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Scott Hamilton & Rossano Sportiello - Midnight At Nola's Penthouse (2011)

Scott Hamilton emerged in the mid-'70s as a player who had a gift for creating a lush, swinging sound, regardless of the tempo or style. His partner on this 2010 studio session, Italian pianist Rossano Sportiello, is two decades younger, but the perfect partner. Their program includes a mix of standards and lesser-known songs, all played with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of beauty. "A Garden in the Rain" isn't the first ballad one would expect a jazz duo to choose, but the lush interpretation here could launch others into investigating its potential. Hamilton's boisterous playing is boosted by Sportiello's driving accompaniment, with the influence of the late Dave McKenna apparent. "Big Butter and Egg Man" is rarely played outside of traditional jazz/New Orleans jazz, but their brisk, lyrical interpretation should open some ears. They also sizzle with their driving rendition of "All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm," with plenty of fireworks as they trade the lead. This rewarding date deserves a follow-up meeting. ~ Ken Dryden

Scott Hamilton - tenor sax
Rossano Sportiello - piano

01. Wonder Why 8:49
02. A Garden In The Rain 6:06
03. This Can't Be Love 7:08
04. A Time For Love 5:40
05. Come Back To Sorrento 7:16
06. All My Tomorrows 5:29
07. Big Butter And Egg Man 7:24
08. It's All In Your Mind 6:10
09. All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm 6:46
10. In The Middle Of A Kiss 6:31


A Time For Love

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