurst introduced himself as a member of the 1980s jazz ensemble Out Of The Blue, and then by collaborating with drummer Tony Williams, pianist Mulgrew Miller, singer Harry Connick Jr., pianist Geri Allen, guitarist Russell Malone, and bassist Steve Coleman. He fully came into his own during a 1986-1991 stint with trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, the same band hosting pianist Marcus Roberts and drummer Jeff Watts. Hurst has remained busy in the studio and the bandstand, assembling two volumes of live material recorded in 2000 and 2007 respectively.

Robert Glasper

Hurst's first trio outing with the then relatively unknown pianist Robert Glasper and drummer Damion Reid is a performance-pure, sonically challenged affair. Details regarding the venue are scarce, though the room sounds moderately small. Hurst and Glasper sound neck and neck with the drums slightly muted, the shine attenuated somewhere in the capture or engineering. Despite the murkiness of the sound, Unrehurst, Volume 1 delivers a powerful punch musically.

Damion Reid

Volume 1 is made up of seven Hurst or Glasper originals. The pieces are well integrated and lengthy with the shortest clocking in at 5:00 and the longest at 14:20. The playing is inspired and often exceptional. Glasper is an iconoclastic pianist who pushes the envelop in a Don Pullen sort of way without the Cecil Taylor bombast. Glasper actively incorporates a greater freedom into his playing without losing his focus. He plays a perfect foil for Hurst, who prefers a stricter timekeeping, though even his time is relative and elastic.

Chris Dave

Robert Hurst - bass
Robert Glasper - piano
Damion Reid - drums

1. Mr. Thomas 5:01
2. Bu Waynea 11:25
3. Unrehurst 14:22
4. April Foolproof 7:35
5. Unflurgenized Colorations 10:25
6. Dr. Bleuss 9:18
7. Throwed 6:30


Mr. Thomas

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Andres dijo...

Brother Domi,
Me hicistes el dia con estos dos tremendos albums, Siempre un deleite escuchar al brillante Robert Glasper, y por supesto al gran Robert Hurst.

Muchas Gracias, Y Felices Fiestas En Compañia De Los Tuyos. Saludos Cordiales

Quique dijo...

hola , como estas , me dirias donde estan los links , si es que los hay ? gracias !!